Newsweek's Racist Baby Cover

Newsweek's Racist Baby Cover

That’s what the People’s Cube wonders, as should the rest of us. It will never end until we plumb out all racism from every object, animate or not. Just like Newsweek. Exactly. What?

Is Your Toaster Racist? Newsweek Provides Answers

Just as the progressive community was scraping the bottom of the barrel to rationalize America’s rejection of Obama’s socialist policies and to provide plausible but untrue reasons for the 9-12 Tea Party in Washington, DC, Newsweek boosted their efforts with an effective subliminal image on this week’s cover, leaving no doubt that the debate is all about race. A picture of a white baby with large black letters over its face “Is your baby racist?” is a brave new take on the olden-but-golden response “You’re a racist!” to every difficult question…

Fortunately, the People’s Cube was able to get their hands on one of the rejected Newsweek covers, which of course, poses an equally pressing, and realistic, question as the original:



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  1. Maynard says:

    Actually, the “racist baby” theory will make life easier for all of us. Remember the bad old days when we hunted homosexuals? Then we decided people were born homosexual, so we embraced and normalized homosexuality. Likewise, if we simply acknowledge we’re all (or at least white people are all) born racists and racism is natural, these witch hunts can end. All the “education” programs to re-orient racists will become as quaint as the old oppression of homosexuals, or the programs to transform them into heterosexuals. Instead, we can revert to segregated facilities like we had in the good old days. If it’s out nature, you can’t blame us for it and we shouldn’t fight it.

    The foregoing comment is of course satirical. An essential obligation of those who demand human rights is the willingness to fight the dark side of human nature. To pick up on a slightly less controversial example…it’s obvious that monogamy is an unnatural state of affairs, at least for males. It’s our nature to spread our seed far and wide, and unnatural to commit to a single woman. And of course there’s nothing more natural than theft: If you want a thing, you should take that thing; the concept of working and saving is not a natural one. For the sake of civilization (and, I would say, for God), we commit endless “unnatural” acts. But it’s interesting to step back and note that, as a matter of political correctness, certain “natural” and “unnatural” acts fall into and out of favor.

    Setting aside the abstractions of the foregoing…what irks me is the endless double standard. In modern America, we hunt down “white racism” with a maniacal furor, while making excuses for non-white racism. With a headline like that, of course Newsweak will put a white baby on their cover.

  2. RobbieK says:

    Your baby is most likely racist, and a misogynist to boot, if he or she is born to and raised by Democrats. The KKK was founded shortly after the Civil War by Confederate cavalryman Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Southern Democrat. The Democrat Party was majority racist for decades on end after that. The civil rights marches, where water hoses and German Shepherds were turned on Black marchers, was performed by Democrats. Opposition to the voting rights act for Blacks and repeal of Jim Crow laws was led by Democrats. Opposition to the civil rights movement was by Democrats, the main opposition being the JFK Administration. Martin Luther King Jr., upon visiting Chicago in the 1960s, said he had never before experienced such brutality and hatred toward Blacks in his lifetime as he experienced in the North. Yes, racism has always been spearheaded and carried on by Democrats, not by Republicans. So when these Black Liberation types get up and scream racism, just know they are the true racists.

    • miss911ninja says:

      And let’s not forget that it was the Democrat Lyndon Johnson who ushered in “The Great Society,” which turned out to be anything but. Rather than helping blacks, it hurt them by destroying the previously strong black family and creating dependency on the state. It increased out of wedlock births by subsidizing them. Is it BENEFICIAL for the black race to have 70% of births occur to single women? No, it benefits neither the woman, the child, or society at large. Thus ,”welfare benefits” is an oxymoron.

  3. miss911ninja says:

    I clearly remember the first time I saw a black person. I was about three years old. As my father carried me into a grocery store in the small New Hampshire town where we lived, I spotted an unusual looking person in our path. This man was unlike any I’d seen before, and I was immediately fascinated and curious. Since I hadn’t yet learned the “it’s not polite to point” rule, that’s exactly what I did. I pointed right at the elderly black man, and he broke into a warm smile. My dad approached him and they exchanged some pleasantries, and the black man spoke kindly to me. My dad then explained that this man’s family came from a part of the world where the sun was very hot, so his skin color protected him. In my three year old way I understood, but most importantly, I’d learned by my father’s example that there was no reason to approach a black person any differently than I would someone who “looks like me.” It’s both ridiculous and counter productive to be called racist when we disagree with a black person who doesn’t THINK like we do.

  4. thierry says:

    basically people are just full of it and prone to projection. no where else on earth does such f’d up conversations about race happen but in the very place that affords the most types of people the most freedom. it’s near impossible to have a sane, reasonable public exchange about black people and white people( because apparently no other races seem to exist) in america because the well has been so poisoned by people’s own greed and self interest, dominated by self absorbed age of aquarius leftist group think for generations. it certainly ain’t about the ‘ content of one’s character’ anymore when you call someone who is half black a liar when he is actually lying and you are – voila- a racist and the klan is going to be riding down the street any second. it’s absurd.

    it’s also completely disrespectful to the memory of all those who have actually perished at the hands of real racist thugs and murderers and to all those who faced the brutalities inflicted daily on black citizens in the aftermath of emancipation through the civil rights era. to not agree with a black person who happens to be president on a policy issue is not akin to lynching a black man from a tree or chasing him with german shepherds or beating him with billy clubs for whistling at a white woman. the vicious most egregious lie is equating dissent with racism- an even bigger lie than the one that caused joe wilson’s outburst . if gaining full control over the citizens means lying, obama is willing to do it. fascism isn’t made any nicer or better or more evolved when it’s driven by a black man- ask people trying to live in any number of african nations were slavery of black people still exists or genocide of black people is still going on.

    my family is mixed racially although i am white. i have heard plenty of stupid irrational crap from all sides regarding race . i think we’re all drawn to those who are our ‘peeps’- who share the same culture, language , class, ethnicity. there’s nothing wrong with that- it’s tribal behavior ingrained in our beings for survival purposes. it just may behoove some of us who are biracial to stop denying part of our selves . most of this yelp racism at any slight schtick comes from deep feelings of one’s own self hatred. people who are want to see racism in everything and in everyone with whom they do not agree are first emotionally sick and paranoid and in the case of the obama zombie army are just using it as a means to consolidate control and fend off anything that threatens their amassing of power.

    if anything stinks of ‘ mccarthyism’, it’s screaming ‘ racist’ at any one you hope to destroy. how ironic- the communists are now the mccarthys. these people sound so deranged because they are robot barking the same lie over and over- and it is no longer having the required effect.

  5. KathyJo says:

    This is what I have never understood about the black support of the Democrat party. All those southern plantation owners were. . . Democrats. The KKK were by and large. . . Democrats. Historically, the Democrat Party has been the party of their oppressors. Looking back at the Great Society and the promises of the party. . .after 40 years, is this party support really working out for them? Are they better off than they were in the ’60’s? Have they made progress? So why are these people so dominantly supporting the Democrat Party? I thought electing a black president was supposed to prove forever and always that we had achieved color-blindness. We would elect someone to the highest office in the land because they were the person we thought best qualified for the job, regardless of religion or race. Instead, apparently electing a black president has exacerbated race issues, and thrown us back to before square one in our progress toward color blindness. I thought this election was supposed to have been a PROgressive thing. Imagine my disillusionment at the realization that in electing a black president, we have REgressed.

  6. srrchl says:

    New Racism Scholar Jimmy Carter Resembles a Certain Cinematic Nazi
    By Debbie Schlussel

    I have to laugh at Jimmy Carter’s assertion that those of us who criticize Obama–including Congressman Joe Wilson and his “You Lie” statement to Barack Obama on the floor of the House– are “racist” and have “a racist tone.” This is, after all, the same Jimmy Carter who continues to hang and break pita with HAMAS, the organization whose charter is openly anti-Semitic–not just anti-Israel, but openly anti-Semitic and specifically names Jews, as well as specific American Jewish organizations. Ditto for his new friends, Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah and Hezbollah.

    Yup, Jimmy Carter, peanut farmer, horrid President, Ayatollah-enabler, and, now, bigotry scholar extaordinaire. Congrats, Jimmuh, you’re the latest anti-Semite to become an “expert” on racism.

  7. k.nelson5047 says:

    Tammy, you are right when you say the race card is over. We dont care anymore. Joe Wilson says you lie and Maureen Dowd sees “You lie, boy”. When Maureen Dowd herself during the campaign says “we are just trying to toughen you up, boy” refering to jabs about Obama’s ears. Jimmy Carter says “this black boy. .” and thats okay but others are racist just for opposing his destructive policies. Tea Partiers oppose Obama’s policies yet the dead media only sees racism (could they be democrat plants?).

    Liberals walk into a room and see different races. Conservatives only see human beings. Its over!

  8. jnarcus says:

    Was totally unaware of the People’s Cube. I am in love with it. Thanks so much for the link.

    The study draws the wrong conclusion. What should have been concluded ( other than such studies are stupid) is that vidoes of a multicultural nature have little to no effect on people’s attitudes. Questions asked on survey are obviously biased and weighted to prove racism. Truth is that most people learn from what is model for them.

    Again thanks for The People’s Cube it will be on my daily list of must reads. ( yours is always first)

  9. cmoore324 says:

    My email to Maxine Waters:

    Dear Madame Congresswoman:

    I understand from a recent statement you made that you would like to hear from people who participated in the 912DC March last Saturday. I was one of the volunteers present, so I had the opportunity to see and meet many folks who came to the event from all over the country. I was a volunteer at the Liberty Summit on Thursday, and the march on Saturday, so I may have a unique perspective of the attendees over the 3 days we were in Washington.

    I met people from all walks of life from every state in the Union. I met seniors, gays, straights, blacks, whites, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, families, and those who are able bodied, and those needing wheelchair assistance. Not a single person made a racial slur against any one person or group in government. We were all there to make our voices heard; to present our concerns for our country and the amount of spending that is going on in Washington. No one in the crowd of people said one thing about President Obama’s skin color. No one was representing a particular religion or religious group. All of us were there united in our view of our government getting too big and talking our freedoms that are guaranteed to us in the Constitution.

    People are against the administration’s policies, not its color. We are against our taxes going to corrupt organizations, we are not against any religion or creed.

    Basically, Madame, we are against stupidity in government, regardless of the color, creed, religion or race of the stupid.

    Thank you for your attention

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