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I’ll be opining every now and then when I’m inspired. And I do have a feeling Fred Thompson’s speech defending Governor Palin and ripping the Establishment Media, will be plenty inspiring.

Please do use this post for your own comments and opining during tonight’s convention events.

Interestingly, with all the effort the media is putting into attacking Sarah Palin, it certainly is adding to the audience for her speech tomorrow night.

And by the way, Bristol Palin’s boyfriend, Levi Johnston, has joined the McCains and Palins at the convention. I think that’s a perfect, and appropriate place for him to be. Good for them.

623p PT: The gawkers behind the H&C set at the convention are beginning to irritate me.

637: Ok, I’m crying at the Michael Monsoor hero video and the evening hasn’t even started….and now I have to switch to C-Span because Fox thinks we want to hear H&C more than the man who served with McCain in Vietnam. Sheesh.

641: Yea Medal of Honor recipients!!! Yea!!!! Yea our POW vets!!

645: OK, Here’s Mrs. Bush who will introduce her husband via satellite. I’ll go get my ice cream now…

Mrs. Bush gave us the official one-liner for Palin: “A strong executive and a proven reformer…” That’s the defining line you will hear for the next two months. And it is a true description that will eclipse all the desperate crap the left is hurling right now.

649: Who is the freak guy with the loud voice way too close to the stage microphone?? He sounds like a beached whale…I bet he’s wearing a cowboy hat, too. I’m just sayin’ At this rate with his hooting, he’ll exhaust himself sooner than later.

Uh oh, she’s talking about education. This at a time when 50% of our graduating college students are functionally illiterate. She’s beginning to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Ok, here he is…forgive me if I don’t stand or hoot.

Red State has posted that Democrats have revealed Governor Palin’s social security number to the press as “opposition research.” Outrageous.

656: I’ve frozen my Tivo for a second on the smiling Cindy McCain. Bush’s line about the Hanoi Hilton and the Angry Left was perfect.

Bush is actually doing a good job with this speech. But really they need to shut up the howler at the stage.

702: Yea Cindy.


705: I love a tribute to Reagan but they better not be starting to compare McCain to The Gipper. Grrrr.

708: Fred Thompson. This should be good. He’s looking better than he did during the campaign. Yeah, he sounds great. Really good on Palin, Cindy’s head is nodding. She’s liking it. The media is panicking…she’s courageous, successful reformer who’s not afraid to take on the establishment.

It’s very, very, smart to keep Cindy’s profile up. They’re doing a great job of that tonight. Wow, his son(s) look just like him!

720: I thought the POW stuff would be too much, but Fred’s delivery is excellent and quite moving. I’m crying again.

735: Really perfect speech from Thompson. A great profile of McCain, a moving description of the POW experience, and perfect little zingers tossed at Barry cutting him down to size. Excellent.

739: I don’t know how you can follow Thompson, but Lieberman is quite different. And of course, he starts with baby-wiping the Gulf Coast. Oh brother.

Obviously, Lieberman is offering a message the transcends partisan politics as the continue to reach out to Independents and Hillary Voters.

744: Let’s just say the crowd reaction to Lieberman is a bit more muted than it was for Fred.

charlie brown.jpg

752: While Lieberman is an extreme liberal he is a man of character and is doing the right thing, the only thing, a person who loves this country can do. Despite all our differences with McCain, every day reminds us why we must now support him with all we’ve got.

755: McCain will be the kind of leader “our allies will trust and our enemies will fear.”

805: All done for the night. I think it was a terrific lineup. President Bush, Thompson and Lieberman all did good jobs, highlighting their different style with different, thoughtful messages.

Tomorrow night we have, among other things, Governor Sarah Palin. 🙂 We’ll also have a full roundup, commentary and analysis on tomorrow’s Tammy Radio.

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  1. marleed says:

    I enjoyed Rudy Giuliani just a few minutes ago. My favorite part was how he laughed at Alan Colmes’ claims that McCain didn’t properly vette Palin. I could tell his giggling was REALLY annoying Alan. The crowd behind Sean and Alan is indeed a bit irritating.

  2. marleed says:

    … please disregard the ending e on the word vette. I seem to have a problem hitting the “post” button BEFORE I read what I have typed!

  3. Dave J says:

    I think Fox News didn’t sufficiently vet Alan Colmes. Is it too late to dump him?

  4. artgal says:

    I’m with ya, Tammy. The video made me cry, too.

    Dave J: LOL! I second that request!

  5. marleed says:

    Brit Hume takes the hand off from H&C but they’re still obstructing what’s going on.

    Laura Bush takes the stage!

  6. Dave J says:

    Laura’s always been a better speaker than her husband. Seriously, I still wish Jeb rather than George W. had made it to the White House.

  7. marleed says:

    Here’s George …

    Hmmmm he’s still giving instructions to the people on the Gulf. If they haven’t figured it out by now. . . I’m just saying!

  8. marleed says:

    Is it just me or did Sarah get a bigger ovation than John?

  9. Dave J says:

    On revealing Gov. Palin’s SSN: eventually, all this vile leftwing smearmongering needs to be met with the mother of all libel suits.

  10. marleed says:

    Laura gave a nice tribute to Cindy! And now a tribute to Ronald Reagan. A hero, we can believe in!

  11. marleed says:

    Fred Thompson … I hope he hits it out of the park!

  12. Dave J says:

    Fred Thompson for AG? Rudy for Homeland Security.

  13. marleed says:

    If Fred had given speeches like this in the primaries, things might have turned out differently. … Fair defense of Palin but we need a LOT more! Nice to see all the McCains. Good looking kids. I’m really impressed at Fred’s vigor. He seems to be enjoying this, totally different from the primaries.

  14. ashleymatt says:

    Yes, Tammy, I also want them to move that screaming cow man away from the range of the microphone. He’s all you can hear.

    The media is becoming more and more disgusting in their coverage of Palin; I wrote to the AP after coming across the 10th smear job article in a row, asking them them to hold themselves to a higher standard than the Weekly World News and to stop running articles inferring that Gov. Palin is a criminal. I hope she blows them away tomorrow night. I can’t wait to watch.

  15. Dave J says:

    Ashleymatt, I MISS the Weekly World News! “Best investigative journalism on the planet,” per Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black.

  16. marleed says:

    Ohhhhhhhh A teleprompter speech designed to appease America’s critics abroad!!!! ZING!

  17. marleed says:

    You know, I’d love to be there… but I bet if I were, I’d end up sitting behind the lady with that elephant hat, unable to see a thing!

  18. Dave J says:

    This is quite possibly the best bloody red-meat speech ever. If Fred had been anything close to this on the trail, forget running for president, he’d already have been crowned Emperor of the Known Universe.

  19. marleed says:

    Senator Lieberman… wow, they’re giving him a warm welcome.

    PLEASE, no kumbaya speech! Arrrggghhhhhh!

  20. Dave J says:

    Lieberman’s speech should’ve been first. This is a boilerplate snoozer compared to Fred.

  21. ashleymatt says:

    Oh my God, Joe. This is putting me to sleep. I thought he’d at least have a cute joke about addressing the RNC, “What a difference 8 years makes!” or something like that. Thanks for proving to us that you are a liberal, senator.

    C-SPAN is the only way I ever watch convention coverage. Every media outlet, sadly including Fox, thinks their analysis is more important than the speeches that we tuned into watch.

    And the old demented cow man is still moaning. Their sound techs need to do something. Also, this is a theatrical note, but I wish they’d at least play some music or something when the speakers walk onstage. Liven it up a little, people.

    P.S. The greatest red meat speech of all time award still goes to Zell Miller in 2004. I think I’ll go watch it on Youtube while Sen. Joe Slow finishes us off.

  22. Young American says:

    Yes !! This is excellent. Great speeches. Very uplifting. It’s nice to be able to eat ice cream and have a glass of milk while watching unlike last week needing a few stiff drinks to get through it.
    I too am so looking forward to hearing Sarah tomorrow. I call her Sarah because I feel like I know her as a real person from what I have seen and know about her and her accomplishments.
    She will hold her own tomorrow and stuff it to the sleazy, trashy media. And yes Tammy, keep showing Cindy, what a classy lady.

  23. Dave J says:

    Oh yeah, where is Zell Miller these days? I think there are far more MSNBC scum than four years ago that need to be challenged to a duel.

  24. ltlme says:

    Lieberman looks like the martian popping thing. http://media.photobucket.com/image/martian%20popping%20thing/emilyadele/doll.jpg
    I am way too distracted by the resemblance that I have no clue what he’s saying.

  25. marleed says:

    A definite appeal to Independents and Democrats. Joe has the credentials to do so. Pretty good coming from a former Democrat VP candidate!

  26. lnbee says:

    O’Reilly sure looked like the cat who ate the canary when he announced B. Hussein Obama is coming on his show Thursday. Way to go, Bill!!! If anybody can rattle Mr. Cool, O’Reilly can.

  27. marleed says:

    “our allies will trust and our enemies will fear.”?? What!? According to BO I thought it’s supposed to be A leader our allies will like … and our enemies will like too! Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?

  28. jeweytunes says:

    Thank GOD for Fred! Before he got the crowd riled up, it was looking like New Year’s Eve at a nursing home! Yeah Joe had much less personality, but he made some excellent statements. I am just praying that the energy Fred injected will continue to grow tomorrow and show the country a group of people who can get fired up without requiring a three-ring circus to dazzle them.

  29. Kelly says:

    Fred was fantastic! He was the perfect person to highlight McCain’s story. His delivery was spot on.

    While Lieberman couldn’t match Thompson’s eloquence, his speech was very important. He was speaking right to people like my mother who has voted for Democrats for over 50 years. She will not vote for Obama but is struggling internally with voting for a Republican. She told me that she was moved by Lieberman’s speech and I’m hoping that she’s not alone among her fellow dissatisfied Democrats.

  30. pat_s says:

    Young American: LOL!!

    I’ve been calling her Sarah too for the same reason. Actually, it’s much the way I instantly took to Tammy when I first heard her. Direct and honest.

  31. Tink says:

    I don’t need to say much, Tammy’s live blog thoughts almost perfectly matched mine-scary-…except my ice cream was specifically a Klondike Heath bar.

    I hope everyone will help me pray for Governor Palin. I’ve been praying hard for her the last couple of days, knowing she’s deep in preparation for tomorrow night. I also asked the Lord to protect her from the evil that is so actively trying to bring her down.

  32. Sally says:

    Where have you been Fred?!! Can’t wait for Sarah tomorrow night! A hockey mom speaking in a “state of the art” hockey arena. Perfect!! I just hope the moaning bull is out of range so I won’t be distracted!

  33. Idiot#3 says:

    “…the first vice presidential candidate capable of field-dressing a moose…with the possible exception of Teddy Roosevelt”.

    Bang, zooom. To da moon, Alice. That one went right to da moon.

    Note to self: RE Palin’s acceptance speech, top priority…protect the TV. Do not watch, listen, or even visualize Alan (cryptkeeper) Combs. Remove throwable items. (remember what happened to the panasonic during that one Kerry speech).

  34. GenRach says:

    It was a great night. I am really getting tired of what I am deeming “elitist Conservatives” in all quarters. The GOP hit the right tone tonight, the speeches were good to great (loving Fred ) and now we await Sarah Palin.

    Something tells me that despite the MSM’s obsession with all things Palin and their jaded coverage of last night events, the American electorate ‘got it’ just fine. Hey, Chris Matthews turned even a Whiter shade of pale if that is possible, you know what that means?? Bad news for Obama…

    Good night and even a better one today. Give him hell Sarah and just ..well, say it like it is-trust me, we will hear you..

  35. infidel says:

    Love the live blogging Tammy.

    It’s obvious from the interviews with Rudy that he’ll be ripping Barry a new one.

    Rudy ran a stupid campaign but I still love him. A great asset for our side.

  36. ussjimmycarter says:

    Great speeches, Great Videos! And…if she can field dress a moose I can’t wait to see what she does to a Dufus!

  37. marleed says:

    As far as I can tell, this is a legitimate “fight the Palin smears” web site.  There are an incredible number of fraudulent and hateful Sarah Palin web sites.  I’ve never seen anything like this. Unfortunately, new smears seem to be surfacing at an alarming rate, and now even the National Enquirer has gotten involved!

  38. Judy says:

    Finally someone other than you on FOX queried “Where are the feminists?” The women in our country should be all over this and supporting Sarah simply because of what the left is doing to her! IT is shocking. However, this morning the McCain-Palin campaign said they are coming out swinging this morning! HOORAY. Am ready to fight for what is right!! Thanks for your voice Tammy!
    In La Mirada

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