Sorry about being tardy, today got a little crazy 🙂 Here’s the linkage of shots for you. I would have to say the most appalling story today, posted below, was the revelation that Obama is actively seeking, and Senate Dems are actively trying to provide, a way for B. Hussein Obama to control and shut down the internet in the event he decides there’s an “emergency.”

The other stunning moment is brought to us by Teddy Friend Ed Klein. If he is to be believed (and who would lie about this) Kennedy regularly joked about ‘Chappaquiddick’ the preferred euphemism for the death of MJK. So, our first link–audio of Best Friend of Teddy, former Newsweek editor Ed Klein telling NPR radio host Diane Rehm (guest hosted by BBC reporter Katty Kay) that Chappaquiddick jokes were high on Teddy’s list of funny things. If true, this makes Kennedy not the self-obsessed Malignant Narcissist he appeared to be but a monster. And Klein, oddly, presented this bit of horror as though Teddy joking about the situation was laudable.

A note by Maynard

The report that Kennedy actually solicited Chappaquiddick jokes is indeed monstrous, and would be unbelievable if it didn’t come from a close associate. As grotesque as it is, this explains why Kennedy made a public point of acquiring a Portuguese Water Dog and naming him “Splash”. Then, just in case anybody missed the news, he distributed a book about his new pet.

How could he make such an unsubtle reference to this disgraceful event? Was he oblivious? Could he possibly have done it on purpose? That seemed impossible. But, now knowing he actually enjoyed the black humor, the dog episode makes sense. Yes, he probably did do it on purpose. Thus he revived our indignation, and became the target of a fresh round of rhetoric. It seems he got some weird kick out of taunting us and watching us react.

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Krauthammer opines on Howard Dean admitting Democrats don’t have the courage to address Tort Reform as any part of so-called health care reform.

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  1. There are people today who lived under Hitler who thought he was a great guy…Why not Ted Kennedy, too? It’s sick.

  2. JHSII says:

    You don’t need tort reform under government-run health care.
    Remember, you can’t sue the government.
    As doctors will be working for the government, that means you can’t sue them no matter what they do.
    Am I still the only person who has noticed this?

  3. Lamplighter says:

    Howard Dean spoke the truth—-only to save face, mind you—-when he said that the Trial Lawyers Association is what is standing in the way of tort reform. As if we didn’t know. Backed against the wall at a Town Hall Meeting, Howard Dean turned on a major contributor. It’s interesting to watch the cannibals turn on each other.

    Ed Klein says that his close friend, Ted Kennedy, would joke about Chappaquiddick because the old monster “could see the ridiculous side of things”. On those rare occasions of left-wing Regressive candor, revulsion happens.

  4. BruceTheOld says:

    You need to remove the “nclick_check=1” from the end of the Jaycee Dugard URL: it’s causing an HTTPS error.

  5. thierry says:

    i’m one of those people who thought clinton was unfit for office because i believed he raped at least one woman . the pattern of his exploitation of females- with or without their consent- indicated a psychologically damaged and damaging person with no regard for the autonomy of others. that’s not the sort of character you want to give a lot of power over others to- a borderline sociopath and out of control narcissist.

    serial killers are narcissistic sociopaths-it’s just a thought.

    kennedy was cut from the same cloth as billy boy-predatory “the world is here for me and me alone” males whose social and political positions enabled and protected them from their selfish excesses and ultimately criminal acts. these men would not have had as much power as they did if we didn’t give it to them. because kennedy was never punished for what he did- it was a big f’ing joke to him. because of his family’s political power his emergence from this cowardly and criminal act career intact speaks to profound corruption- the different standard of justice the senior balloon himself was always bellowing about on the senate floor-a standard he himself owed his entire career to- start to finish . men like kennedy and clinton should never be given any power over other humans- they lack the self control and moral character necessary – and they’re too selfish, lacking true empathy for other humans that public service demands.

    a dead woman was comic fodder lifelong for this sack- which shows you exactly how sorry he wasn’t for killing her.those deranged deluded banshees wailing for that beached hopefully last liberal whale of an excuse for a man need to be reminded that he was laughing at us. we might as well collectively be mary jo because our lives and our opinions meant nothing to him and there’s nothing we could do to stop it( except vote him out and his stepford wives in MA were never going to do that). beyond the grave the demotools in MA are putting the fix in so teddy still gets whatever the f he wants- and the voters will have no say in it. and they’ll shut up and like it.

  6. RuBegonia says:

    Maynard – Dead Ted Jokes … Would the Senator LOL at these? Poignant P.S. posted in purple. Thx.

  7. Carol says:

    Thanks for the audio clip. Is it just me or did it seem like Ed was struggling to say something profound? The ridiculous side of things?? I don’t get it. I don’t speak their language; I’m just a simpleton. Morose – I think I know what it means. Bathos – does it have anything to do with shallow water? Oh hey… was that a Chappaquiddick joke I just made up?

  8. Dave J. says:

    “Remember, you can’t sue the government.
    As doctors will be working for the government, that means you can’t sue them no matter what they do.
    Am I still the only person who has noticed this?”

    You CAN sue the government, but only if the government “allows” you to, i.e., either the law or a contract specifically waives the government’s sovereign immunity. Since the plaintiffs’ bar is one of the principal shareholders in the Democratic Party, you can be sure there will be enough of that to keep them fat and happy, and to give them a jury trial in their local US District Court rather than a bench trial before the US Court of Claims in DC the way qualified waivers of federal sovereign immunity have usually been handled in the past.

  9. franknitti says:

    Famous quotes of the Kennedy brothers:

    JFK: Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.

    RFK: Some men see things that are and ask, “Why?” I see things that never were and ask, “Why not?”

    Teddy: And when I returned, Mary Jo and the car were gone.

  10. Shifra says:

    Listening to you during this whole Kennedy spectacle was especially gratifying — You continue to fearlessly tell the truth, and that’s why the “Peeps” love you! Ted was a despicable character, much like his father, Joe Sr., who openly cheated on his wife, Rose. While she dutifully bore him nine children, and went to daily Mass, he cheated on her with many women, including a well-known mistress (was it Gloria Swanson?). Equally disgusting was Joe Sr.’s enchantment with Adolf Hitler; while Joe Sr. was ambassador to England, he was very impressed with Hitler, and he was opposed to the U.S. getting involved in war against Germany. watta guy! (btw, JFK and RFK were also out-of-control philanderers– it was said that the Secret Service would pick up prostitutes and bring them to JFK (which explains why he sent Jackie on a long solo trip to India).

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