Sometimes we must simply admit how evil we are. Running roughshod over the world, caring only about ourselves, not considering for one second the negative impact we have on the world, to say nothing of ruining the lives of little children. Yeah, with stories like this, isn’t it about time we stop messing around with other peoples lives and retreat so the world can once again have a good time?

Five-Year-Old Boy Feels ‘Very Well’ After Having Peach-Sized Brain Tumor Removed

NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. — A 5-year-old Peruvian boy rushed to Long Island for surgery to remove a peach-sized brain tumor said he felt “very well” less than a week after the procedure.

Sebastian Jimenez Pina praised the doctors who treated him — and the congressman who helped get him to them — at a news conference Wednesday at Schneider Children’s Hospital, where he underwent the operation Dec. 27.

“The hospital and the doctors were very good,” the boy said in Spanish.

His physicians, Dr. Mark Mittler and Dr. Mark Atlas, said Sebastian would have died quickly without the surgery. It removed the tumor protruding from his right temple and two other, smaller ones on his head.

Yeah, and I bet you we waterboarded that little boy ahead of time to make sure he said nice things about the doctors.

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  1. josai says:

    I normally don’t believe in guarantees but there are two in this case; 1) Keith Olbermann won’t give it a mention and 2) neither will my neo-marxist brother in California. Don’t worry though, they both love America wink…wink.

  2. Ripper says:

    I notice that the family ignored Michael Moore’s movie and did not take him to Cuba.

  3. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Don’t forget that we probably listened in on his international phone calls by using the “domestic spying program”. Afterwards we brainwashed him during the operation while flying the Confederate flag, used the US military to steal his oil, and cut his taxes so he could build more mansions to increase his carbon footpring and cause global warmi-, ah, climate change..

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