Unemployed men beat up their wives. That’s the lovely opinion our US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has of his fellow Americans. Which means, of course, he could just be warning us that in order to keep Mrs. Reid safe he better be reelected?

I suppose we need to expand our file name for this to “Americans are Lazy, Bitter, Clingy, Mob, Nazi, Terrorist, Brownshirt…Wife Beaters.” Really, doesn’t it seem like they want us to kick their ass in November?

Reid: ‘Men, when they’re out of work, tend to become abusive’

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) suggested Monday that domestic violence by men has increased due to U.S. joblessness.

Reid, speaking in the midst of a Senate debate over whether to pass a $15 billion package meant to spur job creation, appeared to argue that joblessness would lead to more domestic violence.

“I met with some people while I was home dealing with domestic abuse. It has gotten out of hand,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “Why? Men don’t have jobs.”

Reid said that the effects of joblessness on domestic violence were especially pronounced among men, because, Reid said, women tend to be less abusive.

“Women don’t have jobs either, but women aren’t abusive, most of the time,” he said.

“Men, when they’re out of work, tend to become abusive,” the majority leader added. “Our domestic crisis shelters in Nevada are jammed.”

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  1. franknitti says:

    Hallelujiah Harry’s statement reminds me of the time my uncle’s ex-wife knocked him out by hitting him over the head with a frying pan. She was fully employed at the time. BTW, is is possible that Reid and Ron Paul are twin sons of different mothers?

  2. trevy says:

    I was unemployed for nearly a year once, while my wife worked. As frustrated as I was, I still never laid a hand on her.

    But, then again, I’m a Christian Conservative Republican, not a looney leftwing liberal democrat.

  3. MetalGirl1 says:

    So when Reid gets kicked to the curb in November, this means he’ll slap his wife around? If it were me, I’d kick the crap out of him and then flush all his Viagra! Actually, I’d have flushed his Viagra LONG LONG ago!!!! HA! What an idiot…

  4. Palin2012 says:

    Please send this idiot back to his cave; maybe he can club Pelosi and drag her with him.

  5. MetalGirl1 says:

    One more thing…if men become more abusive when they’re out of work, then I guess the almighty Dems need to get off their pork laden asses and start creating jobs in order to stop domestic violence! But of course, THAT would be logical! How silly of me…

  6. 1elder1 says:

    How come we never see photos of Mrs. Milquetoast? Maybe she has bruises and such. Orrrrrrrrrrrr maybe she smells bad in the summer??? Who knows .
    Harry Reids or Margaret Hamilton next time they need to cast for OZ.
    These are random drive -by shots at Reid.

    Palin in 2012

  7. 801rich says:

    It would be interesting to see if the amount of domestic violence reported has increased since about 2008. And also what if your wife is out of work?…LOOK OUT…LOL

  8. Mutnodjmet says:

    HOT news that must be spread: Barry Levinson is hoping to save Harry Reid from defeat in November by splitting the vote via a third party run as the “Tea Party Candidate”. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

  9. Bastiat Fan says:

    Who are we kidding? Harry Reid’s wife beats HIM.

  10. eMVeeH says:

    Just when you think that punch-drunk old boxer can’t get any more disgusting, he does.

    But, don’t anybody worry. The gals at NOW are preparing for the onslaught of domestic abuse complaints that will be made this coming November.

    “Domestic crisis shelters” will to be ready. After all, when Leftists males assault a woman, it’s not abuse, it’s not a crime.

    Hmmm…just wondering how Mr. BotoxBiddy will fare when the BotoxBiddy is no longer Empress of the House?

  11. Topiary Lady says:

    I don’t know about beating people up. But if I have to look at that creepy man much longer, I may be willing to stick bamboo skewers into my eyeballs.

    Now let’s see some pictures of Todd Palin or that cutie-pie from FNC, Steve Hayes! 🙂

  12. KathyJo says:

    So. . . if they are truly concerned about the plight of women married to men who are out of work, why are they not doing more to get the men back to work???

  13. RobbieK says:

    “The shelters are jammed?” Yeah, I’m sure this comment will be disproved just like when Biden said he met with George Bush and said “look behind you, no one is following”. “The surge has failed, the war is lost and the American citizens who visit the Capitol during the summertime stink!” – Harry Reid – 2009

  14. […] Your Senate Majority Leader has wisdom beyond words that has no bounds. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) suggested Monday that domestic violence by men has increased due to U.S. joblessness. […]

  15. thierry says:

    well ,harry, perhaps you’d be better off focusing on the over whelmed, maxed out homeless shelters and food banks due to you and your home slice barry destroying the economy ruthlessly.

    to think , stupid smelly americans don’t really want to feed their families and pay for their housing-they want to give half their money to the evil insurance companies or go to jail. why wouldn’t we all want to be welfare queens suckling at the saggy teets of the dumbocrats?

    if harry really cared about employing americans the first thing he’d drop is the deathcare putsch. in mass one of the consequences of romenycare is companies only hire part timers- so they do not have to provide the mandated health insurance for full timers. and they also tend to hire illegals even more so- because illegals are personally exempted from the health insurance mandate and can be paid less anyway. now even legal green card holders are exempted from romenycare because the state can’t afford to subsidize them anymore. and that inept freak, the pre-obama mini-me deval patrick parades himself in front of governor meetings and has the gall to say- “romenycare is going great! no problems!”

    i’m not the first to note that this obamacare legislation is more like “harry and nan’s date rape bill”- harry and nancy and barry keep telling us how much we’re gonna love it even though we keep saying “no”. the more we say and then start screaming, “no!”, the more they keep saying, “you better shut up and enjoy it because we’re gonna do it anyway”. it’s harry that’s doing the beating down of his wives/serfs- the american citizens. it’s all about projection.

    and the government can’t create jobs ,you moron, by anything other than getting out of the damn way – cut taxes, get out of health insurance manipulation and economic regulation , cut and trim spending programs and hack away big government.

    “the obamacare surge has failed, the socialist agenda of barry is lost and the american government stinks to high heaven of corruption and mendacity.” that’s what i am chanting as i type.

  16. CO2aintpoison says:

    May I just say…man, what I would do to have this a-hole try and take a swing at me. Mmm-mmm-MMMMM.

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