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I pulled a random sampling from RSS feeds on what’s being said about Palin’s announcement.

Nobody likes a quitter, Sarah Palin …save Sarah Palin the hassle of having to grind out the acrimonious end of her term in Alaska, battling Democrats and batting down frivolous ethics complaints as conservatives battle each other over her role. But how can leaving office early help her with her greatest deficiency as a presidential contender ” a lack of experience on big issues? from Lucianne.com News Forum

Rock bottom: HuffPo poster bids Palin farewell with retard jokes
Don’t be too quick to blame all liberals for this excrescence. […] from Hot Air

Krauthammer on Palin: She’s young, she’ll be back
I agree, as does Geraghty, as does Omri Ceren. […]from Hot Air

Palin resignation splits GOP
…perhaps demolished Palin’s 2012 presidential hopes. from Politico

Why Sarah Palin Quit
Although her stated reasons are hard to pin down, insiders say the Alaska governor’s decision is unlikely to lead to a presidential run in 2012 from TIME

Palin’s Resignation Has Many Asking, What Next?
Some political insiders questioned the political wisdom of her decision to quit in the middle of her first term as governor while others were reluctant to bet against her popularity. from FOXNews.com –

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  1. george leonard says:

    Sarah Palin has every right to do as she pleases.In my opinion she is way ahead of those who have
    maligned her. in honesty and decency,plus smarts.I hope she runs for the senate.At lleast if she made it we would have at least one honest and intelligent person in there.I am ninety years old and have never seen the mess we have in the senate and congress now.
    geo leonard

  2. Dave J. says:

    WTF…she’s going to be Obama’s Energy Secretary?!! Please tell me what I just saw is a joke.

  3. carol276 says:

    Dave I said that as a joke this evening…did u hear me?

  4. mpresley says:

    Palin always came across (at least to me) as somewhat of a ditz without serious intellectual sophistication (she is not alone in this). Her behavior as a candidate showed strange lapses of good judgment (again, she is not alone in this), and given her family situation it would be better if conservatives mostly ignored her as a candidate. But, for certain reasons, she is seen as a darling among Republicans, which tells you where the party is at this time.

    Interestingly, I was a a gun show today (one of those traveling circus events that are common in the South). Along with the anti-Obama t-shirts (some were actually funny, most just in bad taste–but that’s Obama for you) I noticed a booth where you could get your picture taken with a Sara Palin look alike (it might have been free with a gun purchase, I’m not sure). Now I wonder if this ersatz Palin is also unemployed, or if she can work an angle given today’s news?

  5. paulnolan says:

    Tammy I live in Los Angeles and always enjoy listening to you when I have a chance. I like your perspective (given your background) and your “no prisoners” way of dealing with those who wish to do us harm. I was especially grateful to hear your support for Governor Sarah Palin and I look forward to your comments on the issues in the future. Give ’em hell!

  6. Shifra says:

    The reaction of the Left to Sarah Palin is frightening in its vicious hatred of her. I am a clinical psychologist and a graduate of a prestigious analytic institute (Oh, what the hell – The New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis). During the campaign, the Postdoc Listserve, which was supposed to be a forum for professional issues, suddenly became flooded with anti-Palin rants. For example, in response to Palin’s teaching her daughters to hunt, here was one reaction: “SHE’S A MURDERER! AND SHE TEACHES HER DAUGHTERS TO MURDER!” And here’s another choice nugget: “When I hear her say, ‘Drill baby, drill,’ I think of pain. A dentist’s drill. RAPE!” And these women call themselves psychoanalysts??????? (maybe a little more psychotherapy is in order, “I’m just saying!'”) The irony is that they consider themselves Uber-feminists, but they think nothing of attacking/trashing another woman who dares to have a different political perspective.

    • mpresley says:

      This should not surprise anyone. Indeed, it would be strange if it were not so. Psychoanalysis and leftism are pretty much like peanut butter and jelly, without any of the nutritious goodness, but rarely leaving a pleasing aftertaste. One might suspect (or at least expect) that an analyst would have some insight into their own thinking, understanding the contradictions you point out; perhaps they do, but simply don’t care. There is enough Palin self-generated material to criticize w/o showing intellectual and emotional infantilism. But, as Allan Bloom noted many years ago, the academy has not stood at such a low level politically since pre-war Nazi Germany: plenty of little Heideggers running around the various departments, each with as much hubris, yet each possessing nowhere near the intellectual sophistication.

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