All I can do is refer you to Mofo Politics, your daily dose of hoping Obama fails, for one of the more astute and comprehensive analysis I’ve yet to see. Okay, I will give you a sampling of one more piece of evidence that the results of November 4th were indeed an error of epic proportions.


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  1. mrcannon says:

    It doesn’t look like Michelle is using the “I Heart Obama” leash.

  2. srrchl says:


    Thank you so much for this post. And, Sarah doesn’t have 22 assistants putting her together every day. All that taxpayer spending for that madras atrocity! How much do you think that nightmare get-up added to the deficit? One more reason to continue to support Sarah — in addition to her moral clarity and the courage of her convictions, she knows how to manage money and dress and groom herself — all by herself — like a grownup.

  3. Daniel says:

    Heaven and Hell……It couldn’t be clearer.

  4. Carol985 says:

    She is so South Side Chicago.
    You can take the girl ‘otta da hood’, but you can’t take the hood ‘otta da girl.
    You go, girl! snap, snap!/emote

  5. Michelle Obama is getting fat, from the looks of it.

  6. Maynard says:

    As they say…”One Big-Ass Mistake America”. And that’s no metaphor!

  7. RuBegonia says:

    Drop it! Sit-Stay. No biscuit. Move along. Heel! Good dog.

  8. srrchl says:

    Now that I’ve stopped laughing, I realize that the “wee-weed up” comment is really scary. Are those the least presidential words that have ever been uttered? Kind of goes with the administration’s current military strategy — target yard sales, flea markets, and the Big Daddy of them all — the Salvation Army.

  9. dogtown1 says:

    Is that the first ladies bra strap?That must be a first.

  10. sharon says:

    Sarah is gorgeous.. and so natural too. I guess you look comfortable and natural when you tell the truth. Meeshele probably never walked a dog in her life.

  11. franknitti says:

    Michelle Mybelle definitely has too much junk in her trunk.

  12. c4400 says:

    Here’s my comparison of First Ladies:

  13. thierry says:

    that water spaniel is looking pretty foxy …. and clearly knows it. hey baby!

    sarah is a runner- so it’s no wonder she’s in such great shape.she’s also a very good looking woman. she dresses appropriately for her body, her position ,and the situation.

    to each his own one supposes but i have never been blown away by mrs. obama’s fashion sense- she seems to lack one entirely. you can throw barrels of money at people- and politicians and their families are always in the front lines of that- but it does not mean they’re instantly well put together. has anyone looked at hillary lately?-lavender pant suits!( gasp!) democratic women are definitely not coming out ahead on the’ does this dress make me look fat?’ tip and those like boxer and pelosi who seem to be able to find their way around an upscale ann taylor and a set of pearls are having their faces stretched to near infinity. the natural beauty and the taste that comes from being self assured and comfortable in the world is always most attractive. mrs. obama always looks uncomfortable to me- and that’s even taking into consideration the spotlight on her and the media fawning over her .

  14. GloMama says:

    I can tell you that Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan or even Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been caught out in public looking like that. Those women were classy, even when they were walking their respective dogs. This is what we have representing us… Sorry, but Ghetto fabulous doesn’t have a place in the White House.

  15. lord-ruler says:

    This is a non issue to me. I say if you want to critize Michelle for her personal views have at it. Pointing out her tacky shorts is really not very classy. That is just my opinion.

    • Shifra says:

      It was said of President Reagan that he never entered the Oval Office without a jacket and a tie, out of respect for the Office of the Presidency. When the First Lady of the U.S. dresses like she’s spending the afternoon at WalMart, it says something, namely, THAT THESE TWO JUST DON’T ‘GET IT!’ They bring no dignity, class, or sense of respect to the White House. And when Doris Kearns Goodwin (yet another smart/stupid person), a presidential historian, likened Urkel to Abraham Lincoln, wasn’t that insane? I’m not sure, but I don’t think Lincoln began the Gettysburg Address with, “Four score and seven years ago, when the Nation got wee-weed up.”

  16. CynDaVaz says:

    This just cements for me what I already felt about Mrs. O – that she truly doesn’t respect, nor is she truly proud of this country (despite her claims to be so – ONLY because Mr. O had won the primaries). When she uttered those words last year, any respect I might have had for her or her potential status as first lady plummeted into subzero territory.

  17. kgirl1028 says:

    As an African American i must say I pleasantly surprised, this is the first time a 40 something year old white woman trumps, slaps down, and beat the hell out of a 40 something year old black woman. Sure i’m biased but hey who isn’t. For all the media’s fawning over Michelle Obama’s arms and great body Sarah Palin is clearly the only one who should be let outside with something shorter than a pair of Capri’s. Sarah Palin is one of the few beautiful women i know whose out side so clearly matches the inside. Too bad i can’t say the same thing about Michelle.

  18. waltely says:

    I think that is a shot of the ‘first bra strap’ and the ‘first steamer trunk’. Babies got back!

  19. stevenlaib says:

    My question: Which one looks like trailer trash?

    The answer is obvious. Seriously, whoever thouth that you can find class on the south side of Chicago needed to have their heads examined. An Ivy League education appears to be only skin deep.

    Second Question: What about all that staff costing millions? Don’t they know enough to tell this woman how to dress? How about doing something with her hair? How much more do they want to make this nation a laughing stock?

  20. Mutnodjmet says:

    I saw Michelle O’s shorts……………………

    ……………………………………on an episode of WHAT NOT TO WEAR!

    Michelle should immediately fire all 26 of her current staff and hire only TLC’s Stacy and Clinton. It would save money and enhance the national style reputation immediately.

  21. Hannibal says:

    Sarah in shorts…YOWZA!, great legs. Michelle… not so much, not impressed.

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