What are the odds McCain will discuss this lovely piece of news when he speaks at the La Raza conference in San Diego in July?

10-year-old gives birth in Idaho; Suspected illegal immigrant charged with rape

A 37-year-old man is charged with raping a 10-year-old girl who gave birth last month in Idaho.

“St. Anthony Police said they were notified of the young girl’s pregnancy by medical personnel after she went in for treatment at a doctor’s office,” KIFI-TV reports on its website.

One day later, the ABC affiliate says the young mother delivered a 6-pound girl at Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, Idaho.

KIDK-TV says Guadalupe Gutierrez-Juarez, a suspected illegal immigrant, is being held at the Fremont County Jail. He’s due in court next week to face rape charges.

Execute this beast now!

Oh, I also want to know what sort of parents force a 10- year-old (that’s a fourth-grader folks, 9 when raped) to carry this pregnancy to term. They, too, should be arrested for child neglict and endangerment.

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  1. Trying to understand this by logical means is….well….not logical. You have to crawl into the mind of a liberal to truly understand them. I am not sure they see and think about things the way most of us do, rather, feelings and pictures swirl about their minds. By casting judgement on others, they are not comfortable about their own lives. For example, every year about 55,000 American Citizens are killed by the hand of Illegal Aliens, most by drunk drivers. Liberals protest in the streets over innocent Iraqi citizens, yet are silent about the 55,000 of their neighbors.

    Tom Fredriksen
    Old Glory Radio

  2. Ripper says:

    Of course Geraldo Rivera would also consider it to be irrelevant that the microbe is here illegally.

  3. akmitt says:

    but drunk drivers and child rapers are ‘god’s children’ and we have to take care of them especially if they’re ‘ undocumented immigrants’ of a certain falsely constructed ” race”. their victims are like all victims in politically charged posturing- nothing and no one of importance.

    my family and my grandparents on one side came here legally and jumped through all the hoops and did all those jobs ‘americans won’t do’ ( shoe factories in the northeast where several lost hands and arms in the days before machines with safety guards). welfare was impossible for them and they never would have considered it- they would have been embarrassed at the thought that they needed to ‘ beg’ charity from the government or anyone for that matter. you spoke english in public or you got a smack because it’s rude not to. i sat in school for several years half understanding what was going on long before english as a second language and eventually, through the generosity of our system and citizens, got scholarships for college for merit. i am grateful and thankful.

    but i see now we did it wrong- we should have demanded things instead of earning them. we should have broken the rules and the laws instead of following them. we should have been undocumented children of god and been immune from any criticism or prosecution for any crime we may have committed. but, oh, wait, i think i come from the wrong country to be afforded such immunity which appears to be ‘brown race’ based – even old juanito mccain would ship some french illegal alien rapist right back across the pound with nary a peep about “enfants de dieu”.

    not only is it not right and not fair- it’s down right insane and contrary to the very principles that make america the country that it’s oh so fashionable to hate but people risk their lives to come to. if it sucks so much here- why do you come?

  4. storytold says:

    Man there are some sick people out there!

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