**UPDATE: It’s an honor to note that Governor Palin has linked to this post at both her official Facebook page and at the SarahPAC site.**
In an interview with the Washington Times, Palin makes her most direct comments yet about Conservativism versus the Republican Party. In my humble opinion, it’s clear the GOP, unfortunately, is lost beyond the point of return. When you’re one year out of key campaigns to take back Congress in 2010 and Meghan McCain is The Oracle of the party, you know it’s over. If Tina Brown thought Ms. McCain’s willingness to be a Useful Idiot for liberals would undermine the conservative movement (and consequently Sarah Palin), she should take a serious and long look at what their attacks on Palin provoked: a stronger, more independent, more determined conservative leader and base.

Enter now Sarah Palin with very encouraging comments that lead one to believe that she is indeed planning to do what she must: build an independent conservative movement and take this nation back from the liberals which now control both parties.Thanks liberals, for provoking Sarah into the national scene while vetting that family at the same time.

One thing I will say, the Washington Times with their headline for this exclusive interview reveal an anti-Palin stance. She is, don’t doubt, a threat to every existing political status quo.  I hope the Washington Times and their editors realize, sooner than later, that the Palin movement is unstoppable and their credibility would be saved simply by reporting the news instead of becoming a GOP version of the NYT.

EXCLUSIVE: Palin to stump for conservative Democrats

The former Republican vice-presidential nominee and heroine to much of the GOP’s base said in an interview she views the electorate as embattled and fatigued by nonstop partisanship, and she is eager to campaign for Republicans, independents and even Democrats who share her values on limited government, strong defense and “energy independence.”

“I will go around the country on behalf of candidates who believe in the right things, regardless of their party label or affiliation,” …

“People are so tired of the partisan stuff — even my own son is not a Republican,” said Mrs. Palin, who stunned the political world earlier this month with her decision to step down as governor July 26 with 18 months left in her term.

Both her son, Track, 20, an enlisted soldier serving in Iraq, and her husband, Todd, are registered as “nonpartisan” in Alaska…

While the analysts and fellow politicians continue to debate the wisdom of her resignation decision, Mrs. Palin said she is eager to fight for her conservative beliefs when she leaves office.

The governor, 45, said she shared former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s view that Republicans, now trailing Democrats and independents in registration in many states, should back moderate-to-conservative Democrats in congressional districts and states where Republicans stand almost no chance of winning.

The object would be to build a majority coalition that reflects what polls suggest is the current center-right tilt of the U.S. electorate as a whole.

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  1. Kelly says:

    This is very encouraging news. Many of us are tired of being “ghettoized” into our little boxes, be they Republican, Democrat, feminist, gay or lesbian, etc. Anyone who dares to step outside the accepted paradigm is a threat to the establishment. You know that Tammy, with the gay gestapo and the feminist movement and Sarah Palin knows that with the Republican Party.

  2. thomaslhill says:

    Three words describe my thoughts, “About damn time!”

  3. 1elder1 says:

    See one of the Reagan/Palin Conservatives Campaign Buttons.

    Buy direct from Republican Depot who makes the buttons.

  4. cubachi says:

    This is fantastic news. She is the only candidate I see so far that can make the conservative movement a force in America not to be reckoned with.
    I think Americans have had enough with the elitists, the overreaching by Washington. Urkel’s administration is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  5. mmeusa says:

    Thanks for putting Support SarahPAC on your site!

  6. mrcarter says:

    The left and the right which of course are pretty much one in the same excluding a handful just cant figure out why everybody, the media, the pundits, the people, just hang on her every move.
    In my opinion she is the only one that conservatives know that they can trust.
    Oh there are others like Jim DeMint, Mike Pence and Michelle Bachmann that I believe that I can trust.
    I dont want to just be a believer anymore, I have to know.
    The progressives just gave us a great lesson on being believers.
    They have made a mistake now though by letting us “know” what they have been doing over the past 80 years.
    The numbers in the grassroots movement are becoming huge and those people are not just jumping on a bandwagon, they are educating themselves about where the coutry is and how we got in this situation and how to fix it.
    People like myself who had no interest in politics and no clue as to how governments are formed and are supposed to be operated.
    At 55 years of age though I must have been alive early enough for at least some of the right thinking to sink in before the indoctrination of our nation began.
    As soon as I heard Barrack Obama speak 2 years ago and when I heard about who he was associated with I looked up from my apathetic haze and said Huh? What did he say!
    From that moment until the present I have been cramming like a political science major preparing for finals. In a way the next election is our final exam.
    With Tammys help and the guidence of Mark Levin, Beck, Bachmann, Ingrahm, Malken, Coulter, Newt, and other I have read more than I did in all of my formal school years.
    From the writings of Cicero to Thomas Sowell, to the founding fathers and Samuel Adams.
    I am involved and I truly know that if Sarah wants to be president, then we can put her there.

  7. FightTheSmears says:

    Meghan McCain as the oracle of the Republican Party? Oh please, don’t scare me like that. Have you see who she follows on Twitter? Pamela Anderson? Please. Shallow. Real shallow individual. McCain, not Anderson.

  8. victor82 says:

    Sarah Palin is thinking long game, much longer than her opponents suspect.

    Consider: she will, if elected, inherit the wreckage of two irresponsible Baby Boomer Administrations. She will have to govern as she did in Alaska, in a Reaganite coalition with reform-minded Republicans and Blue Dogs to save the country and radically scale back Entitlements. She will have to do so with a consensus in the country that she will have to spend the next several years building.

    She can’t do that buy playing to the worst instincts of Andrew Sullivan, and she won’t. She’s got the Base. Now she can tack to go get Dems and Indies who are unwilling to Socialize the Last, Best Hope of Earth.

  9. Kimj7157 says:

    Love it. Love her! She continues to annoy many by doing what is smart and right and bucking the establishment, as opposed to following along that well worn typical track. The analysts, that will continue “debating the wisdom of her resignation decision”, will be left in a cloud of Palin’s stunning dust.

    Just as with the United States of America, I think Palin, too, has that “spark of the divine”, and I believe she was born for THIS time and THIS place in our nation’s history.

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  11. TammyChicago says:

    Well Tammy, when the subject of your blog (Sarah Palin) takes excerpts of YOUR blog (regarding how she’s gonna take the nation back and kick some liberal ass) and posts them
    it shows two things

    1. She is NOT done- NOT BY A LONG SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. YOU ( Tammy Bruce) are correct in your assumptions and you “get it”!!!!!!!!!!

    Illustrates why I love the hell outta Palin/Bruce! Rock on girls!

  12. mariab says:

    SARAH gets us. She knows what we want and that we are SICK of Washington. We don’t want socialism, or more of the same. We want what our forefathers prescribed for us, not the twisted version Washington is spoon feeding….. GO SARAH!

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  14. JamesHudnall says:

    People are sick of partisan politics. More and more people are going independent. In many respects, Palin is more of an independent than a Republican. I find it entertaining that the McCain camp is lashing out at her when she brought them a lot more voters than they would have had. Obviously, many of the entrenched interests out there see her as a threat. It’s a compliment.

    I am glad to see what she is doing. We need more real conservatives talking about limited government an fiscal responsibility. If the Republicans can’t do that they need to get out of the way.

  15. kkishwat says:

    In the book of Esther, “Mordecai told the messenger to reply to Esther, “Don’t think that you will escape the fate of all the Jews because you are in the king’s palace. If you keep silent at this time, liberation and deliverance will come to the Jewish people from another place, but you and your father’s house will be destroyed. Who knows, perhaps you have come to the kingdom FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.”
    Perhaps Sarah Palin has come on the scene “for such a time as this.” I pray so.

    • 1elder1 says:

      I agree with the Queen Esther parallel (Esther 4:14). It weaves in and out of her consciousness.
      The meta meaning is SUCH A TIME AS THIS to us. From her first person position she says : If I die ,I die.” In my BIBLE it is “If I perish, I perish.”
      We are on the same page as she is. These analogies came to my attention after reading Elizabeth Parr’s book FAITH FAMILY COUNTRY.

      This is a lesson in active listen. Going beyond any literal meanings called detonations to the myriad of interpretations of the words she uses which are the conotations of those same words. We take part in her words and actions and are not just passive listeners. Taking “it” all in when we listen to Tammy Bruce for 2 to 3 hours is impossible. That is why we need a break to digest it all.
      What we don’t remember word for word does get registered anyway in our brains.

      If Tammy and Sarah are successful we need to act on what they say. Ergo, there will be recordable/identifiable evidence .We need to release these suggesitons by acting. Because Sarah and Tammy Bruce are in vibratory harmony with my feelings and thoughts they are within my range and abiltity to act.

      This got a bit pendantic but that is the mood I am in right now.I will be glad to discuss Neuro-Lingusitic Programming with anyone who either agrees or disagrees with my analysis . (=:

  16. BakeShop says:

    No bias against Sarah is found in the WT article nor in its headline “Palin plans to stay in politics.” Washington Times shoots pretty straight. As I’ve heard from the WT editor, they are ‘old school’ and keep their bias on the editorial pages and out of articles. I think you were hoping for pro-Palin bias from the WT, as you might expect them to be being generally conservative, so I guess you interpreted their straight article as anti-Palin. Far from it. Good article. No hype. No digs.

    • 1elder1 says:

      I Buzzed UP the Washington Times article. Go to the article if you have YAHOO BUZZ .
      I read it twice and decided that if it had parts people did not like they could make comments in favor of Palin.
      The article is mostly factual and if you compare it with the article an Alaskan on Twitter just pointed out to me from the ALASKAN DAILY NEWS it is fairly fair . You would see the ADN is biased ,slanted and part of the Democrat Mc Clatchy News Corp. The ADN gives you a hard time once they figure out you have a pro-Sarah letter. The Alaskan newspapers en masse have suffocated the truth about Sarah Palin.
      I am so happy Sarah (Repunzel) has escaped from the gloomy tower.

  17. Belynda13 says:

    Seems to me that the best “man” for the job of President in 2012 is a WOMAN. Go Sarah and God Bless!! You too Tammy!


  18. Ginger says:

    Hey Tammy,

    That is pretty cool that Sarah Palin has linked to your blog and has posted your thoughts regarding ‘hints of Palin forming a conservative movement.’ Sarah Palin is a light in the darkness right now. She is strong, she has been through the fire, and God knows she has been VETTED!

    We need her voice , and like voices such as yours, Tammy.

    I have so much respect for Sarah Palin. She is strong and she has tremendous faith. She is not afraid to take a stand. She puts these mush republicans to shame. She has opted to do what is right in her own heart and mind, trust the Lord, and let the chips fall.

    Hope and change — yeah!

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  20. c4400 says:

    Interesting.. Washington Times has since edited the title of the article to “EXCLUSIVE: Palin plans to stay in politics.”

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  23. echosierra says:


  24. 1elder1 says:

    I am thinking and have ever since I sent Tammy Bruce an invitation to be a member on, that SUPER STAR RADIO TALK SHOW HOST TAMMY BRUCE would one day be part of SUPER CANDIDATE SARAH PALIN’S CAMPAIGN TEAM.
    We have gypsys in our family but this is just plain ol’ common sense. When things fit they fit.
    Thank YOU LORD.

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  27. […] PAC effort, has printed an excerpt from a commentary by blogger Tammy Bruce, and also linked to Bruce’s post in which Tammy Bruce […]

  28. ladykrystyna says:

    I am very glad to hear this news. It gives me hope that she’s not done yet, especially linking this article on her website!

    I think Palin is on to something – Independents – the number of which have been INCREASING over time. Ross Perot couldn’t do it, but perhaps Palin can. She’s the real MAVERICK. She’s decidely “UNWASHINGTON” which is just peachy with me. I think pundits have been talking about the problem of the Washington elite for decades now and I think it’s finally coming to a head.

    The Independents, non-partisans and “decline to state”s will take back America!

    You can count me in!

  29. Upsetting The Political Apple Cart…

    Sarah Palin is upsetting the political apple cart by promising to support Republicans and Democrats who support her agenda. Here is an excerpt from the Washington Times posted at the above link. The former Republican vice-presidential nominee and heroi…

  30. ScottSpiegel says:

    Whatever Palin decides to do, she is certainly playing be her own rules, and that is very refreshing. I personally think she should wait until 2016 or 2020 to run for president, and should serve in some kind of additional executive role before then. In 2012 I’d like to see President-Elect Mitt Romney appoint her Secretary of Energy.

    • Dave J. says:

      Ugh, please not Romney. How he managed to come off as the Conservative Golden Boy in the GOP primary is still totally beyond me: he was a RINO left of Schwarzenegger as (my) Governor of Massachusetts. Romney, like my current RINO governor, Charlie Crist, has no readily apparent principles other than his own personal political advancement.

  31. TLindaman says:

    Wow. For someone who the Left says is a moron, Palin has made an incredibly astute political move, one that the Left themselves aren’t seeing. While some people in the country are involved in the “two party” shouting match between Democrats and Democrat Lites, there is a groundswell of activity in the middle, as we’re seeing with the Tea Parties. People on the Left and the Right are coming together in a way we haven’t seen since 9/11, and Palin sees that as clearly as anybody. With the dissatisfaction at the grass roots for “both” major parties, a move like Palin’s could catapult her to the Republican nomination (if they get their heads out of their backsides and grow a spine) or even to a third party nomination that not even ACORN could counteract.

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  34. jerocat says:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer goes to Washington. 🙂

  35. jerocat says:

    It’s not Rupubs v. Dems.

    It’s Buffy and the Slayers v. blood sucking vampires and brain eating zombies.

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  37. The Crawfish says:

    7-13-09 The Weekly Claw…

    Okay, back to the salt mines. Enough of the lazy weekend stuff. There’s issues to discuss and socialists to skewer!
    In my last issue, I noted how one of my Senators, John Cornyn of the Great State of TEXAS, supports the people and the……

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  39. GOP Rules says:

    Sarah is the kind of leader the Democrats can only dream about. I am praying to the Lord, that Sarah will have the guts to form a new party. The GOP used to be great, but no longer. I may have to change my User name.

    Go Sarah!

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  41. 1elder1 says:

    I just came from reading the latest news about Sarah from the
    They have quoted your views about the possibility of forming a new political party . They also mentioned the Washington Times in a less favorable way. So you were quoted verbatim on her FACE BOOK PAGE and now excerpts from you on the SarahPac page.

    They have a live link to your site, Tammy. This is a political “marriage” made in heaven.

    Sarah is “unstoppable” and the same goes for you.

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