With the Scooter Libby news today I was forced to think again about Valerie Plame. This disturbs me because I then feel guilty because I find her very attractive, and as a result am unable to dislike her as much as I normally would considering the situation.

This makes me feel, among other things, like the shallow end of the pool. Should I feel guilty, or am I just a Regular Chick? Well, okay, an Irregular Chick. With all this confessing, maybe I should become a Catholic. I do feel better now. But I think Jesus may be appalled. Hmmm…

And I know I can’t be the only one in this predicament. But I may be the only one who admits it 🙂


Oh, criminy.

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  1. RagingBullmoose says:

    I feel for you on this one as I expirience a similar feeling whenever I see Jennifer Aniston.

  2. Kimj7157 says:

    She’s got a good set of teeth. I’ll give her that. 🙂

  3. ballistic says:


    Try superimposing a transparency of a standard NRA 50ft. slow fire pistol target over Val’s face with the 10 ring centered on her nose. That should snap you out of it.

  4. raygarb says:

    I find her very attractive too.
    And I am not a regular nor irregular chick. I am not a chick at all !
    But I do not feel guilty why should I ? or why should you? She is a beautiful package with ugly contents.
    There are plenty of those around.
    Didn’t I tell you , you were a Catholic ? (in spirit) anyway.

  5. ConnecticutBruce says:

    Tammy … Consider yourself human. We all react that way on occasion. And now that you have permission to be “one of us,” think of Plame’s sleazball husband Joe Wilson, who is really the bad guy in this story. And when you look at that blowdried blowhard, it becomes much easier to summon up the appropriate amount of anger over this story.

    By the way … I had a letter to the editor published in the Hartford Courant today that ripped apart a piece by syndicated columnist David Ignatius on global warming. If any of you fellow Tammycrats would like to see it, I will post a link.

  6. FozzieBear says:

    Not to fret, Dear Tammy, we all are guilty at times of using the shallow end of the pool. Hormones rule!

  7. helpunderdog says:

    I can recognize and be attracted to beauty, but won’t let my base instincts rule until I’ve heard the person speak. I think as a woman I’m more willing to give a person a chance when it comes to looks, even when a person is not classically good looking, because I know looks alone won’t cut it for me. Now with guys this apparently is not the case. Ex: J. Howard Marshall, Anna Nicole Smith’s deceased husband, was a dean at Yale and a law professor. His millions were achieved through smarts.
    Ex: Mia Farrow, once married to Woody Allen.
    Ex: whoever is married to John Goodman.

  8. Floyd R. Turbo says:

    Tammy, Valerie IS an attractive woman. But so are you (speaking as an American Male with blood still moving rapidly through his baby-boomer-aged veins)! Don’t denigrate yourself, dear! Yes, your context is different, but she is still lovely. And, you, are too, girl…don’t sell yourself short.

  9. jeweytunes says:

    The best part of your whole post is the set of topic links you added at the end! Made me laugh out loud!

  10. Evil Roy says:


    You are much better looking than her. And much more important than that, you are well worth listening to. Can you imagine having to listen to some lightweight like her through dinner?

    Evil Roy

  11. Kevin says:


    Her “beauty” is overshadowed by her deceitfulness. What her and her husband have done is the antithesis of beauty.

  12. Carpediem says:

    In a world full of lying, cheating dirty scoundrels your honesty is so very refreshing. You’re a red blooded human my dear ! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Teri

  13. ashleymatt says:


    I’m sure anyone married to lying liberal loser would normally long for the solace of a same-sex relationship, but Plame evidently seeks out those qualities in a mate. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other beautiful women out there who don’t hallucinate about being spies and have much better taste in partners. If only you were a fly on the wall on some of the internet chats and forum comments I’ve seen about you in my “research” for Prowess.

  14. PeteRFNY says:

    I’ve been drowning in the shallow end of the pool my whole life.

  15. sue says:

    Maybe that isn’t really her face at all. Maybe that’s her secret agent disguise. Perhaps you could imagine her pulling it off to reveal Mrs. Clintons disturbing twin.

  16. kcnut says:

    Tammy why should you your a young woman with desires and you not feel bad about just remember she did do a bad thing so she not a good girl to hang with.

  17. Evil Roy says:

    It’s probably Rosa Klebb under all the makeup! Or, at least, she thinks she is.

    Evil Roy

  18. joeblough says:

    Anticipation might get you through dinner, but you’d have to cut her loose before breakfast.

    If you’re feeling bad about not disliking her enough, spend a minute or two thinking about what she how she has probably used her good looks – i.e. spewing crap and getting away with it.

    Your response is testimony to the depth of your aesthetic sense (and perhaps one or two other enthusiasms). Unfortunately for us all, a rotten mind does not always manifest itself as ugliness of the flesh. But don’t mistake your sensibilities for her qualities.

    On the contrary, it’s all the more grounds for anger — i.e. how dare you exploit my sensibilities that way.

    Think Joe Wilson in a girl costume. That ought’a calm you down.

  19. joeblough says:

    PS You’re better looking than she is anyway.

    You want a predicament, think about all the heterosexual guys who think that you’re the cat’s pajamas.

    For my money you’re a regular irregular chick.

    Don’t sweat it.

  20. David Jerome says:

    Tammy,you’ve started a very awckward thread here:/

  21. ConnecticutBruce says:

    this is horible news …


    not only is the babe-a-licious Salma Hayek preggers and off the market, but the daddy is a (gasp) frenchman …

    yet another sign the the apocalypse is upon us 🙁

  22. beachbum says:

    So now she will be testifying before Waxman’s committee!
    The “Committee” will just drool over her with their eyes agape like they did when Meryl Streep, (who was not even nearly as hot as VP) destroyed the apple growing industry just because she played a farmers wife in some movie. These Congressional Commissions remind my of the movie “Tin Men” w/ Danny Devito and Richard Dreyfuss when they where hauled before the Home Improvement Commission. My opinion of the US Congress has never been lower.

  23. antigone says:

    Hahahaha… oh geez this happens to me too. Luckily I’m usually surrounded by men and don’t often have to worry about being distracted from what they are saying, but I just about got signed up for a drag show because they got a cute little brunette to ask around…

    Darn those attractive women. That’s the real power of the persuasive. Hot chicks.

    – J

  24. pjhluke says:

    The scummy dem policy is working its evil on Tammy I see. I saw pictures of her the day of her hearing and she looked so good I’m convinced they hired a publicist to coordinate her elegant outfit and pearls with her whitened teeth. Seems like the left can’t wait to turn all of D.C. into Hollywood-at-its-worst East: beautiful, charismatic and vapid.

  25. Hillman says:

    Tammy, shame on you!!! By now you should know that the wrapping on the package does not always correlate to the contents. I judge better how you feel about them with the lights off. You are beautiful with the lights on OR off!

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