Does FCINO (Fiscal Conservative in Name Only) rhyme with Pacino? Or is it more like Fukeeno? But that would just be wrong.

If Carly Fiorina‘s new campaign ad for her California senate run is serious this is the worst campaign ad ever. If it’s supposed to be funny, it’s genius. I will leave it to you and your herding dog. Sydney, of course, loves it. And just like us she wants to put all those sheep in their place.

I report and normally I decide, but in this case you’re gonna have to do the deciding part. 😉

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  1. bjohnson73 says:

    This has got to be a joke. I love the last part where the human in a terrible sheep costume with red eyes is crawling around on all fours. Is that supposed to be Tom Campbell? Is he a demonic sheep? Here’s a question, what does Carly stand for and what is she going to do? During the entire course of this lengthy piece of crap the only thing I heard was that Carly is a “fiscal conservative” (aren’t they all these days, at least until they get elected) and has “accomplished enormous things in life.” Like what? And how are her “accomplishments” relevant to what she would do if elected? I’m not a Californian and I really couldn’t care less about this race, but I get the impression that the voters out there have no good choices. This ad was too long for what it was-which was a juvenile attack ad. If Carly approved this, then she apparently is lacking in intelligence and maturity. If she didn’t approve it, then she’s incompetent and can’t control her own campaign staff. Either way, I really question her fitness to serve, as well as the incumbent that she’s running against. Conservatives can do better than this. I’d vote for none of the above if I was out there.

  2. franknitti says:

    While the ad was a bit on the long side, I liked it overall especially the line about Campbell and whatever office he’s running for this month. From what I’ve read and heard he appears to be an incompetent boob who has the Midas Touch in reverse. Not that Carly Fiorina would be any better. Can’t California get someone even semi-competent to run against Boxcar Barbie, the dumest U. S. Senator?

  3. angelaisms says:

    Here is Chuck DeVore’s timely response to that ad:


    Brilliant. I’d vote for him.

  4. jnarcus says:

    Note that this a You Tube presentation. It is not a ‘paid advert’. That is why it is longer. They are testing out parts of it to eventually clip and use ‘on air’.

    It is remniscent of the Reagan ad ‘the bear in the woods’. Unfortunately for Carly, Reagan’s ad was superb;y done. This one has a ting of the Wiley Coyote to it.

    Tom Campbell would be terrible as a candidate. Carly??? Not really convinced at this point but hey against Babs the checking kiting Boxer, I might even take Bernie Sanders ( at least you know where you stand with him)

    • bjohnson73 says:

      There’s no part of that presentation that they can use, not really. What’s sad is that candidates aren’t saying enough about who they are, what they’d do, and how they’d do it. All they do is point out the flaws of their opponents and as this ad did, engage in childish name calling. As someone who knows nothing about Carly, her presentation still left me in the dark about why she should be elected. I suspect that many (perhaps most) of the population in California has the same problem. I do wonder if perhaps Carly and/or her campaign staff think that the people of California are stupid and would be amused into voting for her by the funny sheep ad. If people vote for Carly based on this presentation, they would be right. We need to vote based on the issues and qualifications, not for people we like who have the charm, the charisma and/or the slick ads. That’s how we got Barry the Harvard Educated Buffoon. We need politicians who care about this country and can get the job done. Hopefully a decent candidate will emerge for California-they’re going to need one. Babs Boxer should have been voted out years ago, but the moonbats will re-elect her unless a good candidate emerges that will energize the conservatives and get them out to vote.

  5. thierry says:

    what, did they scout around the s/m and ‘furries’ scene to get their human sheep? being in cali , it probably wasn’t hard. i bet Demon Sheep Boy paid them to be in this.

    too long, and too disconnectedly weird. all i kept thinking of were bad scotsmen and sheep jokes. no one really wants to be the candidate even vaguely associated with men who like sheep….in THAT way.

    and if you just like sheep because they’re cute and haven’t seen wallace and gromit in ‘a close shave’- do. it has demon robot dogs! animation would have been more effective less creepy for the ad.

  6. makeshifty says:

    The aspect that resonated with me was the “promise of fiscal conservatism betrayed”. That’s probably good. Hold that thought. I get the analogy of “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, though it was confusing. Was I supposed to be afraid, angry, or think of it as satire? What they should’ve known was “Don’t mix metaphors unless you’re going for a laugh.” The way they cut it was confusing, unfocused. Some of the terminology used was too technical for the kind of ad this is supposed to be. I laughed at the “FCINO” part. The ad seems to suggest, “You’ve heard this term before, haven’t you?” No, I haven’t. They probably should’ve stuck with “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. That’s something people can relate to. The ending really stuck out like a sore thumb. It talks about “someone who has made things work and accomplished great things,” and suggests a sophisticated, female executive. But Fiorina appears NOWHERE IN THE AD, as best I can tell. Come on! This is not an Infiniti commercial (remember those?)! If I had no idea who she was, or who was making the ad, I’d be thinking “WTF?”

  7. CO2aintpoison says:

    Carly’s ad seemed like an SNL skit. Not familiar enough with Chuck D – but the posted commercial reminds me a little bit of the aw-Shuckawas: “come on, can’t we all be friends? I’m really the one you want”.

    I’d like a piece on actions of Carly and Chuck – what do they stand for thru and thru; not here and there. That said – I don’t like the taxes guy at all and, well, you have to vote for somebody right? We saw what “sitting this one out” gave us in ’08.

    For God’s sake – in this climate why can’t a true Conservative ride to the top? I was disapponted in the Kirk-may-as-well-be-a-Democrat primary win in Illinois. Hughes was a far better choice.

    We must be on top of ALL these races and push the Conservative candidates forward.

  8. Maynard says:

    I’ve liked Campbell in an offhand way, in that he always *seems* to be on the right side of issues. But it’s essential to question whether the substance matches the facade. However, this piece seems a bit weird and over the top. And of course the purpose is to trash Carly Fiorina’s competition.

    I’d respect Fiorina as someone who’s actually done something with her life — except for the nasty detail that HP tanked under her leadership, and my general impression is the HP people have contempt for her. Check the details on her Wikipedia entry. Maybe the situation wasn’t her fault, but it should certainly be addressed.

    I know almost nothing about Chuck DeVore. But he’s got a wicked sense of humor if he’s responsible for this YouTube post mocking Barbara Boxer. I don’t know if this qualifies him for a Senate seat, but I salute the effort.

  9. Slimfemme says:

    This was a strange ad. But it doesn’t convey anything! And the sheep puppets scared the hell out of me!! She’s calling everyone sheeps but she isn’t explaining what makes not a sheep. I mean what does she have to offer????

  10. VinceP1974 says:

    I liked the ad a lot. I thought it was original as well as devastating against that Tom guy.

    I thought the “wolf” at the end was hysterical.

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