And an indication of how much work there is to do. The host described this Ryan Sorba’s bigoted rant as “freedom of opinion.” Would she have said the same if some loon got up there and started ‘condemning’ CPAC for having African-Americans in attendance? And we complain about the enemy living in the stone age.

I’ve been fortunate enough to learn through getting to know all of you that most authentic conservatives, and certainly Independent Conservatives, don’t embrace this crap, but isn’t it time to not dismiss this as “opinion” or even “conservatism” and call it the back-assward bigotry it really is?

And yes, it’s great he was booed off the stage, but really, what was he doing there in the first place?

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  1. On the bright side… I love seeing the vast majority of people in that meeting in total opposition to this “fringe freak.” It is truly a great day in conservatism to see that the bigotry of this illinformed boy is the fringe and not the norm.

  2. RobbieK says:

    What was this thug who should be living in Sicily doing there? Wow, I guess he wasn’t vetted fully. And what ideological crap was he saying? I’ve heard Unitarian preachers make more sense than this moron. Also Tammy, what is Bob Barr doing at CPAC? Bob Barr used to represent the lowest slugs on the face of this great nation when he worked at the ACLU!

  3. Mariachi says:

    Clearly, this guy is a total tool & the introducer should have shut him down more emphatically. Whatever, ‘freedom of opinion’. You’re right Tammy, she’s probably secretly empathetic to him (I think) else she’d have done better. She did Conservatives and Libertarians everywhere a disservice by appearing to be tolerant of his remarks. What a loser, herself.

    I’d love to see Andrew Breitbart (did he speak yet? I’ve been seeing some interesting clips of him on Politico) shut down Ryan Sorba! He’d make SORBET of him (duh, sorry couldn’t resist. 🙂

  4. mrcarter says:

    Where do kids still learn behaviour such as that.
    I would venture to say, that when he says, Just bring it, he will get his wish.
    Let’s see how this one spins and let’s hope somewhere along the lines he gets some counseling.

    • RobbieK says:

      mrcarter, I can tell you exactly where that kid learned it. Sorba is Italian and Italians are very verbal about their beliefs if they are raised by, what can I say, not so verbally restrained parents.

      • Tammy says:

        Now, now, Robbie, I’m half Italian and while I speak my mind on my show, you all know that I’m respectful when speaking in someone else’s venue. This guy, for whatever reason, couldn’t find the space to speak on what his topic was supposed to be on, “College Activism,” because, I would guess, this is the foremost issue on his mind. Why that would be, one can only guess, but do not, my dear, explain this horrid display as natural or because Italians speak their minds. I do all the time and bigotry is not part of the equation.

        • thierry says:

          and so you’re saying the italian cat eating thing isn’t true either? and my girls just instituted a ban on italio hi-nrg disco in the house…

          one thing’s more for sure- people learn hatred and PROJECTION in the home or where they were socialized as a child . and i have a very good idea why this is the ‘ foremost issue’ in mr. man thing’s mind…

  5. Pat_S says:

    So may we assume Mr. Sorba engages in the reproductive act only when he intends to reproduce?

  6. RuBegonia says:

    Tuned into to check-in on CPAC and caught the guy mid-rant . . . thought I had the wrong link. Made my dogears ache. Tammy tweeted that she felt media should report on both the RANT and the BOO. Will watchdog that fallout with interest.

  7. gothicreader says:

    People like him gave us conservatives a bad name. What an idiot.

    I need to set a reminder to watch tomorrows show – I don’t want to miss Allen West, Glen Beck and Ann Coulter. 🙂

  8. Palin2012 says:

    Yes Tammy – what was this ass doing there? This kind of bigotry has no place in the Conservative movement, or any movement in America.

  9. ffigtree says:

    OMG…not what us conservatives need! That was not good…uncalled for and not the point! Sigh…

  10. makeshifty says:

    I don’t know who Sorba is. I was getting kind of interested in what he was talking about in the clip, but he did not get a chance to speak his mind. I did a lookup on him, and I can see now why there are those who object to hearing from him. I just watched a bit of a speech he gave at Cal State on homosexuality and I could see problems with the premise of his argument pretty quickly. Nevertheless, I agree with the CPAC host’s admonition for “freedom of opinion”. You can argue with the wisdom of inviting Sorba in the first place, but apparently he was invited. The best way to deal with opinions like his is to refute them with rational arguments.

    Believe me, I can understand the disgust that makes one not want to hear from certain people. Recently there was a debate held about homosexual rights at my local university. The Phelps (the people who have been showing up at soldiers’ funerals with the “God Hates Fags” signs) said they planned to show up, but they did not. I was glad they didn’t, because what they do disgusts me. They’re worse than Sorba. They’re not even willing to debate. Nevertheless I would not say they don’t have the right to express what they want to express, even if it makes my blood boil and their opinions hurt the feelings of others. We must tolerate those things which offend us if we are going to preserve the rights we have. Let’s agree to disagree with them, but we should not do what the Left does, which is silence speech they disagree with.

    There’s a larger issue that I did not see discussed. I’m surprised you missed it, Tammy, because O’Reilly has talked about it. There has been an undercurrent in the black community that is against the gay rights agenda. I heard recently that black Republicans have been trying to “bring the Republican Party back to its roots” on civil rights. Sorba mentioned civil rights in the above clip, though I didn’t understand what he was getting at. I don’t mean to make a big deal of this, but I noticed that the CPAC host is black. Did she have something to do with inviting Sorba? Maybe she approved of his views. In any case, the reasons for Sorba’s appearance may not be what people are presuming they are. I don’t think it necessarily fits into the “white racist homophobic” stereotype that liberals are wont to put on the Republicans. It could have to do with the views of a minority community.

    • Artgal says:

      I would just like to point out that Tammy has indeed noted that the black community overwhelmingly voted against gay marriage in California. Those voters were also heavily for Obama. Tammy addressed this head-on.

      Also, I have to point out that the Phelps freaks go well beyond merely expressing an opinion. First of all, they are totally engaged in keeping everyone else from expressing their thoughts. Secondly, they do not merely express an opinion – they show up at funerals of our service men and women protesting and condeming them all to hell. They have also gone to the trouble of fishing through obituaries to persecute the friends and families of those lost to AIDS. Have you seen their footage where they mock and laugh at families and friends mourning their loved ones? That’s not freedom of speech nor an opinion being expressed – that is hate and goes entirely against the first amendment and even Christianity. The Phelps cult are the first ones to scream like nellies over THEIR first amendment rights when anyone dares to confront them on their cruely to others, but they have no regard or acknowledgement for anyone else’s God-given rights. Freedom of speech does not mean you get a free pass on any damn thing you say; it means you are held responsible!

      As for Sorba – Remember what the question was? His response had nothing to do with the question at all! He was solely intent on bringing attention to himself and being a shitbag. Just because he was invited to speak does not mean we have to tolerate it , and I’m glad the audience didn’t! Again, you can be free to speak, but people also have a duty to respond and not sit by and just tolerate this shit.

      I’m also really sick of some trying to dictate to gays and lesbians what is ‘natural’ in the first place. If being gay was not natural, then I would not be this way! I know that was not anything you implied, Makeshifty; just something I wanted to point out because people like Sorba really make me want to spit nails in their direction.

      Sorba was not at all merely echoing the views of a minority community – he spoke for himself (well, I guess that sort of constitutes as a minority community). No one applied a ‘white racist homophobic’ stereotype to him – His words did that! One can disagree with ‘the gay lifestyle’ (as if we all live the same) and not be a homophobe. But considering Sorba couldn’t get the gay thing off his mind long enough to answer the damn question makes me wonder why he’s so obsessed with it. Sounds like an awful lot of inner turmoil if you ask me. But what do I know? I’m just a chick with gaydar.

      • makeshifty says:

        I looked at the clip again and I must have missed something the first time. It’s a lot to take in. It would’ve been more gracious of him if he had merely given a written refusal letter saying why he was opposed to CPAC’s actions, but then I think he intended to be rude. I think the complaint should be with the CPAC organizers, not so much with what Sorba said. He’s going to be the way he is. Why was he invited? Who invited him? That’s what I’m more interested in. The host did ask about his activism, but it seems like the organizers didn’t look into his activism at all, or else they would’ve known about his hostility towards groups that support gay rights. This clashed with their intent to invite gay groups in.

        What I saw of Sorba’s speech on homosexuality (elsewhere) indicated that he believes in something akin to Intelligent Design theory. Since people were designed a certain way, obviously they have something wrong with them if they act contrary to that design. I don’t subscribe to that view. I consider ID to be pseudoscience anyway. It requires belief on the part of its adherents more than a pondering of evidence. I’m making no religious statement by saying this, just that if we’re going to be honest about what science can tell us, I don’t think ID is scientific. But since pseudoscience requires belief, you tend to get people who are dogmatic about it, and Sorba fits that description. It’s difficult to debate with such people. I know because I’ve tried.

        It pains me that liberals used to believe in the idea that free speech means that someone is free to shout at the top of their lungs things which make your blood boil, and which you would be willing to spend a lifetime fighting against. They used to defend that principle. It used to be the Right that was accused of silencing and censoring speech. Now the Left is doing it, and it’s the Right that’s defending free speech. If the Left doesn’t believe in that principle, somebody’s got to or else we’re in real trouble.

        What I noticed in the clip was an intolerance of Sorba’s speech because of his ideas. You’ll notice the booing started before he even said anything. Now come on. This is the kind of treatment that conservative speakers have gotten on college campuses. Just ask Tammy. She knows what I’m talking about.

        This doesn’t mean that someone couldn’t have come up after he was done and refuted what he said about gay people, and the gay organizations that were there. He could’ve had his say, and he could’ve been criticized for what he said. I hope you can forgive me for disagreeing with you, but in my view that would’ve been the civilized way of holding him accountable for his actions.

        As for the Phelps, there’s a fine line between our right of free speech and protection from harassment. I heard recently about a military family that successfully prosecuted the Phelps for trespassing (I think). I consider that a victory. There’s a difference between “stepping over the line” socially and legally, and what I’m emphasizing is we need to really pay attention to the legal line, while calling for civility, and not confusing the two.

        • Artgal says:

          I know many people who support Intelligent Design who are not Sorba types at all and some of them are respected scientists. I count myself among those who support Intelligent Design, and I’m not the only gay person who supports this. I don’t find God’s Divine hand in creating life and this vast, wonderous universe as ‘pseudoscience’ at all. I believe fallible humans who wish to erase God from everything so they can install themselves as little gods over the rest of us have more to do with pseudoscience than ID supporters.

          But moving on to the Sorba thing because that’s what was pointed out…

          Yes, people were booing Sorba before he spoke because of his past comments. So what? I want you to consider something: when someone takes to the podium to have their say and refuses to address the original question, but instead launches into attack mode – the tone is set and people are free to respond. I will also tell you that Tammy, Ann Coulter, Tom Tancredo, etc. – conservatives who have been treated poorly as guests – did not take to a stage insulting their audience! There’s a big difference between what people were responding to with Sorba as opposed to what was being done to Ann Coulter when something was thrown at her or Tancredo when he was being rudely shouted down – not because of anything he had ever said – but because the intent was to keep him from saying anything. If Sorba had taken to the stage like a professional and proceeded to answer the damn question, the audience would have listened. It only escalated because Sorba is a hothead and wanted to direct the conversation into something combative.

          Trying to say this guy was being mistreated or not having his say is bullshit! He had his say! He has enough of an ego problem and is not a professional -that’s why he went to the mic with a shitty attitude and made it worse! But hey, it gave us more than enough info to see who the hell he is. This rude display BY SORBA does not have ANYTHING to do with how past conservative speakers have been treated by liberals, so I wish those comparisons would stop right now.

  11. larrygeary says:

    When I saw this I just thought, WTF? He acted like a thug and ruined the general feeling of unity.

  12. Bastiat Fan says:

    Methinks homeboy protests too much. And you know what *that* usually means.

  13. CO2aintpoison says:

    Aw-huckawas pronounces political death wish. If this guy truly has drawn a bead on a second run in 2012 – what the hell is he doing yucking it up with Mrs. O on his show this weekend under the premise of “what social program can we put in place to help fat kids not be fat”? I never watch – but it would be very interesting to see the difference in his usual non-ratings versus what he gets with “her” on the show. Gimme a break already.

  14. CO2aintpoison says:

    Oh and as for this fool…I can only echo WTF?? Can someone dig up what the hell this guy’s deal is (I digress if Tammy already addressed today – haven’t been able to listen to the Friday show yet) and what the hell was he even talking about???

  15. Maynard says:

    The implicit question is, what exactly are the priorities of the “conservative” movement? If we’re to maintain the proverbial “big tent”, we’re not going to agree on everything. Can we find enough of a core to broadly hang together as we quibble over details. Or are we doomed to fly apart in disgust with each other? Remember that the stakes are high: If we fail to coalesce, we yield the field to Obama and his merry band of government-über-alles cronies. This is not a contest I wish to lose by default.

    The problem with Mr. Sorba isn’t his attitude toward homosexuals. On a personal level, he’s entitled to his tastes and inclinations and, yes, prejudices. But Sorba has apparently pushed this pursuit to the top of his political agenda, and that’s where things go bad.

    It seems obvious to me that we’ve got to stay focused on issues of government overreach: Government control where it doesn’t belong; government debt dragging down the nation and the next generation. If government is limited, then the stupid opinions of some of my political allies are merely another tolerable annoyance. I don’t have to agree with you on questions of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, abortion, or whether you eat an egg from the big end or the little end. If you don’t enforce your ideas with coercive authority, we can coexist.

    It’s obvious from Mr. Sorba’s aggressive attitude that we’re doomed to fight with him. The question is: Do we have the fight inside the tent or outside it? For all these reasons, I’d say we’d better take it outside.

    • Tinker says:

      I agree 100% Maynard. Thank you so much for expressing it so eloquently.

      And I hesitate to say this for fear of a dust-up, but it has bothered me for quite some time. I don’t like being so often reminded why people look funny at Christians and conservatives, neither of which is a monolithic group. We’re all adults here, we’ve lived a little, and we know there are wacky people scattered all over the place. Does that mean whenever one pops up we should all point and laugh? Or is to try and sway our own opinion, make us ashamed of being a Christian or a conservative? I don’t like either option. As Maynard said, its more important that we remain united. I remember during the prop 8 protests– that horrible video of the elderly lady holding the Cross and they way she was attacked. There’s plenty to point to on both sides, but what would be the point? We need to stick together, our nation’s very existence is at stake.

  16. cmoore324 says:

    I’m confused. It’s ok to put up a cartoon parodying Barney Frank’s homosexuality, but not ok to say what Sorba did. I’m not defending or condemning anyone, just wondering where one draws the line. Is it ok if it’s satire no matter how crude, or cuz it’s a joke on a liberal?

    • I can’t speak for everyone on the Bawney Fwank question but, I will try my best to explain why I find it perfectly acceptable. Since Frank is openly gay, making jokes or posting cartoons of him with gay undertones is no different than making jokes or posting cartoons of Clinton’s philandering; jmo.

  17. ashleymatt says:

    I’m so glad I was at the Ann Coulter book signing when all this was going on. Someone needs to inform him that YAF sponsors speeches of “those people” like Tammy Bruce; that would really give him a stroke. For the most part, young people are in touch with reality on this issue, but there are always a few (mostly males) who get their thongs in a wad.
    There is a Focus on the Family group here focused on the proposed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal; they are walking around with rainbow pentagon pins that have question marks in the middle of them, which to me makes them look like gay rights pins instead of the opposite, but I didn’t say anything. People are silly.

  18. sharon says:

    What a complete idiot. That was very hard to watch.

  19. MetalGirl1 says:

    Ok, so what the hell was his talking point anyway?? Basically all I heard was that he hates gays! WTF?? What does that have to do with anything? This guy was SUCH an idiot! Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen…The World’s Only Living Brain Donor!

  20. LJZumpano says:

    There is no excuse for the rant or the ranter. period. case closed. I will give the moderater a bit of space since she may have been caught unaware and was truly at a loss for words. On live TV, in front of an audience and totally unprepared to deal with a heckler. The behavior was totally inappropriate in “polite society” and has no place in a discussion that reaches into our very souls as Americans. Today we saw a rant against gays. We have seen the same rant against blacks, against women, against people with disabilities, against anyone who doesn’t fit someone’s preconceived idea of what a full person is. Enough. You are free to think what you want, you are not free to degrade another human being. And certainly not free to verbally abuse them, on national TV no less. I expect to see CPAC make a public apology on behalf of all those who came and watched, in good faith, and who were subjected to this outrageous behavior. The ranting was so unexpected and so disjointed that it took some of us a moment to figure out what was going on. I believe the booing would have been much greater except for that. The audience was shocked at the behavior. I hope the ranter understands that not only does he need to apologize but will need to undergo a huge “penance” before his reckless behavior can be forgiven. Not only has he exposed himself as a fool and a bigot, but he has damaged the credibility of any cause or groups he chooses to support. I for one will not forget his name and will distance myself from any group that calls him a member.
    What I appreciate about the Tammy army is that we are a melting pot – reflecting diverse points of view on many issues. I will argue my positions with anyone, but I understand we are individuals as well, and I celebrate our differences as much as I cherish that which we hold in common. When one of us is outraged, we must share that outrage and feel that pain. We must catch each others backs and loudly object whenever bigotry appears. We don’t need the government to define it, we know it when we see it. Today we saw it. That was not my America. My America has been fighting against bigotry from the start. It has not always been successful in the fight, but it has made better progress than any other nation in the world. I want bigotry stamped out like the virus it is. It means being super vigliant and calling the bigots out. They may have the right to speak, but I have the right to challenge them when they do, and do whatever I can to shame them.
    I want the right to be me, flaws and all, without being belittled or degraded and I in turn will allow everyone else that same right. That is my America.

  21. I was very happy to see much of the audience “taking him down”…for lack of a better phrase. It’s a shame that incident had to strike such a bad tone over the event.

  22. cmoore324 says:

    I don’t defend what this poor kid did or thinks. Obviously he has an agenda, as do Phillis Schlafly, Anita Bryant, etc. It was the wrong venue to broach the subject, but if you look at the tape carefully, he was being booed simply by his introduction, before he even began to speak, He’s been on this rant for awhile obviously, and the booing, IMHO, may have started him off once again in reaction to the boos. It seemed to me that he likes the controversy and being egged on, so he ran with it.

    He’s obviously inexperienced in the proper presentation of his views, and the proper venue in which to express them, so he’s a bully as well as a tool. Someone knew his controversial views, so the moderators and CPAC organizers are complicit in his actions. If he had presented his ideas in a quieter, more rational way, how would he have been received? Would anyone in the room have listened? Not likely. It wasn’t the topic on the agenda.

    But is it OK to label Barney Frank, an openly gay man; a public political figure as a “weiner rider” in a cartoon on a website that is based on conservatism and logically looking at issues that affect us? Is it ok for The Family Guy to make fun of Sarah Palin and her Down Syndrome child in an episode of their cartoon? Mr. Sorba didn’t use profanity or call the group booing him anything pejorative. Yes, he is a bigot. So, is every person in the world who disagrees with homosexuality, no matter how they present their argument? Clergy? Natural Law scholars? My Mother; God rest her? I don’t know.

    There are many arguments regarding your points above to be made about skin color vs. behavior, but I won’t go into them here. And Trust me, I am VERY sympathetic to the gay community. No stranger sitting here. I’ve been targeted by bigotry of all kinds for who I am, what I believe in, how I look. But is the argument really about his bigoted rant, or the double standard that may be at play here?

    I love Tammy, her views, and how she presents them. Everyone’s sexuality affects their views of society, it’s just human nature. Bigotry is wrong, we all know that. I laughed at the Barney Frank cartoon. Sure, it’s funny. But after seeing Sorba’s stupid tirade and the comments that followed, I think it’s only in good taste and understanding to remove the cartoon. Mr. Frank is being degraded by the drawing, just as Mr. Sorba attempts to degrade the entire gay community with his statements. And Tammy is above that.

    • Pat_S says:

      This is far from a matter of what is tasteful humor. Mr. Sorba wasn’t trying to be funny. His thought process should scare the hell out of all of us.

      He was upset over a gay group being invited to CPAC. His reason is that homosexuals are biological freaks unworthy of inclusion. For me, the outrage over what he said is much more serious than an insult to gays. As thierry points out, the logical extension of his biological imperative argument is that the females at CPAC should be home in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. I don’t think it’s going too far to wonder if he also harbors opinions about genetic superiority of certain races.

      Call me crazy. Maybe I’m way overstating the matter at hand. When biological determinism is served up as a rationale for political censorship, history gives us good reason to shout down the speaker. Indeed, it is our duty to do so because it is so serious.

      These are the people Sorba is freaked out about:

      About GOProud


      GOProud represents gay conservatives and their allies. GOProud is committed to a traditional conservative agenda that emphasizes limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a confident foreign policy. GOProud promotes our traditional conservative agenda by influencing politics and policy at the federal level.

      What we believe

      We are Republicans and conservatives who believe in limited government, individual liberty, free markets, a strong national defense and a confident foreign policy. We believe that every individual should be equal under the law. Click here to learn about our federal legislative priorities.

      What we do

      GOProud advocates for federal public policy initiatives consistent with our mission. We support policies that promote the power of individuals, limit government’s reach, enable economic growth through free market principles, and strengthen America’s position in the world. We support candidates for federal office who share our priorities.

  23. thierry says:

    the ‘natural rights’? oh, i had no idea who this sawed off , sand blasted( his face and whole head are so shiny) thug was- now i know he’s a famous philosopher and theologian. i also had no idea the constitution of the united states was written by whomever founded the church mel gibson goes to. and a constitutional lawyer . what a renaissance man. and he writes about the ‘ science’ of how sodomy can’t be genetic. move over leonardo di vinci- he’s also a scientist specializing in genetics. what’s next, over painting the sistine chapel because it was originally done by some icky sodomite ?

    free speech is one thing, hate mongering is quite another. sorba certainly is free to spout whatever he wishes but the rest of us don’t have to sit and take it submissively particularly with someone who doesn’t debate so much as threaten as seen in this clip. he has made a name for himself by angrily and forcefully baiting gay people(“the lesbians of smith! the lesbians of smith!”), not through any exchange of ideas because he’s an ideologue with a dead horse to beat. . the guy is inappropriate and disrespectful on so many levels . his hatred for gay people is apparent and i assume the reason has more to do with him than it does with any sodomite demanding equal protection under the laws of the land. he’s amped up angry at people who want nothing and have nothing to do with him. he has inserted himself into the unnaturalness he rallies against. the question is begged, why?

    one assumes in sorba world that the women are barefoot and pregnant too because that would reflect the ‘ natural rights’ afforded to them by lord sorba.

    another example of people channeling their own inner demons and deflecting them off on someone else, a group that can absorb all their hatred so they they do not have to face themselves and their own decisions. luckily, it’s crystal clear what he’s doing and what he’s on about. conservatism is about the nature,structure and purposes of government. it should not be about how adults govern their own damn private lives. this is in fact the whole point- politicians like sorba or obama for that matter have no business in our personal lives and no rights to dictate our personal beliefs. we wouldn’t tolerate the kkk or neonazis at cpac because polite society curtails the ability of those groups to use the first amendment to hijack a political event to propagate hatred. but you can whip out attacks on people simply because they are gay and that’s somehow fine and dandy? sorba represents the thinking that keeps true conservatism shrouded in the left’s largely projected smears- they can always point to fools like this to prove their rants about racism and homophobia on the right.

  24. […] happened. Here’s the story from Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades, Allahpundit at Hot Air, and Tammy freakin’ Bruce who asks a very reasonable question: “What was he doing there in the first […]

  25. Chuck says:

    I find it amusing when a person makes an ass out of himself in public — especially when being taped. He kept digging the hole even deeper as he kept going on and on. What I found interesting was that he was booed since he took the stage, so I wonder if there’s some history here. He definitely wasn’t welcomed, and it’s not hard to understand why. Disgusting.

  26. eMVeeH says:

    Hmmm…I wonder… If this clip makes it to the Dinosaur Media, will the “booos” be filted out?

    Seriously, it’s good that Sorba showed up and said what he said, and experienced boos from the audience. After all, it’s freedom of speech. Not freedom of speech with a guaranteed audience.

    Remember the ridiculous response by the Dixie Chicks to people who didn’t agree with them in their dislike of President Bush? They acted as if disagreement with their point of view was akin to quashing their free speech right. What hubris.

    Looks like Mr. Sorba, like the DChicks, got a little lesson in humbleness. Just because folks like what you do and/or generally agree with you, it doesn’t mean they’ll parrot everyone of your opinions.

  27. The Ugly American says:

    Had Sorba been given a standing ovation, we’d have seen the news splashed on every front page fishwrap.

    Instead, we experience a truly groundbreaking moment in conservative politics and what do we get from the MSM?

    *chirp* … *chirp* … *chirp*

    • Tammy says:

      Excellent point. The rejection of his tripe by the crowd was heartening. So if CPAC organizers felt they need to throw some sort of bone at whatever anti-gay groups, I think they got a lesson.

  28. VinceP1974 says:

    I want to say. as a gay conservative. that the hate and bile one gets from other gays (aka gay Leftists) for being conservative is 10000000000000000000000000x worse than one gets from conservatives for being gay

    I think the problem that people like the speaker have (I will admit, I haven’t watched the video, so i could be completely wrong) is that they equate gay with gay activist Leftist.

    As far as the Identity Politics game goes, I consider myself a Christian first (though a poor example of one), an American, a Consitutionalist, a Italian-American Chicagoan,an Islamophobe, a guy, a gay guy, in that order

    • VinceP1974 says:

      (btw: I dont say the above to Tammy..she knows this all to well).. instead I tell this to the readers who may not know what its like being gay and conservative and not ashamed of either.

  29. lord-ruler says:

    I think Tammy should have gone to cpac and let Sydney have her way with him. I will say as a person who grew up not liking gays it was because every gay I ever saw on t.v was some sort of pervert communist leftist anarchist. We finally get to see some normal gays at Cpac and this guy is all upset. If he doesn’t want all gays to be leftists he should recognize them for being productive citizens.

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