Who knew? (HT Hot Air). Compared with Daniel Craig’s famous speedo shot from his Bond film (obviously all Craig), this look makes one wonder…sock or nature?


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  1. Kelly says:

    Ack! Eww! My eyes, my eyes!

    Just more comfirmation why I’m a lesbian…

  2. Kimj7157 says:

    It looks like some kind of “protective cup” is involved here… . I don’t know.

    Now if you can get a picture of Don in a speedo…THAT would crash the sight. 🙂

  3. In that case, I’m a lesbian too.

  4. In that case, Im a lesbian, too.
    More like Adam ‘Sandbagger’, eh?

  5. artgal says:

    In either case: YIKES!

  6. Paul From Hamburg says:

    As I look at this picture, I am reminded of the photo of Ms. Stone from yesterday. I wonder if she also is wearing a, ahem, prosthesis.

  7. nohillary says:

    Hey Adam, is that a bagel in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

  8. mrfixit says:

    Well if it’s all natural, a new concept may be around the corner, … Comedy Porn!

  9. pat_s says:

    He’d certainly need a much bigger hat than the man on the beach you’re using for the McCain Death Watch. A derby maybe?

  10. Kelly says:

    Local Malcontent,

    I’ll see what I can do about getting you an honorary lesbian membership card. Since the card is only honorary, you won’t have to take the classes on:

    1. GPS (“Gaydar Pick-up Success”)
    2. Mind Reading (a.k.a., “If you really loved me you’d know what’s wrong”)
    3. U-Haul: Friend or Foe

  11. Barry in CO says:

    If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably a small squirrel.

  12. ashleymatt says:

    I’ll be somewhat frightened if “CROTCHES” becomes a new tagline on the Tammy Blog.

    Which reminds me, when can we have more pics from the photo shoot?

  13. nohillary says:

    Probably hiding another terrible script in there…most likely a “short” story.

  14. josai says:

    Ladies (gay or straight) have at it. This heterosexual male wants no part of this conversation!

  15. dmg333 says:

    It’s fake…and he’s a prankster

    He’s just trying to get a rise out of (well, some of) us.

  16. nohillary says:

    Looks like Adam is the real “A-Rod” (rimshot!).

  17. jeweytunes says:

    I now feel compelled to call Sharon Stone and apologize… long distance, of course. J

  18. flamethrower says:

    I’m surmising that he has contracted elephantiasis of the genital area. Did he vacation in Africa recently?

  19. ltlme says:

    First, Sharon’s photo almost scared me straight, and Mr. Sandler reaffirmed my lesbianhood. (If it’s not a word….it is now.)

    Btw, Kelly, don’t forget about the Birks question for honorary membership.

  20. Kelly says:


    How could I forgotten about Birks?! That then leads to questions about vegetarianism and veganism and The Indigo Girls.

    I won’t subject you to questions about mullets and wallets on chains. Those are just too horrible to contemplate.

  21. artgal says:

    LOL, Jeweytunes!

    This just in: there’s no longer any question about where Saddam’s WMD’s have been hidden for so long…

  22. Kelly says:

    One more thing, LTLME. The “you” in the last post was unintentional. It was a slip of the keyboard. I know you have the permanent membership card. 😉

  23. ltlme says:

    No worries, Kelly….I have enough horrible dating stories to supply me with plenty of material for years to come…or a lucrative novel, three HBO comedy specials, and one or two made-for-tv-movies that would somehow feature Patty Duke at the bewildered and battered halfway-sane les.

    Now if I could just earn that damn toaster I’d be in business!!!

  24. ltlme says:

    ….and I forgot to finish the point I was trying to make…..
    so, with the first portion of the above comment being said….yep…I’m cursed to being more than just a temporary member.

  25. bstndance says:

    A bad case of Human Papillomavirus

  26. RagingBullmoose says:

    To quote the seminal (no pun intended) Monty Python sketch “Blackmail”:

    “My God, is that a Chicken!?! No, no it’s just the way he’s holding the grapefruit.”

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