Woo hoo! “Stand Up For Our Nation.” Sounds good to me.

Palin Plans New Political Group

Sarah Palin fans can expect to see a new Palin political organization surface as her memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” hits the shelves next month.

Palin_Group“There will be an announcement about it coming up,” Palin associate Tim Crawford said Wednesday.

The New York Post reported this week that Palin’s new group will be called “Stand Up For Our Nation.” (News Corp. owns both the Post and The Wall Street Journal as well as HarperCollins Publishers, publisher of Palin’s book.) Crawford, who is treasurer of Palin’s existing political-action committee, SarahPAC, refused to provide any details about the new organization’s purpose or structure.

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  1. naga5 says:

    this is good.
    that will make it all very interesting this coming up election, and after.

  2. adcdl says:

    I’m in.
    Go Sarah

  3. Palin2012 says:

    I am so thrilled to hear of this new political group for Conservatives. The Republican party has abandoned our basic fundamental ideas of small Government, low taxes, free enterprise, National Defense, and individual freedom. I am a huge supporter and cannot wait to vote for Sarah Palin as our next President in 2012.

  4. proudgayconserv says:

    It is definitely going to be interesting to see how all this pans out. If she can just resist getting pulled into the D.C. poison pit…she’ll have it made!

  5. jiaconis says:

    Loving it, First Liz Cheney and Debra Burligame establishing their “Keep America Safe” movement and now Sarah Palin is starting up her organization “Stand up for America” Let the ladies lead the way I’m on board…

  6. CO2aintpoison says:

    Cautious optimism. I didn’t see in any of the links where Sarah said she’s starting a Party. The New York Post (of all sources) in one lonely paragraph (likely intentionally-placed to bring readers into the rest of the column which was otherwise laced with silly “news” about Hollywood and the Kings Court (British Royal fam and of course, the “bama’s”)), was quoted about what Sarah is doing.

    Just sayin’ it may be prudent to see what Sarah has to say about what Sarah’s plans are before we take to the skies because of what was penned by a NYP op-ed “writer”; IMHO.

  7. kgruendl says:

    Someone has to do something before this administration allows the Russians to inspect all of our missile sites. Has this country gone completely crazy?? Is there anyone left in this country who is outraged by this insanity? Is there anyone left in the media with a shred of pride or decency. Can you continue to stand by and watch your country transformed into the prison yard bitch? Wake up, America, or should I say Amerika.

  8. lanzita says:

    What a beatiful photo!!!

  9. richmondeagle says:

    I guess the ladies have to lead the way… most of the Republican men act like they have been neutered.

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