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Sarah Palin’s announcement opened up the spigots for liberal diatribes against her. They’re falling all over themselves to take a jab at this woman who exhibits too much gusto and independence for their stereotype of a female religious conservative.

Sally Quinn chimed in with a column about Palin’s negligent mothering. How peculiar that liberal women who deem themselves feminists are suddenly enamored of stay-at-home child care. It is a superficial, insincere concern that applies only to Sarah Palin. Clearly they think it’s delightful to draw attention to some presumed hypocrisy on Palin’s part for being a religious woman who doesn’t want to stay home and look after the kids. It doesn’t come off because these harpies are unable to comprehend that true feminism is not a militant order of leftwing maniacs.

Palin’s Peculiar Family Values

I’d like to know the names of those mean-spirited adults who mocked and ridiculed her special needs child. I don’t believe it for a second. I think what she is talking about is that she was criticized for the way she dealt with her pregnancy with Trig and her care giving of him after his birth.

Remember, Sarah Palin is a right-wing, evangelical Christian for whom “family values” and the role of the mother are paramount. Many right-wing Christians don’t believe women should work outside the home. Yet here was Sarah Palin, resigning as the governor of Alaska, for political reasons.

This is not putting your family first. We should not be surprised.

Please indulge me in a personal rant on this topic.

I was a stay-at-home mom with two babies when the trend toward working mothers started. Shows like Phil Donahue were continuously propagandizing for women to leave their children in the care of others and go forth to “fulfill” themselves. I distinctly remember watching Donahue one particular morning. I was still in my vomit-stained bathrobe because the morning was so busy with a 2-yr old and an infant. The kitchen was a mess. Donahue had on a panel of working moms telling their glorious stories. The one I remember most clearly was a woman who had five children ranging in age from teen to toddler. She was a doctor AND a lawyer. I’m not kidding. Besides working and caring for her family, she had hobbies: gourmet cooking and mountain climbing. She and her five children were immaculate, well-dressed and beaming happily into the camera with perfect teeth. I felt like sh*t.

Mothers were actually being told it was better for their children if they left them in the care of others. Working mothers spent “quality time” with their children. What part of my day wasn’t quality time I wondered. Was it not quality time when my 2-yr old at play looked up into my face and we smiled at each other? Was it not quality time when my infant slept in my arms? Was it not quality time when it was mommy who soothed a hurt?

Let’s not even get into the financial sacrifices made by a one income family. The forfeited compounded interest on lost savings means we will be paying for child care until our dying day.

I am not interested in a debate about who is a better mother. I had no argument then or now with another woman’s decision to work. She is just as much a loving mother as anyone else. What I resented back then was the pressure a woman felt to get out of the house. At least women in my day had more of an option than women today. Eventually a critical threshold was reached where the number of two income families pushed the economy to the point where one income was a serious disadvantage. Women eventually had to leave the home broken-hearted, not for a glamorous career, but to spend a miserable day at a tedious job for a paycheck.

It was the likes of Sally Quinn who lead the cheers for the brave new world of women’s lib. Yes, it was high time but the demeaning of women who chose a traditional option for child care was cruel. It is the same ilk that today is chiding Sarah Palin for not looking after her family properly by pursuing a career.

For the snide, hypocritical criticism of Sarah Palin’s lifestyle and for my admittedly deep-seated resentment toward haranguing feminists who should mind their own business about someone else’s family life, I would like to roll up Sally Quinn’s column into a ball and shove it down her throat.

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  1. Carol says:

    Great rant! Not surprised Sarah’s hated. (see John 15:18) I know I shouldn’t feel offended by the likes of SQ, but I’m still far from Christ’s perfection; so I do, a little. She has NO clue what Christianity is! It’s not “Focus on the Family”.

  2. 1elder1 says:

    I never read Sally Q. lol She is so fun!!! She says—–

    “I’d like to know the names of those mean-spirited adults who mocked and ridiculed her special needs child. I don’t believe it for a second. I think what she is talking about is that she was criticized for the way she dealt with her pregnancy with Trig and her care giving of him after his birth.”

    Here Sally Q. eat these names they taste yummy. All Democrat Socialist Party members in Alaska taste Yums!
    1}: #shannynmoore on TWITTER She runs a blog called MUDFLATS and says Sarah has a porno video out there somewhere in their HADES cells.
    2} eat this one @CelticDiva who did the photoshop job on Trig’s beautiful face making him look as grotesque as she does.
    Be careful about @CelticDiva site as she tracks you if you want to respond to her —– lol don’t tell Sally Q let Diva track her.

    I have delt with Celtic Diva on C4P site and got kicked out for my comments. Which I felt were very reasonable LMAO. I also got kicked out of Alaska blog -MUDFLATS and the Alaskan Daily News will not allow me to e-mail them with responsesto anti Sarah Palin lies they tell DAILY.
    So if someone else wantsto contact Sally Quinn feel free. The Two Wicked Wiccansfor real Wiccans love to brag about their feats. So you will not have a libel case for saying what they did. Sarah Palin refers to them by name too.

    Please note I know Wiccans from Women’s Movement days and on the internet but they are WHITE WICCANS while these two are what is known as BLACK WICCANS. Feel free to contact Sally Quinn after you do your own checks on these two NAMES…….

  3. lord-ruler says:

    I am conflicted on this issue. I personally believe it is good for a child to be with their parents as much as possible. If there is a lot of babysitting happening then it is hard for the parents to institute rules that are consistently followed. I sort of feel for Todd in this situation because if Sarah did win the presidency I doubt he would be happy living in Washington D.C. I don’t think the children would like it that much either. Life is not always about getting what we want however and I can see Sarah being able to have more influence on her children if they where all to live in the Whitehouse. It would probably be much like it was in Teddy Roosevelt tenure where the place was basically a madhouse. Bristol just might be able to top the shenanigans of the infamous Alice Roosevelt. With communication the way it is these days I don’t see why a President must live in the Whitehouse. It must feel like living in a cocoon in that house. It would be much better to just turn it into a museum and let the president live where he or she wants to live.

  4. ffigtree says:

    What do feminists know about family values? They are the ones who devalue stay at home moms and now they suddenly value women staying home?! Sally Quinn has it all wrong. It isn’t that “many right-wing Christians don’t believe women should work outside the home” it is because many families are free to choose whether or not to work outside the home.

    I am a stay at home mom of 17 + years; not only that I homeschool. We made that choice as a family. I certainly could not do all the things I’ve been able to do with out the steadfast support of my husband just as Sarah Palin could not do all the things she’s been able to do with out the steadfast support of her husband. One of my favorite Tammy quotes: “One of the biggest problems with the modern feminist movement is its failure to bring men along with us.”

    Like Pat, I had doubts and resented the MSM & Feminists who upheld the glamour and glory of the career mom who can do it all. Truth is a woman can not do it all (gasp!). It takes a family to raise a family; whether a woman chooses to work outside the home or to stay at home.

    “Of all the rights of women the greatest is to be a mother.” ~ Lin Yutang

  5. Pangborn says:

    Sally Quinn’s odious drivel is the worst kind of group think. This sanctimonious harangue by an avowedly pro-choice woman is yet another example of an elitist doyen of the mainstream media who believes that only she and her fabulous ilk know which is the proper, and only path to choose. Any and all who decide to quietly go their own way are an affront to the rigid authority of these goosestepping feminazis. They will not rest until they crush the freewill of women and men, both in the home and the public square, under the iron heels of their repressive regime.

  6. De La Vega says:

    I’d like to know the names of those mean-spirited adults who mocked and ridiculed her special needs child. I don’t believe it for a second.

    What a snide b*tch.

    I guess she doesn’t read the huffington post.

  7. jerocat says:

    The separation of child from parents is one of the primary tools the Left uses to imbue children with their values and hinder parents from the passing on theirs.

    Knock down the three pillars of Capitalism and it will fall.
    1. Denigrate the religious.
    2. Denigrate the patriot.
    3. Hinder and stop the passing of parents’ values to their children then, “re-educate” the children.

    A confused and ignorant people are more easy to control.

  8. kazooskibum says:

    “jerocat” hit the nail on the head. Thats what this is all about. Everything else is just so much smoke.

  9. Ripper says:

    I remember back in 1973 when CBS brought Sally Quinn on to their morning show to compete with Babs Walters.

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