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It’s a living nightmare. This year like never before the ghoulish libs are coming to our doors with a bag of tricks masquerading as treats. Light the torches. The fateful hour is near.

A suggestion via Twitter friend savethiscountry.

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  1. CO2aintpoison says:

    Thanks for the info Pat! I live in MD, work in NoVA and want to try and go to this event. Any other TAMs?

  2. Artgal says:

    I’m working on going to DC. This is too important not to attend. They’ve ignored everything else we’ve done; it’s time to show up on their doorstep and let them know we’re not backing down. Let’s make them cry for their mommy.

    Damn this congress and this administration!

  3. Thank you for posting that link Pat_S. I truly believe this is a pivotal point in history. With Rep. Bachmann having a press conference on the Capitol steps we are guaranteed media will be there. We need to get thousands to turn out and truly protest this socialist health care debacle. Members of several sites are organizing car pools, buses, etc to get there; Resistnet and Tea Party Nation for example. It would be great if we could get TAM’s to go too. I will be driving from Atlanta and picking up friends in TN then on to DC. I do hope to bring back many signed 5Pledges contracts. And those who don’t sign will publicly outed.


  4. Patriotgal says:

    How about ONE LAST peaceful demonstration, that CONGRESS CANNOT IGNORE?????
    We recently had as many as 2.5 MILLION protesters in DC. Congress’ reaction? Yawn. Close shutters.
    Coward in Chief flies to another city, to be worshipped.
    How about, om APRIL19, 2010, at 4PM, a few hundred, or THOUSAND of us, be on the DC BELTWAY? AND TURN-OFF OUR CARS??????? MASSIVE, INSTANT TRAFFIC JAM, that would last for HOURS!!! With cell phone cameras, and the internet, the news would spread, in SPITE of the “main strean media”!!!!! THIS WOULD SEND THE MESSAGE THAT WE ARE PISSED!!! If they ignore this…..well, you know!

  5. varmint says:

    Hi Artgal! I want to fire them all. If I can’t find a real conservative to vote for I’ll just vote against whoever is incumbent.

  6. varmint says:

    Due to way too much Halloween M&M chocolate, I find I have more to say, after something I just heard on TV. Completely aside why is C-Span suddenly not listed here in the San Diego Cox Cable channel listings? My wife thinks someone is trying to slip something by us.

    Anyway, these (well meaning?) liberals are warning that “extremist ideologues” are ruining things for Republicans by demanding more conservatism.

    Okay “extremist” I accept gladly and “ideologue” as well.
    But it’s my belief that most Americans ARE extremists. We are extremist for freedom and its supporting ideals, demanding it beyond what anyone demands anywhere else, in this third world, world.
    I think, maybe seventy percent of us know the difference between assuming rights are given to us, by political overlords or whoever, and why that assumption is entwined by necessity into Fascist and Communist oppression, as opposed to our rights being “God given” as our founding fathers saw it in our Constitution. That’s why leftists try to get rid of God everywhere. The rights thing. The take yours thing.
    I think many Americans are totally in favor of capitalism, and personal responsibility and thrift, and hard work and the keeping of their profits for themselves, while all enjoy the prosperity this seems to engender for the whole society, and even see some people getting rich as a good thing not to be punished, but benefiting all, with jobs, better and less expensive goods and services from the best, most efficient and inventive competitors, and as a market at a whole new level, for their own goods and services.
    I think most Americans see government as being a bit of a drain on prosperity to a degree, certainly not as the producer of it, but a necessary evil, a dangerous power hungry parasite, best kept small, not swollen into a greedy, all controlling, “spreader” of wealth it can’t create.
    The “extremists” these liberals are trying to insult and suppress are indeed the American people, us, middle America, John and Jane Q. Public, rich or poor, clinging to our property rights and all the rest of our rights; and not to be duped into class warfare that undermines us all. I say embrace your extremism and be a proud ideologue. It may be nerdy to be intellectual; but, in my experience the company is bright, individualistic, and funny and interesting and just fine.
    If you want to demand more conservatism do it! It’s the only philosophical highway that means a free people, for however many more years, or centuries we are blessed, hopefully having enough, extremist, individualist, ideologues for freedom. You can’t falsely shout “fire” in a crowded theater. But you can by God, when your country’s truly burning down.

  7. Michelle Bachman invited people to come to D.C. I believe on Thursday of this upcoming week (5th). I would love to see a huge turnout down there to put the fright of Freddie Kreuger into these people (in keeping with the holiday!). Pitchforks and torches anyone? It’s that time of year!

    …and I will SO miss your show on Saturdays Tammy! But, good for you for taking back some of your time. I will have to fill the void some other way! (that was sincere…not smarty pantsy) LOL!

  8. BarbaraM says:

    I heard something about being on the steps of the capital building in DC on Thursday at noon to meet that Congresswoman from Minnesota???

    • BarbaraM says:

      RSVP for Congressional House Call Day

      We need you to join us and thousands of other freedom fighters across the country for our
      “Congressional House Call” Day on Thursday November 5 at 12:00PM. Thousands of grassroots activists will walk straight into the district office of their Senator or Congressman and tell them: “Hands Off My Health Care.” If you can’t go to DC, go to your local office at this time.

      More information at Michelebachmann.com, click on: In the News -Make a House call on Congress.
      Also americansforprosperity.org

  9. varmint says:

    I guess I’ll have to settle for email to my obtuse and useless officials from California.

  10. We are posting info at saveourcountrynow.net both on the blog and in the Forum. Please feel free to add info, request info, copy info, whatever you need to do with the info :~) We need to get the word out. From what I am seeing I believe there will be THOUSANDS there. We are also trying to create a twitter network of folks to connect while in DC. This is our time folks!

  11. Ohio friends, buses are going to DC from Columbus info here: Ohiolibertycouncil.com

  12. varmint says:

    I found this list of blue dog Democrats
    Jason Altmire (PA) (202) 225-2565 – fax (202)-226-2274
    John Barrow (GA) (202) 225-2823 – fax (202) 225-3377
    Marion Berry (AR) (202) 225-4076 – fax (202) 225-5602
    Dan Boren (OK) (202) 225-2701 – fax (202) 225-3038
    Bobby Bright (AL) (202) 225-2901 – fax (202) 225-8913
    Parker Griffith (AL) (202) 225-4801 – fax (202) 225-4392
    Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD) (202) 225-2801 – fax (202)225-5823
    Glenn Nye (VA) (757) 273-7217 – fax (757) 299-8017
    Earl Pomeroy (ND) (202) 225-2611 – fax (202) 226-0893
    Nick Rahall (WV) (202) 225-3452
    Christopher Carney (PA) (202) 225-3731 – fax (202) 225 9594
    Travis Childers (MS) (202) 225-4306 – fax (202) 225-3549
    Kathy Dahlkemper (PA) (202) 225-5406 – fax (202) 225-3103
    Larry Kissel (NC) (202) 225-3715 – (202) 225-4036
    Jim Marshall (GA) 202/225-6531 – fax 202/225-3013
    Jim Matheson (UT) (877) 677-9743 – fax (202) 225-5638
    Mike McIntyre (NC) (202) 225-2731 – fax (202) 225-5773
    Walt Minnick (ID) (202) 225-6611 – fax (202) 225-3029
    Harry Mitchell (AZ) (202) 225-2190 – fax (480) 946-2446
    Gene Taylor (MS) (202) 225-5772 – fax (202) 225-7074
    John Tanner (TN) (202) 225-4714 – fax (202) 225-1765
    Charles Wilson (OH) – (202) 225-5705 – fax (202) 225-5907

    at http://templeofmut.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/blue-dog-dem-contact-numbers-and-more/

  13. CO2aintpoison says:

    Artgal – I’m going to DC Thurs. Our Frederick “We Surround Them” group is organizing a bus(es) for us Fredericktonians to head to the Capitol together. Strength in numbers. Congressman Bachmann tells us to bring our CAMERAS and get in the faces of the Congressmen when we ask them how they intend to vote on Friday. They’ll be looking into thousands of cameras Thursday. Bet on it. Bachmann has been all over all the talk show and morning show circuits with this drumbeat of this is the Superbowl for Freedom. We must stand up NOW, not tomorrow. No more waiting. We must demand they say HELL NO to this piece of crap “legislation”. They have Conservative Hollywood folks flying in for the event, Mark Levin is going to speak as are several others and then we are going to lead the charge and march through the halls of OUR Congress to have a little chat with our staff over there……..

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