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  • Lie, cheat and steal: high school ethics surveyed

    Sixty-four percent of high school students cheated on a test in the past year; thirty-six percent admitted to plagiarism and forty-two percent admit to sometimes lying to save money. Ninety-three percent said they were satisfied with their personal ethics and character. An ethicist ponders the implications of a slippage in ethics: What does that portend for the next generation of mortgage bankers? I was wondering about the next generation of politicians, but I think the kids have better percentages on ethics than the current crop in Washington.

  • Global AIDS crisis overblown? Some dare to say so

    As World AIDS Day is marked on Monday, some experts are growing more outspoken in complaining that AIDS is eating up funding at the expense of more pressing health needs. They argue that the world has entered a post-AIDS era in which the disease’s spread has largely been curbed in much of the world, Africa excepted.

    “The global HIV industry is too big and out of control. We have created a monster with too many vested interests and reputations at stake, … too many relatively well paid HIV staff in affected countries, and too many rock stars with AIDS support as a fashion accessory,” he wrote in the British Medical Journal in May.

  • Swiss approve prescription heroin

    With 68% approval, the Swiss approved prescription heroin for addicts. Addicts can receive up to two injections a day at clinics. This is considered a good idea because it keeps the addicts out of needle parks and reduces drug-related crimes. Out of sight out of mind I guess. The Swiss rejected decriminalizing cannabais because recent studies indicate long-term use is more harmful than previously thought. Might as well go straight for the heroin in a nice clean clinic.

  • “The only warmth in my life is the toilet seat.”

    Go figure the Japanese and their fascination for a special relationship with their toilets. I report, you decide.

    Most of the time, though, the Japanese are happy to think of a toilet as their comfort and their friend.

    The other day, while catching a commuter train to work, I found myself transfixed by an advertisement which was being screened on a TV inside the carriage. A young girl slowly walked towards a loo, which automatically raised its lid to greet her. The toilet then appeared to give a welcoming robotic smile and its seat began to glow an inviting orange colour as it heated up, ready for action. Fortunately, the advertisement ended there. But not before a broad and appreciative smile broke out across the face of the girl.

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  1. Fox says:

    Heroin Addicts: It would be tragic if they didn’t get this type of medication… un… plucking… believable.

    Well, we can’t make them better so we’ll make them even worse. Hopefully they’ll vote for the Liberal Party in whatever backwards government they have, too.

    How about round up all the drug addicts/dealers for a month, cane the hell out of them, and repeat as many times as necessary (with increasing lashes) until they decide it’s not worth it?

    Pain is a very good motivator.

  2. Dave J says:

    If there is one singular universal constant, it is this: the Japanese are bizarre.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I don’t think there can be any serious disagreement.

  3. marleed says:

    Let’s not neglect our daily Mexican “head count”

    TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) – Nine decapitated bodies were discovered on Sunday in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, a hot spot in an increasingly gruesome war between drug cartels.

    The bodies, along with their removed heads, had been left in a vacant lot beside a factory, witnesses and police told reporters.

    Mexico is facing spiraling drug violence, especially along its border with the United States. Cities like Tijuana, south of San Diego, are seeing horrendous levels of crime, with bodies set on fire, cut up and dumped in acid and strung over highways.

    Beheadings, kidnappings and daylight shootings have become common as vicious drug cartels fight over smuggling routes into the United States.

    President Felipe Calderon has sent some 40,000 troops and federal police across Mexico to try to stop the killings. But despite major drug seizures and arrests, the killings continue.

    I’ve lost count of the reasons why we need a border fence.  Might be easier to keep track of the reasons NOT to build a fence.  Anyone have one? 

  4. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Might be easier to keep track of the reasons NOT to build a fence. Anyone have one?

    Where will the Messiah get the votes that He will need in 2010 and beyond? That is why no fence will ever be built. Soon we will have 20 million or more illegals dumped on our welfare and education systems – all the better to elect Democrats.

    In the last two election cycles alone ACORN dumped several million fraudulent voters on the voting system, and the GOP did nothing except whimper in terror of being called “racist”. Except for John Boy and the Milquetoast President, who tried to hand Democrats a permanent majority a few years ahead of schedule.

    After 2009 we will not have free elections in any meaningful sense. If you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a Third World hellhole with a racist and paranoid Maximum Leader as President, you are about to find out.

  5. Shawmut says:

    Good sammple of news quips, Tammy.
    Here’s an idea to pursue.
    You and Bernie Goldberg seem to have bit of juice on Fox, and I think you both could use it really well.
    I think we could start holding them to the fire in reporting news. We have been stuck watching their reruns of interviews as a though we’ve been indulging in ex-jocks replaying their last games. It’s a though their vanitties have been let loose.
    This past weekend has been a great example.
    With Mumbai still in flames we were held to vanity reruns of election interviews with Sarah Palin, and Baraq. The producers could have earned their bucks by interspersing the current reports with related news, not just irrelevent reruns. How about the Somali’s leaving the US to go back for Jihad, the serving of papers at the CAIR dinner, a breakdown of the Holy Land Foundation trial. They could focus on the failure of our government to govern.
    Would Fox, the O’Reilly’s, Greta, et al., listen to you and Bernie Goldberg? They might. After all, who do they bring on to comment. You’d make quite a “fair and balanced..and unafraid..” team.

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