A flashback by Maynard

There’s precedent for Mr. Obama’s renounce-your-political-opponents ([email protected]) campaign. When Janet Reno was Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, look at what showed up on the “For Kids” section of the Justice Department website. This copy is exactly as it appeared on the government page; emphasis has been added to highlight the point that, yes, Reno really did urge kids to suspect their parents of racism and turn them in for telling questionable jokes.

By way of contrast, try to imagine the firestorm that would have ensued if kids were urged to report their parents for criminal activity or terrorism or really serious stuff. That level of invasiveness was only permitted to left-wingers for the purpose of intimidation in the name of political correctness.

This particular web page revision was dated October 27, 1997.

Janet Reno

A message from the Attorney General:

In these stories, kids like you have to deal with the prejudice of their family members. We all have relatives and friends that came to this country from other lands. Some chose to come, and some did not. Unfortunately, some people — even our relatives — can forget how difficult it is to come to a new country, learn a new language and make new friends.

When someone makes jokes about people, or labels people, because of where they come from, the color of their skin, their religion, or gender, it is both a hurtful act and a hateful act. If this happens in your home, you might try talking to your parents, teacher, religious leader, counselor, or other adult with whom you feel comfortable.

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  1. 1elder1 says:

    My e-mail has been spammed and each page on the net loads so slowly its like I am carrying around a 22,000 lb mouse. Axelrod has to read each new page before I can get it to load.
    I think I have turned myself in to flag stank fish whitehouse site too many times.

    Why do I ever listen to Tammy Bruce?

  2. morecowbell says:

    OMG…. Janet Reno looks like Robert Gibbs with a wig, it’s creeping me out.. Look at his picture on wiki.

  3. Ah yes, the picture of Janet RGno does look like Bob Gibbs in drag. More to the point she was also known as “The Butcher of Waco” as in the Branch Davidian massacre at Waco Texas in 1993. I still remember the contoversy and what stunned me is that she was not fired for the raid, and in fact Bill Clinton USED the raid to get into the faces of firearm owners in general on more than several speeches and imply not so subtley that they could be next if they didn’t obey-which I believe was a major reason if not THE reason the dems were thrown out 1994 aside from the repudiation of Hillarycare….it reminds me of the nonsense I’m seeing from the Democrats now with their spew that Obamacare questioners/protesters aren’t “American” or even “nazis”.

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