The folks over at Fight the Palin Smears has coverage of how the Repub Convention save the flags the Dems were throwing out, and flew them at the convention. Sweet.

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  1. Pathman says:

    Fox News is reporting that the Dems are claiming these were extras flag, put out to be picked up and returned. They claim that they were “stolen”

  2. hjo says:

    the flags were suppose to be “put out to be picked up and returned”. Is that why they were found next to or close to dumpsters? NOT!

  3. S.Diehl says:

    Tammy~ thank you for the info on ” boycott”. I am letting them know I will never buy it again & exactly how distastful what they did it is! KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!
    Los Angeles
    (When can Tammy listeners plan a trip together to Alaska?)

  4. Colocelt says:

    I was at the rally today in Colorado Springs… I have one of these flags that the veterans passed out.

    :insert blissful dance here:

    Thank goodness for recycling! 😉

  5. ussjimmycarter says:

    I agree with the boycott! Also, the throwing away of the American Flag needs to be a message that every American hears about! I doubt that most American’s will find this acceptable and I, for one, believe that someone needs to be punished for this! I’d suggest we start with Obama and Biden this fall…

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