Wright at the National Press Club

I know I’m not the only one not impressed by Obama’s oddly late repudiation of Jeremiah Wright. After all, he knew of the “divisive and destructive,” “ridiculous,” “outrageous” and “wrong” paranoid and hate-based Wright comments long ago. When he first addressed the issue he further embraced Wright in the famous Gramma-Under-the-Bus speech. Now, when Wright had the audacity of not keeping his mouth shut, Barry decides that he can disown a man he suddenly realized his father-figure for all his adult life “gives comfort to those who prey on hate.”

My question is this: If Barack Obama had no idea what his father-figure’s intentions and beliefs were after two-decades plus of knowing him, how can we trust this man to be able to assess the intention of men like Ahmadinejad and Jong-Il? One of two things is happening here: Either Obama truly is clueless and completely unable to judge people, or he feels a kinship with those who are bitter, angry and hate this nation. In his own life we have his bitter and recriminating wife, Wright, and unrepentant terrorist Ayers. On the international scene Obama has already expressed an interest in establishing talkative, friendly relationships with the world’s monsters.

In the meantime, word is slipping out from Wright’s friends that he didn’t intend to hurt Obama, he was just hurt and lashing out in the moment. I guess that makes everything okay. But it does make us question if it’s a good idea to have a man in the White House who has such a vengeful and hateful father-figure in the wings always ready to strike out. Really, is this a soap opera we need in the White House during a time of war?

Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church said he has been speaking to both men as the events of the past 24 hours unfolded. He counseled Obama Tuesday morning, and while CBS 2 talked to him Tuesday evening, Rev. Wright called his cell phone. “I don’t think he had any intention to hurt Barack. He loves Barack,” Pfleger said. “I think the pain and the moment took over.” That moment was in a place Pfleger called “a lion’s den” – The National Press Club.

Yeah, the pain of not having the Man Who Would Be President be subservient and respectful to you? All of these people are reaping the rewards of living in a world of contempt and bitterness. What do they want from each other? Emotional healthy response from each other?

Whether his problem is a pathological inability to see bad people for who they are (and good people for that matter, too. His issue is very probably a Malignant Narcissistic lack of empathy, an inability to comprehend the feelings and motives of others), or identifying sympathetically with those who hate this country, we and he are in trouble.

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  1. infidel says:

    Looks like we’re getting a great education in “black liberation theology”. Though the choice between the 3 candidates displays a dismal lack of either interest or discernment on behalf of the American people, I’m not losing hope. I hearten myself by reading the suicide watch being conducted on the loony left blogs. We’ll be spared an Obama presidency by default.
    Let it all hang out Rev. Wright.

  2. pat_s says:

    It only took a few snippets for typical Americans to understand that Rev. Wright is a radical. Of course Obama always knew it despite his embarrassingly pathetic attempts to persuade us he didn’t. He just doesn’t view radicalism the same way other Americans do. He was infected with the giddy religion of the Left in his early years.

    I think Obama was foolishly naive in his idealism, but not stupid. When he was a young man, he learned he had personal appeal and a gift for oratory. He understood the Reverend’s style was too strong. Obama’s charm and rhetoric always got him through tough spots which were probably few and far between for this gifted man. This time Obama’s charm was outdone by the Reverend’s forceful personality, and his sweet siren song was drowned out by Wright’s hateful tirades. No doubt Obama’s handlers explained it was time to cast off this man who meant so much to him for twenty years. And he did. This is the death of Obama the idealist and the birth of a hardcore revolutionary.

  3. jdb says:

    PAT_S, that was well said with much keen insight.

  4. NavajoSierra says:

    This Wright fiasco is turning into an unbelievable soap opera. That there are enough people who tolerate this hijinks in a serious presidential election, at what is possibly one of the most vulnerable and serious times in the history of the world, is not only pathetic, but truly scarey. This kind of event could be a cartoon if it weren’t so frightening.

  5. Talkin Horse says:

    Obama always knew that Wright would expose his smooth rhetoric as a façade. He’s been quietly trying to shrug off his long, tight history with this paranoid hatemonger ever since he declared for president. Wright was originally scheduled to open Obama’s presidential announcement with a public invocation (in March of ’07; see article), but he was disinvited at the last minute due to concerns about negative publicity. So Wright held a private prayer session with Obama instead. Obama has been twisting and turning ever since to keep Wright on the sidelines, struggling to neither embrace nor denounce him. But things have finally gotten to the point where Obama can’t hide from his past anymore. He made a deal with the devil, and the devil has come to claim his due.

  6. josai says:

    Did anyone hear him degrade JFK about the way he said “ask”?? as in “ask not what your country can do for you…..” he said how do you spell “eeeeask”?? someone should have said “ax” that’s how you say it isn’t it Rev????

  7. helpunderdog says:

    “I think the pain and the moment took over.” That moment was in a place Pfleger called “a lion’s den” – The National Press Club.

    The pain of the moment? Puhleeeze. The Press Club crowd were hooting and hollering their support. He got standing ovations. The guy wasn’t hurt, he was in his element, putting on a show, riding the wave, hamming it up. He spoke his mind to that crowd, and they ate it up. What he said is not excused as the unthinking, reactionary words of a wronged and cornered man, nobody was hostile to him in that crowd. This guy happily bared his soul.

    Funny how McCain scolded Republicans for questioning the Rev. Wright issue, yet the rest of the country, including Obama himself. thought it a compellingly legitimate issue. McCain suffers a lack of judgment here too.

  8. Marie says:

    Rev. Wright is just basking in the limelight, he is enjoying his new found fame…

    Take the time to listen to Jackie Mason if you can:


    oi vey baby….

  9. BA in LA says:

    A year ago I wouldn’t have believed it if someone told me something would make Hillary look really good. Wright/Obama have done that.

  10. Young American says:

    B.Hussein Obama is not clueless . He knows his mentor and preacher like a book . Only when he is attacked personally does he speak out against the ranting and raving lunatic America hating idiot. He had no other choice. He had to defend himself.
    BHO and the reverend are birds of a feather , both bitter victims with egos the size of the Grand Canyon. When things don’t go the right way for one of them there’s bound to be an explosion. BHO knew what he was getting himself into when he made the choice to become a disciple of rev. Wright. Wright has nothing to lose . it’s the American people who have everything to lose if this man who must have said uh uh uh uh a thousand times in his stuttering ineloquent press conference gets elected . By the time he finishes a sentence we will have been nuked by the little Hitler running around in Iran who BHO believes we can have dialogue with.

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