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Obama came from the hard Left, but he won the presidency by making appeals to the Center and even the Right. Now that he’s got to make decisions, somebody is bound to be disappointed. This article discusses the rising tensions as internal factions start to battle within the Obama camp.

Disagreements among senior Democrats and members of his team over who he should pick has given the President-Elect a wake up call about the treacherous partisan waters he now has to navigate, according to those familiar with the discussions.

Wall Street was expecting that Obama would, in the course of his first press conference, announce his Treasury Secretary. The name Lawrence Summers loomed large. Summers was Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton, and his selection would inspire confidence. However, he came under attack from ideologues for lapses of political incorrectness (see his Wikipedia entry for details.

For example, as President of Harvard, he acknowledged that there are physical differences in the development of male and female brains. This is of course a fact, but we’re not supposed to explore it, especially in an institution of higher learning. This gaffe is still haunting Mr. Summers.

Feminist groups are horrified by his record as president of Harvard University.

Kim Gandy, the president of the National Organization of Women, complained last week: “It’s very important that whoever is in key positions understands the importance of women to this economy.

Ms Gandy said she is lobbying Mr Obama to choose one of the female economists, Laura D’Andrea Tyson or Sheila Bair.

So the anticipated announcement of a Treasury Secretary was postponed. This isn’t a tragedy in itself, but it left a sense of indecisivenes in its wake, and fueled concerns about Leftist ideology trumping sound economics. The market tanked in the aftermath of the non-announcement.

This is not the end of the story, and of course it’s barely the beginning. It may be Obama has a sense that it would be unwise to stray far from the Center. The jittery market may strengthen the push for stable pragmatism. But, with heavy pressure from the vocal moonbats on his back, it will be difficult to do the right thing.

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  1. Lamplighter says:

    The web site of the infidel Tammy Bruce first suggested that the Messiah (may he live forever) may not keep his promises.
    Now the web site of the she-devil Tammy Bruce, a woman no less, implies that the Messiah (may he live forever), may be controlled by the will of others and may not know what to do. Also, most profane, the false prophetess entails that the Messiah (may he live forever), will break his blessed promises no matter what he does.
    Heresy! Heresy!

  2. naga5 says:

    geez, is it me? are all of the Messiah’s (may he live forever) cabinet or staff selections clinton retreads or hair plug infested hacks? change, my a–!

  3. Fox says:

    “Ms Gandy said she is lobbying Mr Obama to choose one of the female economists, Laura D’Andrea Tyson or Sheila Bair.” So much for the feminist ideal of equality for women.

    It’s good to know that sex and race are still important criteria when chosing someone for an important job. How about gather a slew of candidates and do a BLIND comparison?

    Make them list their plans for the job on a single sheet of paper along with a resume, sans name. Then review the top 3 choices through Instant Messaging Q/A to find the best one.

    Oh wait! As President you have to make choices and can’t vote present?! And sometimes the choices matter?!

    BTW, here’s Obama voting present on the economic crisis and international diplomacy… well… absent really.


    Change is coming!

  4. KWH says:

    People, people……this is above his pay grade.

  5. NavajoSierra says:

    I got through the campaign and the election via the Tammy blog, and now, thank God, my depression is lifting via the Tammy blog and the nothing is sacred, hilarious reader responses! Thank you, all!

  6. marleed says:

    Why do we have to *guess* which way BHO’s policies of any description will lean? There is something fundamentally wrong with being forced to vote for candidates that will say whatever it takes to get elected. I long for the day when political candidates will be as WYSIWYG as modern word processor! (not much hope!)

  7. Shawmut says:

    Regretfully, many Clintonista’s remained in the Bush Administraton thanks to Bill and Hillary changing their status to regular federal employee status and promoting some other just prior to leaving the White House. These people were philosophically committed to their mirrors.
    Some even held conferences in their departments weighing the percentage of electoral win and then proceeding to conduct business X% administration, Y% Leftist policies. There was more appeasement for them than for GOP Partisans; policy on behalf of he United States be damned. (I witnessed this in state government.)
    Some of these people are still there – just waiting. The issue to watch is whether the Clintonistas will be able to suppress the influence of Soros and the spectre of “Jihad Jimmie Carter”.
    (Anyone old enough to remember the scandal of the segregationist pastor of his church in Plains, Georgia, where he still insisted on teaching Sunday School?)

  8. N_Campbell says:

    Shawmut, I regret to inform you that a fair chunk of my generation was born after Reagan’s first election as President, and I have never been in a US History class that ever made it to the Carter years.

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