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Inevitably, Sen. Nelson would go along. Nelson, as Sen. Burr (R-NC) noted, played “The Price is Right”. The details hardly matter. Same old, same old.

Reid, Dodd, Harkin and Baucus ran to the podium to congratulate themselves on their marvelous creation that will save money, improve health and reduce the deficit. Chris Dodd took note that this is a long sought dream of Progressives since the time of FDR. Dodd actually declared that health care is now a right. He spoke about this health care bill as delivering on FDR’s vision of Freedom of Fear. In case with all the Senatorial bragging Americans got the wrong idea about what the mighty have delivered, Dodd clarified that Americans would still get sick and die. Thanks to the stalwart Democrats of Congress, it won’t be because of the evil insurance companies.

Obviously we have work to be achieved, but this is a major hurdle that we will overcome in the coming days when this product moves from the Senate to the conference with our colleagues in the House of Representatives. So today we stand ready to pass a bill into law that finally makes access to quality health care a right for every American, not a privilege for a fortunate few in our country.

This month 69 years ago Franklin Delano Roosevelt outlined Four Freedoms. The Freedom of Religion, the Freedom of Speech, the Freedom from Want, and the Freedom from Fear. One of the great fears that Americans have lived with for generations is the fear that their child, their spouse, a loved one, they themselves will be hit with an illness for which they cannot receive treatment because they can’t afford it, they can’t see a doctor because they can’t afford it. This bill does not guarantee you’ll never get sick. It doesn’t guarantee you’re not going to die. All we’re trying to do is to guarantee that if you are a fellow citizen of ours and you are struck with illness or a loved one is, that you’ll never again have that fear that you’ll end up losing your home, your job, your retirement, your life savings because you’ve been afflicted by an illness through no fault of your own.

Our path then illuminated by a torch lit a long time ago and sustained for decades by good men and women who believed in F.D.R.’s vision of a nation free of fear.

Right after Dodd spoke about Freedom of Fear, Tom Harkin said something to scare the hell out of us and that’s all we need to know about what’s afoot. All the deals, all the promises and compromises are for one purpose: to move forward toward the Progressive goal of government run health care. This is only the beginning.

I know a lot of my progressive friends have been upset that certain things weren’t in it. I put it this way, what we’re building here is not a mansion, it’s a starter home. It’s a starter home, but it’s got a great foundation for expanding health care coverage to 31 million Americans. It’s got a great roof, protective roof, in protecting people from abuses by insurance companies, and it has room for expansion and additions in the future. If we don’t start the starter home, we’ll never get there. So this is not the end of health care reform, this is the beginning of health care reform.

They are building a house of horrors.

A note from Tammy:

This atrocious event, as Pat notes, was I suppose inevitable. Nelson is a Democrat for a reason. Both Nelson and Lieberman used the situation to squeeze out a little meaningless something while then eventually going along. Nelson secured favors for his home state (scum) and perhaps threats from the Obama gang made an impact, I don’t know but here’s what I do know: a conservative victory in 2010 is now imperative. No major social legislation like this has survived without bipartisan support. This DeathCare monster does not, nor does it deserve to survive. I realize it will be complicated but this sort of crap can, and will be, reversed. The job of a congress held by conservatives will be to make the Obama administration an ineffective, irrelevant cardboard cutout, they will hold down the fort until we can say the words “President Palin.” In the meantime, with Urkel stopped, Americans will once again open their wallets and spend, keeping the economy at least on solid footing.

The only way to keep Obama, his thugs and various gestapos from finishing off this nation is to deliver a conservative victory in 2010–and that means Republicans are going to have to understand we mean them too–none of this RINO garbage, that Big Government Conservative crap is as dead as the “What Up!” blog.

UPDATE: In the meantime, Politico is now reporting this: Stupak aims to sink ‘unacceptable’ abortion compromise

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  1. Mary Val says:

    Ben Nelson, bought and paid for. That makes him a whore. He’s going down, say goodbye to the DC Sewer Benny boy, you’re done. Nebraskans did NOT want this death care monstrosity.

  2. jll101 says:

    This should be a surprise to nobody.

  3. Floyd R. Turbo says:

    Yep. We’re F’d…

    It was never about health care for the masses. It was about control of our lives and power of the gov’t over our lives. Elections have consequences. Decisions have consequences. History is not kind to nations who have gone the way we are going. God help US…We The People f’d up, big time 4 Nov 08. Blind Pharasies. Hippocrites. Vipers. They said we 68 million who didn’t vote for BHO were racists…but we saw the clear writing on the wall and wanted no part of an incompetent Senator from Illinois. We didn’t lose. America did when they turned over Congress to the Democrats in a temper tantrum and sealed it when they turned over the Whitehouse to them. I trust “buyer’s remorse” set in a while ago…too late now, thanks a bunch…

  4. Artgal says:

    Yes, they are building a house of horrors just as they have become a house of whores using our money to buy each other out. The entire Senate has loyalty only to those holding the money in front of them. They have tossed out the loyalty to those who put them in office and gave them the public trust. Today, Sen. Nelson has decided it’s more important to turn over millions of Americans’ health decisions to the control of the federal government so he can collect his thirty pieces of silver for his state.

    May Sen. Judas Iscariot Nelson of Nebraska find all the benefits enjoyed by those courting favor with a president holding an historically low 44% approval rating in IT’s first year of office.

  5. RuBegonia says:

    BRIBE: [noun] money or valuable consideration given w/ a view 2 corrupting the behavior of a person, e.g. public official, etc.

    EXTORT: [verb] to take illegally by reason of one’s office: to wrest or wring (money by abuse of authority.

    SCOUNDREL: [noun] an unprincipled, dishonorable person; villain.

    ROTTEN: [adj] corrupt or morally offensive

    AMORAL: [adj] having no moral standards, restraints, or principles; unaware of or indifferent to questions of right or wrong .

    EGREGIOUS: [adj] extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant.

  6. Kimberly Phillips says:

    F’d is right … these clowns can’t even figure out the difference between a commodity and a right … so in the words of “the one” LET ME BE CLEAR …

    Medicine is, has been, and will be, a commodity. It is produced by people, and cannot be a “non-commodity”. Service or goods produced by people cannot be a “right”.

    True and viable healthcare reform can be achieved be quickly and relatively inexpensively by implementing the following steps, with special thanks to my partner in debate and my professional colleague Wayne Crawford, MPAS, PA-C:

    1. Prohibit insurance from paying greater than 80% of actual cost: patients need to have some skin in the game and will dramatically control costs when they are so motivated (actual experience). If the doctor discounts for the patient, the insurance company participates in the discount. Enforce with insurance fraud statutes.

    2. Revive charity hospitals: this will give doctors a place to donate care, students to train, and provide for the needy without huge tax based entitlement programs.

    3. Tort reform: prohibit any patient who has received discounted or free care from suing, and implement a loser pays system.

    4. Remove the barriers to increased use of Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) such as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners; they provide 80% of the care, at the same quality, and for far less money than doctors.

    5. Remove the interstate commerce barrier as it applies to insurance. Doing so would increase competition between insurance providers allowing health care consumers to drive through the free market principle of supply and demand. Implementing this will create a supply of affordable health care plans without destroying the free market based economy which is the natural result of controls through government intervention.

    6. Allow individuals to create their own insurance pools and allow these pools take advantage of the same tax benefits that businesses get for providing health benefits to employees; this creates truly portable insurance that is tied to the individual rather than their employment.

    Implementing these 6 steps would yield the following results:

    • Health Care costs drop like a rock
    • Insurance premiums (including malpractice) become affordable
    • Access to care increases.
    • Medicare/Medicaid fades away
    • Taxes go down
    • Government budgets become reasonable

    • RuBegonia says:

      3 through 6 – Bingo!

      Trouble with #1 – maybe, if you are talking about outpatient care, but it’s not unheard of to have a quarter million dollar inpatient bill – and that leaves 50K out of pocket…yikes. Catastrophic health care insurance is the FIRST thing everyone needs. Skip down to #5, now that’s more like it for a FREE MARKET fix!

      Also, charity hospitals sound like a noble idea, but – realistically – hospitals are regulated. Who is going to pay for the equipment, and support staff?… not to mention the electricity and other facility costs. Hospitals already provide a significant amount of charity care – more than most people realize – that system is already established (and the care is equivalent).

      Thank you for a well thought out plan – if only our legislators were this savvy!

  7. chicky says:

    After the horrible events of the morning, i had a sick feeling. I’ll need that mixology netcast later. The good news is, for the first time ever, I contributed to a political person, my first donation went to SarahPAC! Sarah don’t let me down! Chicky

    • RuBegonia says:

      Yes chicky – I too feel good about donations made to SarahPAC – in Sarah we trust, because of where she places her trust and how she applies common sense and conservative values. Ultimately, she may seek the presidency because it’s a nasty job and someone has to do it. Career politicians of all stripes who are scared spitless of her haven’t got a clue about her motivations or her strategy. She will work to win the presidency for the people – even if her name is not on the ticket.

  8. cmoore324 says:

    Yes, in the end, I knew he would vote yes. I hoped beyond all hope that he might listen to us and grow a pair, but when I bought a card congratulating him on his retirement, I knew I really would have to send it.65% of us in NE don’t want this bill. I sent yet another email to him yesterday asking him not to vote for it.
    Over the summer his so-called “town hall meetings” only included medical, political, and business fat cats in the area in small rooms that allowed a very few constituents in to ask questions or observe. He’s been great at playing this game for his entire career (he was a Republican once, and swicthed so he could get elected Sen), and has become quite adept at it. He also deserves an Oscar for his mock sincerity of his constituents.
    I’m sure that after he’s voted out, he will get some major job with an insurance company somewhere, as he was insurance commissioner of NE before he ran for Gov. I never liked this guy. Now he’s brought shame on us in his state, and ruination to our country. At least we have Johanns in there to fight ACORN funding.

  9. Maynard says:

    It may seem odd, as Congress crashes into our most personal and intimate decisions, and bureaucrats regulate our right to breathe, and Federal panels decide who lives and who dies, that I comment about trivial issues like the FDA banning beverages with alcohol and coffee. But it’s the small invasions that psychologically prepare the nation for the larger invasions. Since a “reasonable” person wouldn’t smoke or drink such-and-such a beverage, only an “unreasonable” person could object to these controls. Thus the framework is established of reducing Americans to a child-like state of dependence and obedience. We learn to acquiesce to the small “reasonable” invasions, and we gradually lose the notion that adults must think for themselves. The solution to our ineptness becomes more controls, more “help”. This is ostensibly for our own good, of course. But at the end of the day, we’re no longer functioning grown-ups; we’re somewhere between children crying to mommy to heal our ouchies and ants on an anthill.

    There’s a fundamental human need to feel part of something greater than oneself. This manifests in many ways, for good and ill: We’re part of a a family, part of a city, part of a nation, part of a world, part of a race, an ethnicity, a religion, a club, a gender, a class, whatever. We all need some affiliation, some clique. The march Leftwards is all about the deterioration of the family, and the substitution of government for that family. We’re told that government does the job better than the family. Used to be you looked out for your relatives. Now you don’t have to worry about your down-and-out aunt or ailing grandfather or erring brother; we’ve got Social Security and welfare. There are reasonable arguments why the new way is “better”, but be aware of the reduced status of the other institutions that brought us to this point. It’s inherent to the process that government batter down its competition: The family, religions, private charities, businesses; everything that built the nation and refuses to become just another organ of the government. The government gets bigger; everything else (including you and me) get smaller. This is the future we are building.

    • thierry says:

      actually we’re all going to have to get a lot more familiar with big 40 ounces of malt liquor and cheap hits of boozy coffee drinks because it’s all we’ll be able to afford….. might as we’ll be appraised of the offerings.

  10. Young American says:

    The fascists foot is in the door. Get ready for that door to be blown wide open. George Washington, Ben Franklin and the other founding founders have been Americas heros that we have admired for centuries for the work they did in making America the country that all us patriots have been blessed to live in and love as life itself.
    Today we have the Reids, Dodds, Nelsons and Pelosis and their ilk who have betrayed their country and trampled on our constitution telling the American people ‘ to hell with your freedom ! ‘ 21st century back stabbing traitors.
    The Obama machine will not let this slip way with the upcoming 2010 elections. Look for cheating & stealing to take on a whole new meaning incomprehensible to what we have faced before by these deceivers from the dark side.
    The sleazy 60 will go down in history as the destroyers of America. What a legacy.

  11. I wish I could be as optimistic as others about the 2010 election. With the recent turn of events, the Progressives are not only emboldened but also empowered. They have learned what the price is of those in Congress who ‘hold out’ for a better deal and they are willing to pay that price in order to move this country as far left as possible. Not only that, but our President has no conscience. He is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. With that in mind, it isn’t hard- nor is it far-fetched- to imagine a ‘crisis’ in which he will feel compelled to call martial law thus, suspending elections. I don’t want to imagine it but, we would be naive not to. With that said, I am at a complete loss as to the next course of action. Today has left me numb in my anger.

    • Foreverautumn says:

      I’m with you, Savethiscountry. If this gets signed into law, I hold out no hope for this country. None.

      Of course, we the American people have only ourselves to blame for this; we tacitly approved of it. Over the years, we increasingly took the attitude of “Oh, no, we’re just mere mortals! We can’t do anything for ourselves! Only BIG government programs can save us!” I work with people every day at my place of work who feel more than they think; who are incredibly IGNORANT of how government works, of basic civics, economics, and personal finance; who seemed to seriously think that Obama and his ilk were going to pay there mortgages, pay their grocery bill, and put free gas in their cars; who think that government is the end-all and be-all of disaster preparedness, and whine that “government didn’t do this,” “government didn’t do that.” It’s always the same with them: government, government, GOVERNMENT!

      I think this proves that our Senators and Reps don’t listen to us; they never have, and never will. We need to vote every single incumbent out. I’m in Tucson, AZ, and regardless of how this plays out, I’m voting against both my senators John McCain (he’s up for re-election in 2010), John Kyl (when he’s up for re-election), and that worthless representative Gabrielle Giffords (she claims she’s a Blue Dog Dem, by the way).

      There, I’ve vented my anger. I think I’m going to put on “Hang On” and “Imperial March” until I get sick of them, and avail myself of that mixology podcast.

  12. Sam Joe says:

    I’m just sad right now. I almost knew this day was coming. When we’re counting on the Ben Nelsons to stop this, it’s inevitable.

    2010 cannot come soon enough.

  13. lord-ruler says:

    If Keith Obermann keeps his promise to go to jail rather than buy the insurance plan offered there could at least be a silver lining. Since the tenth amendment gives states all powers not specifically given to congress the tea parties could very likely defeat it at the state level. Didn’t Harry Reid say there would be an opt out option for the States? If not the bill violates the 10th amendment.

  14. LJZumpano says:

    I am too annoyed to comment rationally at the moment, but Maynard has managed to strike a calm and reasoned assessment of what lies ahead. Thank you for that, and I can only say (or rather scream) NO NO NO. We can not let this come to pass.

  15. lord-ruler says:

    Somebody wrote this in the comments at Politico

    “The Nelson compromise, as I understand it, would not stand a challenge in the courts. Any pro-abortion plaintiff could argue that federal legislation allowing states to exclude abortion coverage denies “equal protection” in violation of the Fifth Amendment, and furthermore, that any State that actually takes that step is denying “equal protection” in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    While I think Nelson has been very courageous so far, he needs to know that he’s about to sign on to a fig leaf, not language that actually prevents taxpayers from funding abortions”

  16. cmoore324 says:

    God dumps two feet of snow on Copenhagen hypocrites and laughs.

    God dumps two feet of snow on Washington because the rest of us have been frozen out of our self-determination by the Senate.

  17. thierry says:

    … now is the time to check if the guillotine’s been sharpened lately.

    when a government no longer follows the rule of law, when there is no longer a separation of powers in a democracy, when the will of the people is so flagrantly disregarded my fear is that the mechanisms for stopping and or removing this sickness have been so compromised that it will take extreme, drastic measures as it always does to pry the tyrants out of power.

    it so gross to finally hear all those liberals who were too p-whipped by and a-swoon over barry start screaming about what an arrogant dangerous fascist he is. well ,thanks for finally noticing the obvious, a-holes. he’s your doing- how are you liking that hope and change now?

    so again- has anyone oiled and sharpened the guillotine lately?

  18. […] From the right: The Democrats are about to put in place the legislative, regulatory and bureaucratic infrastructure for a complete government takeover of health care. Just read the comments from the supporters and you will see a common theme — this is just the beginning. […]

  19. radargeek says:

    “Not a privilege for a fortunate few in our country.” Classic class warfare. But of course, this doesn’t include the political class. Sarah Palin should say:
    “If I’m elected President and the nation gives me a majority conservative House and Senate, I will sign a bill that ensures all Congresspersons lose their separate health care and force them to be in the death care system that they expect the common citizen to be in!!”

    Notice the quote:
    “…because you’ve been afflicted by an illness through no fault of your own.”
    Another words, if fault is found to be yours, we will deny coverage. So, if you smoke or smoked, eaten fast food, drink alcohol, etc; DENIED!! This is where THE CONTROL starts.

  20. Shifra says:

    So now Urkel will deliver his State of the Union Address, and will get a standing ovation by the Dems. Nancy will give her botox-controlled half-smile, Joey Biden will flash his pearly white capped teeth, Michelle will look radiant in some outfit (sleeveless, of course, in the dead of winter). This is all so depressing…. And yes, 2010 cannot come soon enough!

  21. mrcarter says:

    All that the nitwits have accomplished is that the coming batch of “I told you so’s” all the sweeter and the beat down that we deliver in 2010 may just be enough to bring this old man to full blown rapture.
    Nothing like getting knocked on your butt every now and then to make you feel alive.
    Let’s tear em a new one gang, it’s gonna be great!

  22. […] Just read the comments from the supporters and you will see a common theme — this is just the beginning. They know it, we know it, and Ben Nelson knows it but doesn’t care because he scored some […]

  23. CO2aintpoison says:

    “Only the beginning” – the beginning of the demise of the left. They may feel emboldened. We must BE emboldened and not give up – that is what they want. They may have their foot in the door. We must chop it off. My guillotine is dull and it may not fall as fast as it used to, but, oh well – it still works. If now, all the senators and congressmen have ‘figured out’ how to hold out their vote for more and more money and goodies, that in and of itself will forestall future voting on bills.

    The founding fathers empowered the American people with a responsibility to take back their country in such circumstances when it becomes apparent the “governing” body’s goal is to destroy the country. We have a responsibility people.

  24. Hyscience says:

    Reidcare: Bad For Your Wallet, Bad For Your Health, Bad For Your Liberty…

    So, just how bad is Reidcare? In the context of explaining why he named his blog Legal Insurrection, Cornell law professor William Jacobson offers up some thoughts on why he hates the health care reform bill that we’re a giant step closer to enacting …

  25. aardvark says:

    Nelson is a who..There are no principled Dems anymore, and d… few Reps. Ditto the so-called Indys. Vote ’em ALL out. Good thing tarring & feathering isn’t legal (NOT that I’m suggesting it…at least i don’t think i am)

    • Tammy says:

      You know, our first inclination is to call Nelson the Who.. but let’s look at this more specifically–people like Nelson and Landrieu are more like pimps who think their entire constituencies are whos–they’re willing to sell the people of their state in order to receive more power and bennies for themselves. I think the better argument is that these pimps feel their constituents are, in fact, willing to be sold for a few tiny perks, even though in the longrun their lives will ultimately be ruined. Perhaps the people of Louisiana and Nebraska should send a message to these self-styled pimps and say No.

      • cmoore324 says:


        You are right indeed. As usual. Nelson is a pimp. A pimp who’s in office at least until 2012. He even had the balls to blame Heinemann’s letter to him as reason for the deal he cut. “Uh, I showed the Gov.’s letter to Dingey Harry, and so to offset the costs that Dave said the state would incur, Harrybutt put in the language to fund Nebraska’s costs by the rest of the country. Uhh, Uhh, uhh.I did what was best for Nebraska. Blah, blah, Ginger, blah, blah…” I paraphrase, of course. I think if our Governor really has the guts he appears to have, he should opt out of the system. Refuse the money.

        Now, having said that–we have HUGE medical systems in this state. The UNMC med center and Creighton University hospital systems get loads of state and fed funding to operate. No doubt they will be held hostage by the feds if we don’t play ball. And new specialty hospitals are still being built all over the place. There’s a “Women’s Hospital” set to open in Omaha next year. What’s going to be done to them as well? The corruption and extortion in the system is sooo rampant, it’s heartbreaking.

        Today there was a rally at the Music Hall to show our opposition to Nelson and the bill. 1,000 people in a theater that holds 2,400. And Mike Schmuckabee was the speaker. Gee, I was motivated by that to go! I feel safer already.

        But I still believe that in the end we will prevail. God’s got a plan. We take over Congress in 2010, Palin/Bachman in 2012.

  26. ffigtree says:

    What frustrates me is half of the American people believe that health care is a right. Leonard-Peikoff explains why this isn’t so in this articlein 1993 ( against Hillary Care). It’s a pdf file. If you can’t read it via pdf here is the link to the video. All relevant today!

    “So long as people believe that socialized medicine is a noble plan, there is no way to fight it. You cannot stop a noble plan—not if it really is noble. The only way you can defeat it is to unmask it—to show that it is the very opposite of noble.”

    This is what the Republicans must do and they are running out of time and the democrats know it. The Demo-liberals are playing this game very well by accusing us of being uncompassionate because we are against this “noble” plan. But as Leonard-Peikoff explains socialized medicine is not noble.

    Thank you Tammy, Maynard, Pat S and all of Tammy’s peeps for your sound reason, logic and common sense.

  27. ffigtree says:

    Let me try the video link again…try this link Health Care Is Not A Right.

  28. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    I think the first step should be to get Democrats to change their party registration to something/anything else. Democrats have their blinders and feed bags on, and they are smugly certain that they will have no worries until much much later. Watching their locked in constituency walk out would be noticed much sooner than waiting until the 2010 election returns.

    If I were Steele, I’d have registration drives in front of every hospital and doctor’s office in the country, starting this week. (And while he’s at it, direct mail to every address in a two block radius of every murder, shooting and the like in every Democrat-controlled — aren’t they all? — city. And every voter in every political division that raises taxes…)

  29. BarbaraM says:

    A sad day for America. 60 brain-dead DemocRATS…

  30. franknitti says:

    Still think there’s no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? It wasn’t Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins that caved in this time.

    • CO2aintpoison says:

      Agreed! AND, while the R’s may be repugnant at times – at least they are not psychopathic statists who are trying, really trying (and suceeding in many regards) to dismantle our country. The left wants to destroy this country. There are plenty of Rs that need to, no, MUST go – but they are far different than the left. They are too middle ground reach across the isle guys. Screw that. Back to the fundamentals. There are already plenty of official parties other than D and R’s – “Constitution Party”; “Green Party”; “Natural Law Party”; “Liberatarian Party”; “Party of Socialism”; “Prohibition Party” and on and on. And…what makes anyone believe that organizing a new party will keep that “new” party pure forevermore? Nothing keeps a party on the right track except the voters.

  31. csamuel says:

    Although I share your concern regarding Huckabee, listen to his speech on HotAir under quote of the day. He speaks for us on this matter of firing those responsible for the “unprecedented” …”Historical” taking of our liberty…you will like the message, if not the messager…

  32. k.nelson5047 says:

    It may seem difficult to feel good at this time. However, please note that the democrats alone, with NO republican support, are passing a bill that will increase costs immediately for all in the healthcare system and will not really increase the number of insureds under the plan. The mandate is not strong enough so that many will just pay the penalty. Costs will increase due to taxes and mandated benefits. Therefore, costs will go up more with this bill and not many more people will be covered. And seniors will be very upset with the consequences of this bill. Starting in 2010, Obama and democrats cannot blame anyone but themselves.

    The democrats had the opportunity to make this about real reform and make the republicans obsolete. They instead choose not to implement real reform including tort reform, buying health insurance across state lines and allowing more choice in healthcare (HSA’s etc.). Instead, they went with their idealogue stance of more government control. Of course this will really highlight the democrats idiocy come 2010 elections. Most of these reforms dont really get put in place until 2013/2014 so there will be time to mitigate this and make democrats look like the idealogues they are. Dont despair, this will end up being a good thing (even though the media doesnt really make this point).

  33. CO2aintpoison says:

    Be wary of the msm when they “prop up” the Tea Party movement. Remember – they propped up McCain as well. They also propped up (awwww)Shuckawas…because they knew those guys were WEAK.

    They do this because they know it is a means to destroy. We have to be smarter this time ’round. They knew McCain wouldn’t win. They now prop up the Tea Party movement in order to renounce it in 2010; belittle and marginalize the movement.

    The movement as a whole must be about reinvigorating Conservativism under the umbrella of the Constitution. Shove out the middle of the road Republican guys/gals. Vote IN the Conservative R’s. The msm and other ill-doers of this country KNOW a 3rd party will only serve to split the vote. That is why they are now even giving a second glance to the TP movement and giving it air time. Build it up to tear it down.

    Reagan knew it also and he swept this country in a historic landslide vote by TAKING BACK THE PARTY. That is what we need. Not 47 different ‘parties’ all w/different visions. Yeah – they laughed at him too; especially after he lost – but he didn’t give up – he took it over… It’s the Constitution baby!

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