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Dick Durbin and others claimed insurance companies and “people like them” were behind the townhall protests. This was to discredit the angry turnout as manufactured and counterfeit. Today the drug industry announced they are spending $150 million for TV ads to back the White House healthcare plan.

Taking the ‘manufactured’ charge at face value, insurance companies are contemptible for acting in their corporate interest, but not drug companies. (Not today anyway.) Shouts of individual Americans who go to townhall meetings are to be silenced while slick big government propaganda may intrude into our homes.

Drugmakers ready $150 million for Obama plan

U.S. drugmakers stand ready to spend $150 million to help President Barack Obama overhaul health care this fall, according to numerous officials, a staggering sum that could dwarf attempts to derail Obama’s top domestic priority.

The campaign, now in its early stages, includes television advertising under PhRMA’s own name and commercials aired in conjunction with the liberal group, Families USA.

Additionally, the industry is the major contributor to Healthy Economy Now, which recently completed a $12 million round of advertising nationally and in several states. The ads were made by firms with close ties to Democrats and the White House and generally reflected the administration’s changing rhetoric on health care

By the White House tally, overall advertising so far by PhRMA and other supporters of the bill has swamped efforts by opponents. Republican strategists concede it would be extremely difficult to match an effort of the size PhRMA is planning.

The Truth is our defense against the charges of corporate interests buying the voices at townhall meetings. The other side has no defense against charges that their indignation is hypocritical. Big money backs big government for big power. There is something far more valuable than money backing the individual voices of citizens speaking out at townhalls. It is the spirit of liberty.

The flowery phrases of the left are shallow and trite. They play on sentiment to achieve a deceitful end. Common speech is common sense, unpolished yet infused with the wisdom of real life. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”—get lost. “I am the mob” has arrived.

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  1. thierry says:

    and it all also ignores the fact that obama’s the one who had all those private meetings with insurance executives too- the very ones who( at first at least) benefit the most from forcing the entire nation with no exemptions to have to buy insurance whether they want it or not( and, indeed, it violates some people’s religious beliefs that are protected by the constitution ).

    so it’s the evil insurance companies that obama is handing the populace to on a plate that are funding the ‘ mob’? is this something insurance companies would protest? does he think we’re that stupid or does he think the press that worships his ass is ever so skillfully stuffing his past lies and actions down the memory hole out of reach?

    i’ll give them this- few people have any understanding how the pharam companies work the health care system and doctors let alone the fda( just about any tool who passes through the agency and the epa gets some cushy over paid position in firms like monsanto the second they leave office.) and the government. people have to fight with their insurance companies often enough and have more of a personal concrete reason to not like them and be suspicious of them but have little or no truck with big drug companies. only problem is the protesters all know they aren’t paid hacks and they’re realizing more and more that their government has loyalties other than to the People.

    the man is shameless . he can’t even lie convincingly or with any semblance of oily charm. one wonders if in his impeachment hearings he will focus on the multiple meanings of the word ‘ is’. i am continually struck by the contempt he has for this nation and it’s people- the very ones who elected him. i for one am never prouder of this nation then when i see average people standing up to a thugocracy of terrorists- whether on a plane or outside a town meeting. i have never been more ashamed of my government than when it flippantly painted concerned law abiding citizens as a swastika carrying racist paid mob whom they intend to ignore.

  2. Artgal says:

    AMEN, PAT! You just blew these hypocrites right out of the ballpark! Thank you for providing this valuable ammunition in dispelling the myths permeating throughout our country at this pivotal moment. Funny how those pesky facts can kind of get in the way of things.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t help but take the next to last paragraph and put it in my FB status (gave you full credit, of course). It is indeed the spirit of liberty that drives every single one of us in the ‘mob’ to take time out of our very busy days to stand up for ourselves and the future of this nation. We are not going to be strong-armed into submission, and we are not going to be silent! We have an opportunity to stop this administration from going any further, and we aren’t backing down – even with the big drug industry providing all that money to promote Hellcare.

    Pat – so very glad we’re on the same team! : )

  3. Pathman says:

    Who else is in on the lovefest? AMA, until pubic option was on the table and the members had it. Sermo has made inroads speaking for Drs. in the trenches. I have heard that big Hospital is in too. American Hospital Association? Don’t forget SEIU. They have huge vested interest, being a major if not the major union in hospitals. Where is organized nursing? My bet, behind Obamacare. Meanwhile, back in the trenches, we have to speak for ourselves.

  4. morecowbell says:

    The health care takeover plan has been in negotiations for years. Does anyone really believe the almost one billion dollar campaign was actually financed by The People? Mussolini once said: “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” The good news is, comments like the one above are spreading like wildfire across the net and the sheep are beginning to look up. Just saying…. nothing worse than angry sheep!

  5. Maynard says:

    Can someone please tell me how I can get paid for my services for whatever evil organizations I’m working on behalf of? Seems to me I’m getting only the downside of being cannon fodder for the moneyed special interest, but none of the perks. I assume everyone except me is already on the payroll; it’s not like the president would lie about this sort of thing. So come on, why are you holding out on me? Play nice, guys, and cut me in on the loot! The president warned you I’m just a thug, so you better take me seriously!

  6. carol276 says:

    Please check out the cartoons…..Very funny, love the one about Sarah…http://bit.ly/Ermtf

  7. PeteRFNY says:

    No kidding! Despite my rich, Eye-talian heritage, I never expected to be a part of “The Mob”. The guys on The Sopranos always had money, so where’s ours?

  8. MRFIXIT says:

    The administration paints the insurance companies as evil profiteering entities, who destroy lives by denying coverage (the very coverage and more that the rationing panel will deny). Just a quick look at publicly traded insurers shows that they make no more profits measured by EBIT or EBDITA, than a company that manufactures tires or toasters. They do have to maintain massive reserves that are required to one extent or another by each state, to absorb catastrophic losses, which are generally in the form of insane jury awards. Oddly enough, California was heading toward the fate that Mississippi and other states fell into. Unbelievable and widely varying jury awards threatened the medical profession to such a degree that doctors began moving out of state en-masse. California capped “pain and suffering” damages, and sort of “schedualized” compensatory damages. Some sort of cap and uniform compensation system would go a long way toward cutting medical costs. The electronic medical database system is a good idea, but it should be kept by a private, independent entity, and only be acesses by doctors, with permission of patients who could select levels of privacy, and waive permission in case of unconcienceness.

    So far as the poor go, emergency room treatment is expensive and over used by the uninsured poor. If the poor person gets food stamps, he should get a medicaid card at the same time. The state and the Feds should share the cost, and if the person cannot prove citizenship, the Feds should bear the full cost of all assistence, if they are unwilling to deport the person.

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