Here is the best I can do when it comes to trying to scare some of you into a) voting and b) voting for Romney. My guess? Odds are quite high “Joe” is not a Romniac and will very probably vote. I’m just sayin. Oh, a lot of the language is not suitable for children. Of course.


Because some of you are Smart Asses, let me rephrase: “If you have a primary or caucus tomorrow, please vote. And I will add, whenever your primary or caucus is vote and make that vote for Romney. :)”

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  1. I would vote tomorrow, but what’s the point?

    Indiana (where I live) doesn’t have a primary until May 8, where we select the awe inspiring grand total of 57 delegates. I know I’m impressed!

    Anyone want to bet that the decision on who the nominee will be will not have been decided long before then?

  2. 😛 Very funny.

    My point was that by the time Indiana’s primary rolls around anybody still running won’t even bother to come here because the issue will have been long decided. ALL of the candidates descended on Iowa and New Hampshire (except Rudy who waited until FLorida – and that’s what I think did him in) but Indiana will become true fly-over country as the closest we’ll get to see of the candidates will be the contrails of their jets as they fly over us to somewhere important. This is why the primaries are such a big yawn for me and there’s no way I can get excited.

    To give you a further idea of just how unimportant Indiana is: Did you know that Indiana is the only one of the 50 states without a major military base? I’m talking Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. Our last two bases were Fort Harrison and Grissom.
    Do you think the candidates (or anyone else in Washington for that matter) even cares that we exist as a state? Heck, I’m even talking our own senators. I’ve seen no evidence that our own senators evcen tried to keep a military base here.

    I’m told that my vote is important, and that I should get our and vote. I’d like to know why.

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