I knew this day would come, but frankly I expected it later with something like McJuan’s baby, the Amnesty bill. So Scott Brown voted with the Democrats to pass another Crap Sandwich, the euphemistically named “Jobs Bill.” From the moment Brown declared McCain his “mentor” (before being sworn in) I cautioned everyone on my radio program that at some point this guy was going to betray the Independent Conservative platform that got him elected.

Sen. Brown, four other Republicans vote for jobs bill

Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., warned Republican leaders not to take his vote for granted, and today he followed through on that threat. Brown, who won a special election in Massachusetts last month, broke ranks with his party and voted this afternoon for the Democratic jobs bill in a key procedural vote.

Does this surprise you? I hope not too many of you are deeply disappointed.

Yes, the election was a good thing, but I hope my repeated warnings kept most of you from getting too starry-eyed about the man. Voting with the Dems is exactly what a guy who’s spooning both McCain and Romney is inclined to do. This is what these people are. Oh sure, there’s lots of ‘political’ analysis explaining how this was his way of showing the liberals back home how he’s going to throw them a bone sometimes, or something. That it really doesn’t matter because the bill might not pass anyway, blah, blah blah. But really, if the voters of Massachusetts wanted someone who was going to vote with the Dems they had that chance with Coakley–and rejected it. And standing on principle does matter, especially if you were elected because people wanted someone, a sentinel, a role model, to stand against the Obama Ghost Train.

The people of Massachusetts send a message that resonated with the entire nation–we do not like the Democrat agenda and we want the grotesque liberal destruction of this nation, as embodied by the Obama agenda, to be stopped. Voting for another Crap Sandwich is not honoring the conservatism expected of him.

Brown wasn’t the only Republican jumping in the sewer to help along the liberal shafting of this nation. He was joined by Snowe, Collins, Bond, and Voinovich. I know some of you may critique may argument noting that McCain didn’t vote for it. He’s got a tough reelection coming up; the last thing that fool can do is vote for another redistribution of wealth (whatever’s left of it). So, at least you can have your new boy send a message that this sort of obscene continuation of liberal policies can also be a ‘conservative’ thing to do.

Brown issued a statement, rather pathetic actually, and par-for-the-course in grotesque Washington.

“This Senate jobs bill is not perfect. I wish the tax cuts were deeper and broader, but I will vote for it because it contains measures that will help put people back to work.

“I was disappointed with the continuation of politics-as-usual in the drafting of this bill, as it was crafted behind closed doors, without transparency and accountability. I hope for improvements in that process going forward. All of us, Republicans and Democrats, have to work together to get our economy back on track. I hope my vote today is a strong step toward restoring bipartisanship in Washington.”

So Scott Brown complains about politicians conducting business as usual, right after he rewards them with his vote. And then announces the importance of ‘bipartisanship.’ And what is the much-touted bipartisanship? You’ve seen it right here–the compromise of conservative principles.

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  1. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    It’s always a question of whether Washington can seduce someone to become One of the Important Republicans. These days the most Important Republicans are those who become Obama’s Interesting Bedmates. Mmmm mmmm mmmm.

  2. Young American says:

    Brown said what he needed to say to get elected. Typical politician. After he won the Kennedy barstool I saw and heard *Brown in 2012, Palin/Brown 2012 * and I’m thinking what the hell is wrong with you people ? He has not done anything yet, calm down. You know what they say when something sounds too good to be true. ~ teri

  3. franknitti says:

    Bipartisanship=selling out to Democrats and Urkel.

  4. naga5 says:

    spot on. i had the sinking feeling that the romance of having a repub replace a kennedy would have some cold water splashed on it. concur with young american that palin/brown felt pretty premature. no worries, i don’t think any TAMs went for the head fake.

  5. trevy says:

    Arlen Specter all over again.

    But, I suppose he’s about as good as we can get from a state as blue as Massachusetts.

  6. Pat_S says:

    It had to be woo. (sorry)

    Here’s a video of Brown’s first press conference right after he was sworn in. He was asked specifically about the upcoming “jobs” bill. What’s the greater concern right now, adding to the debt or getting a jobs bill. (5:21 mark). His answer: “The last stimulus bill didn’t create one new job and in some states, the money that was actually released hasn’t been used yet.” “It may have retained some, but it hasn’t created any new jobs.” “I need to see what’s in the bill.”

    He was later asked (7:12 mark), “Do you mind being among one or two Republicans to push a Democratic bill over the line?” His answer was political pablum, “Bottom line there needs to be more communication between the parties.” The electorate is tired of backroom deals. “If I see a bill that is good for my state, first…I’m going to look at it. I have always worked across party lines to solve problems.” The reporter then asked, “Procedurally, do you mind being the 60th vote?” Brown’s answer, “Well, I’d be the 41st vote, I wouldn’t be the 60th vote.”

    Brown was wooed by Harry Reid on this new stimulus bill . Whatever “woo” means in this case, it worked. Somehow Sen. Brown, who did not see one new job created from the first stimulus bill which still has unspent funds, finds the new one good for Massachusetts.

  7. Tinker says:

    Let this be a lesson to all you Romney supporters. We cannot put another northeastern republican in the White House. We’ve already had Bush I and II. How many times are we going to bang our head on that rock? And we already have proof with Romney and his healthcare debacle.

    If Scott Brown voted for this because he thinks those pitiful tax breaks will create jobs, he’s a fool. Small businesses still won’t hire because the long-term economic outlook is so bleak. It’s the same idea as the new home purchase tax credit. Those who know better won’t take the leap.

  8. LJZumpano says:

    We knew it would happen. Seeing Brown with his mentors Romney and McCain after the election was the moment we knew it beyond doubt. We “used” him to take Kennedy’s seat, and at least stall the health care bill. That much was accomplished. We demonstrated that Americans across the nation could band together and focus on a “local” election that had meaning for us all. Folks traveled to MA to man his phones, they gave money and they did so much to push him over, all the time realizing that the Democratic machine, if working properly, would pull out a win for Coakley. Even Pelosi, the day before the election, said she wasn’t worried by the polls, after all, “we” know how to get the vote out===the machine would do it’s job and the seat would be saved.
    Brown’s campaign was smartly run, had a charming candidate, focused the support of outsiders on a win, and somehow the Democrat machine broke down. Washington has been spinning ever since . And we knew pretty much what Brown would turn out to be, a typical New England Republican, he always was and had no reason to change.
    That said, I think it is important for us to express outrage, to bombard Brown’s office with our displeasure. He knew we would be annoyed and angry, but he is figuring this will blow over in a short while, and he’ll get us back by voting our way on occasion.
    It is important to understand that candidates across the country are watching Brown, and they are watching us to see just how far they can stray before they lose our support. This is a test for us to show just how powerful we are, how much of a threat we are, how determined we are.
    This is Massachusetts, we can’t expect him to behave the way a Senator from Texas would behave, we have to undertand, we have to be reasonable. Guess what, that is the attiutude which brought us here in the first place. Yes, we have 50 (plus DC) individual states who are different in many ways and have different needs, but we are one country and what happens in one state can impact us all. Taking a stand on an issue because of a deeply held prinicple is forgiveable, but caving in, knowing all the while that this is a political game being played out in Washington is a different story. Just how serious are we? Politicians always use the “you have to be reasonable” ploy when they disappoint us. It says they fear the wrath of the other side more than they do us. Our job is to make them fear us more. We can threaten to run against them in primaries, which even if we have not a chance of winning, will force them to spend money to defend their position against us. We may not be able to kick them out, but we can be thorns in their sides which drive them to reconsider if it is worth trying to get us to be “reasonable”. Going forward, one lesson we need to remember, whenerever a politician asks you to be “reasonable” , know he is planning to stab you in the back. And we must send a message to those running for office that if they want our support, they must work for it, and if they betray us, we will turn on them and hound them out of office. Candidates must underatand that we will give them our support, but we expect to be equal partners with them. If they face a difficult vote, they must be able to explain their position on it to our satisfaction. We elect them to represent us, not to rule us. And they must always undertand that we are awake and watching.

  9. RuBegonia says:

    Sarah Palin did not endorse Scott Brown which was probably more than a look into a crystal ball. I donated a few bucks to his campaign and feel that the expected return on this investment has already been realized. Anything else would just be gravy. Next.

  10. Alain41 says:

    I think Laura Ingraham’s criticism was spot on; She commented that giving Obama this bi-partisan victory before the Thursday HealthCare social will allow BHO to take the moral high-ground on Thursday and challenge the Republicans to now be bi-partisan on his HealthCare bill even if they don’t show up.

  11. Chuck says:

    This reminds me of the wise words of a former Bay Area talk radio host: Never fall in love with a politician, ’cause they’ll always break your heart. The alarm went off when he said that he was a “Scott Brown Republican.” Now we know what he meant. Ugh.

  12. MetalGirl1 says:

    So this coupled with the infamous Cosmo photo shoot, now I ask you, can Scott Brown FINALLY be categorized as a “Man-Whore”? Just wondering, cuz this all just seems pretty cheesy. BTW: Note to Scott Brown…No Good Can Come From Voting With The Dems…that is all.

  13. Palin2012 says:

    Yes, I agree Tammy – you are exactly right. I did not expect this so quickly though. Will he change his mind and vote for Death Care because “doing something is better than nothing”? Nothing surprises me anymore in Washington. Bring it – and we’ll fire all of your asses in Nov. 2010 and Nov. 2012!

  14. radargeek says:

    The people should recall this low-life NOW! Like all employees and the rest of us, he should have a 60 or 90 day period to see how he performs. This guy needs to be fired for “failure to perform!!!”

  15. […] “jobs bill.” I will not say, “I told you so,” however. We’ll let Tammy Bruce do that for me. Here’s what Scott Brown (a.k.a. “Mr. Handsome Movie Actor Face […]

  16. 1GOPkid says:

    As you said Tammy, I wasn’t too excited with him speaking praise of John McCain. Trust me, I got the hint, so his voting along side his fellow GOP New Englanders and party irritants Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, did not surprise me too much. The silver lining in this is everyone can now STOP talking about Scott Brown’s presidential aspirations since he is now TOAST!……………………PALIN POWER!!!!

  17. larrygeary says:

    Brown was the lesser of two evils, but we didn’t know that. Did he fool us, or did we fool ourselves? (I mean those of us who thought he would be conservative.) Some of us are naive and tend to fall in love too easily, and project our desires onto candidates who are really more blank slates than well defined.You’ve warned us about that. It happened with Obama. Did it happen with Brown? Maybe. I pray it isn’t the case with Palin.

  18. CO2aintpoison says:

    Can I get a refund?

  19. Bastiat Fan says:


    I’m with you. I want my money back.

  20. […] The Expected Scott Brown Betrayal Tammy Bruce | February 23, 2010 I knew this day would come, but frankly I expected it later with something like McJuan’s baby, the Amnesty bill. So Scott Brown voted with the Democrats to pass another Crap Sandwich, the euphemistically named “Jobs Bill.” From the moment Brown declared McCain his “mentor” (before being sworn in) I cautioned everyone on my radio program that at some point this guy was going to betray the Independent Conservative platform that got him elected. […]

  21. cmoore324 says:

    I warned peeps at tpnc, but they kept saying, “but he knows that he is beholden to us, the people that put him in office, if he wants to keep his job.” Uhm…guess what?…..

  22. 1elder1 says:

    We donated to get 41st Vote.
    We got it.
    And we heart Tammy Bruce because she WARNED US ABOUT SCOTTY.

    Palin in 2012

  23. BarbaraM says:

    CO2 and BF, I got a letter today asking for more $$…..can you believe it?!

    • CO2aintpoison says:

      Barbara – don’t let that go to waste! If I got one of those letters….I’d write me a special note for Mr. Brown and send it back in their return envelope – – it’s what I do with all the “greenie” and “leftie” mail my mom gets. She lives w/me and can’t see, so, you know…..I just love the Greenpeace crap about the polar bears. Anyway – give his office a piece of your mind – for all us TAMs who supported him in any way. Oooo…it’d be interesting to see how many TAMs supported him then you could jam that in his face. We’re not all Mass voters – but we are Americans.

      Wonder what was in that “jobs bill” for Mass? He did tell us in plain language, he would vote for bills that helped his state…so….


      • BarbaraM says:

        GREAT idea CO2!
        Got it out of the wastebasket. Good thing I did not rip it into a million pieces. I felt like it.
        It’s in the mail!
        You crack me up about your mom’s mail too!

  24. Mariachi says:

    Let’s not forget this IS still Massachusetts, everybody. He’s still against trying terrorists in civil court, so let’s not forget that he called out BO on that one. Of course he’s a politician. But it’s still better than what’s her face, oh yeah Chokely.

    Having said that, MA is the microcosm that should make clear why Romney and Brown should keep to their own sandbox, and not play on the national level.

  25. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    Besides Brown, there’s Snowe, Collins, Bond (who he?), Voinovich, and [ex-RINO now-DINO Spector, finally true to his colors].

    To stop stuff like this, we’ll need three of these horny toads to quit lusting after strange bedmates. Truth is we’ll probably see an expansion of this hook up list Take me, Obama, take me. You make me so HOT.

  26. frank002 says:

    Every registered Repub should do what I did. I became an Independent. After Ronald Reagan, the Republican party has become Democrat lite.
    However, even then, I still don’t think the gutless Repubs in D.C. will wake up. Rush Limbaugh is right. The Dems are not to be bargained with . They are to be DEFEATED. Does anyone really believe that Obama, Reid and company are going to the Thursday entrapment to deal in good faith ?
    The American people are crying out to the Repubs to grow a pair. Their shouts are falling on deaf ears.

    • RobbieK says:

      Frank002, Obama really isn’t a Democrat. He frankly could not care less about the Democrat party because he is a Socialist. Just check the Powerline blog archives from October, 2009. There are two blog entries there that show he was officially listed as a member of the New Socialist Party in Illinois. He only ran as a Democrat in order to hide behind one of the parties.

      In my State, Texas, you only register to vote. There is no party or political affiliation to check off on the form, which is nice. I like the original founding charter of the Republican party and what they accomplished over their first century as a party and I’ll hold onto that. I’m not a RINO, I am a Reagan Republican and a Conservative all around & I’ll stay a Republican. Sorry, no offense, because being an Independent is great.

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