This will be on the Fox Business Channel as opposed to the regular Fox News Channel, so check your cable listing to get the right one.

We’ll be talking about the ridiculous focus by the Dems and press on how much money the RNC has spent on clothes for Sarah Palin. They won’t talk about Biden saying tyrants will attack us is Obama gets elected, but they do want obsess on the fact that Sarah Palin is making an effort to look nice and dress for success.

I’ll take arguments about what’s done to make a candidate look good when we discuss how much money Biden has spent on Botox recently.

Hope you can tune in 🙂

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  1. HALEY says:

    And doesn’t Biden have hair plugs as well? At least Sarah Palin is not a phony!

    The Dem Party has become nothing more than a bunch of socialistic idiots.

    Go get ’em, Tammy!

  2. Helen says:

    Have been trying to get FOX Business back on here but have not had any luck. Will you be posting your appearance here on the website?

  3. whitney says:

    Nuts, My cable company only carries CNBC, so I’ll have Maria Bartiromo; and Fox continues to feature that person, Heather Nauert who cut off Tammy the last time Tammy was featured on that 2PM PT show. I think Nauert is just territorial against Tammy. Sorry I’ll miss Tammy, today. Gosh the MSM, is just taking it out on Sarah….

  4. marleed says:

    No FOX Business Network here!! 🙁 I’ll be waiting to hear what happens!

  5. Melissa5471 says:

    I’m writing for the first time just wanted to share a story that of course the media will never talk about. A friend recently went to the Pavlik boxing fight in Atlantic City. He said that when the during the pledge all the African American in the whole place sat down and refused. Scary huh? We cannot let this man get elected.

  6. Ripper says:

    I just saw you on Cavuto’s show. You always are very telegenic and get your points across quite effectively.

  7. gman says:

    The continued desperation by the Dems is just a reflection of how much Palin is hurting them.
    You know you’re over the target when the flak gets more intense.

  8. daredevilaccordian says:

    You gotta love Sarah…

    In an interview with Mark Halperin, TIME Mag.:

    “MH: Tina Fey plays you sort of bubble-headed…

    Sarah: “That’s funny. I play her bubble-headed too when I imitate her.”

  9. Helen says:

    Found your video on the Fox Business website. Great interview Tammy! Loved the botox remark lol!!!!!!! Every time you are on FOX , your points are right on. It must frustrate the liberals. I feel that push back at them and it feels great!!!!!! Very empowering!!!!!!!

  10. usaguys says:

    Hillary’s Pant suits are very expensive, Clinton and John Edwards have $1000 haircuts.

    On a different subject… Tammy, I it just hit me… as an ex F-16 USAF-res pilot in Iraq (out as Colonel since January) The Liberals like Obama and Kerry and the others voted all the time against the Weapon systems Gen Powell used to win the GULF War 1…. what is that guy endorcing the guy that has fought againt his every effort to win.?

  11. Ruth Anne says:

    Is Cavuto as good a guy as he appears on TV? He seems like someone who would be pleasant in real life.

    If there is a double standard in male vs. female’s appearance, is that so wrong? Until someone invents the female equivalent of the male suit, it seems that female fashion can and maybe should matter. Fashion and make-up can be used effectively as a woman’s advantage.

  12. Dave J says:

    “Until someone invents the female equivalent of the male suit…”

    I’m reminded of when Melanie Griffith as Tess McGill and Harrison Ford as Jack Trainor meet for the first time in Working Girl, at some corporate open bar event. The line is “you’re the only woman here dressed like a woman, instead of how a woman thinks a man would dress if he was a woman.” To which she responds “thank you, I think.”

  13. Ruth Anne says:

    Dave J:
    That was the scene where she took an ever-so-small valium to take the edge off and then proceded to do tequila shots, right?

    I went to grad school in the late 80s when women lawyers were dressing in men’s skirted suits, complete with the paisley silk ties looking like a cross between a severe school marm and an unhabited Sister. I’m glad corporate fashion has progressed since then! Of course, my professional attire at that time was Army BDUs and Class As.

  14. eigafan says:

    Why hasn’t anyone stated the most obvious point? Women’s clothes cost more than men’s clothes.

  15. TENBEHRS says:

    Hope I can find a television store so I can watch. I agree with RIPPER; How come you’re so fine?

  16. HALEY says:

    Tammy, I watched the video this morning via your website. You did a great job. That guy on there with you was really annoying in my opinion – whoever he was. Thank you for sticking up for Sarah Palin and the rest of us all of the time! The Left is constantly attacking Sarah and we all know that it’s because they fear her oh so very much. How low will the Left go before this over? I think they’re breaking their record in this election.

  17. daredevilaccordian says:

    Today the McCain Campaign says that it was always the intent that after the election the clothes would go to a charitable purpose.

  18. PeteRFNY says:

    That’s what most elections do – they buy clothes for their candidates and donate them to charity. This is such a non-story that it’s not funny. I’m still waiting to see the receipts for Barry’s Armani suits, and Biden’s eye job and spray on tan. I wouldn’t mind seeing Barry’s birth certificate while they are at it.

  19. Talkin Horse says:

    The hypocrisy and double-standard is glaring. Obama breaks his promise to rely on public funding and extorts half a billion dollars from the moneyed special interests, and is now trying to buy the election. And now they want to point the finger at the McCain campaign for spending a fraction of its relatively meager funds making Sarah look good, as if that were an unreasonable thing to do. It’s obvious who the money offender is, and he’s not in the McCain camp.

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