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Protests in Iran have spread beyond Tehran. The opposition supporters claim nine people have been killed so far including the nephew of opposition leader Mousavi. The Iran press has finally admitted that four protesters were killed.

Aljezeera reported on the protests earlier. Hamid Dubashi, professor of Iran Studies at Columbia University, says the momentum is building and the Iranian government is facing an uncontrollable uprising.

The momentum has been building consistently. The class base of the movement is expanding. Labor organizations, women’s organizations, university students, etc., they are all expanding and it is spilling into the other cities.

This is a major civil rights uprising and the government is now acting as a porcupine with all its spikes out, its security apparatus, but it simply cannot control it.

Our media isn’t paying much attention. You can follow events from, search #iranelection for reports like this one.

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  1. franknitti says:

    Once again, Urkel sits in Hawaii and sucks his thumb while the Islamic mullahs massacre their own people. All because Urkel’s puppet masters at General Electric have recently invested heavily in Iran. Don’t expect to see anything about the Iranian riots on the Peacock Network or the Morons and Socialists of the National Barack Channel. GE–they bring evil to life.

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