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PhotobucketCharles Krauthammer had a few choice words for the President’s behavior overseas. First the toe dive and then Obama’s declaration of being the first Pacific President.

Well, that was definitely a world class bow in Tokyo.

…there was a second incident that I found interesting when the President declared himself the first Pacific President. That’s because he grew up and spent some of his childhood in Hawaii, and in Indonesia and his mom took him on a visit to Japan, although all he remembers of that, as he says, was the ice cream. The first Pacific President? Well, Teddy Roosevelt, he built the Panama Canal in order to make the United States a Pacific power and he did. William Howard Taft, his successor, was the governor of the Philippines and John Kennedy and George Bush, Sr. were in the Pacific in the Second World War and spent some time in the Pacific Ocean itself. Bush, after having been shot down from his airplane and Kennedy after having his ship cut in half by a Japanese patrol boat. So these people actually spend time in the Pacific, but in Obama’s mind, it doesn’t in any way match the experience of the baby Jesus — excuse me, the baby Obama growing up on some Pacific island. The narcissism of the man is rather unbounded.

Everything in Obama’s life makes him world historical.

Oh, baby!

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  1. CO2aintpoison says:

    May I just say…I recall the once’s “reason” for bowing to the Saudi guy was because of a height differential (maybe it should be a balls differential)…now it’s all about “custom”.

    Oh, I see. He doesn’t care about OUR customs, like oh, I dunno, maybe not allowing an infiltrating cave-dwelling murder to kill our soliders, or uh maybe like stop appointing “devout Muslims” to “Homeland Security” (does that sound like an oxymoron to anybody else right now…?) oh, and uh, maybe putting your damn hand over your damn heart during the Pledge of Allegience and the National Anthem – those are AMERICAN traditions; lastly, you might try throwing a STRIKE on the first ball out, you worthless sack.

    If you watch this clip and you pause it at the frame of the once w/the Saudi guy and then the once w/the Japanese dude, his head is at the same height on both men: slightly below the shoulder or arm pit area (maybe a better description in this discussion).

    Question: are the Saudi guy and the Japanese guy the same height? What’s up with the once’s chicken head bob with the Japanese people? He can’t STOP bowing.

    At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the once flying around in his “copter” droping bombs on cities nationwide while screaming alaaaah-acquakkbaaaaaar (uh…..do pardon the spelling as I’m not of the arabic). Or maybe, he’d for once grow some balls and yell EF-YOUUUUUUUUU americka, as he was dropping bombs whilest criss-crossing the country AND while yelling the Howard Dean “victory” rant…(yes, now all of the sudden, he’s become a multi-tasker). Geez-louise.

    I mean seriously – what more can this guy DO but that??? There’s not much more left to euphamistically SET on fire. Holy mother of something or another (I’m really trying to keep it PG 13, Tammy).

  2. radargeek says:

    Maybe our president wants to shine his shoes…

  3. CO2aintpoison says:

    Any chance the once is doing this crap just so he can laugh at us? He’s got to know by now that everytime he does some dumbass thing, throwing gas on the fire, our heads explode. It’s like his own “The Erkle World Show”- watching the little pleebes and workers run around with wringing hands exclaiming “what is he doing? what is he doing Ackkkkk. Oh my God, what is he doing”.

    How do we deal with that?

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