I will expand on this during Tammy Radio, but here’s the bottom line: It’s a documentary about Alaska. Not about her.

Not that anyone in Hollywood would have any reason whatsoever to want to start a rumor which would reflect badly on Governor Palin. Nope, they’re all sweetness and light, and would never, ever consider starting a rumor that would then be promulgated by the Lamestream Media. Here’s the truth:

Sarah Palin Meeting With Networks Over Alaska Documentary

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is meeting with television executives this week to pitch a documentary about her home state, Fox411 has learned.

Despite several media reports that the project was a reality show, Fox411 confirms that it is a documentary that will focus on the people, geography and wildlife of Alaska. A source close to Palin says the show has absolutely nothing to do with her personal life or her family.

Look, there has not been one ridiculous story/rumor/gossip about Palin and her family, starting with the 2008 campaign, that hasn’t been found false. So here’s the New Rule–if you hear something that sounds stupid, or ridiculous or makes it sound like Sarah Palin has somehow lost her mind, that’s your cue that it’s a false story, engineered to make it sound like, uh, Palin has lost her mind.

That’s all the left has at this point. That’s all they’ve ever had with a woman who has proven to be exactly just who she is–a regular person who loves her family and country. Let’s make sure we have as much confidence in Sarah Palin as apparently the left does as it continues to act as though they know she is the singular threat to their “progressive” agenda. ūüėČ

Always check Conservatives4Palin for the latest. Hillbuzz is also a good site to stay in touch with things Palin.

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  1. The Ugly American says:

    Oh man….I’d love the opportunity to work on a doc with her. Though knowing the politics of our executive producers, monkeys would sooner fly out my butt.

    Kudos to Burnett and Barnett on a very savvy move there. They remain at the forefront of original development ideas.

  2. Rob says:

    This reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s GE broadcasts. I agree with Tammy Рit is a brilliant move, proving once again that our next president continues to be a step ahead of her detractors.

  3. Dan Platt says:

    That Palin look above is priceless! It’s just the look that I’d expect she’d give Chavez or the Iranian punk if they should have a first meeting. -Dan

  4. lawmom90 says:

    I read about this story on someone’s blog this morning. It felt like the story was an attempted hatchet job on Gov. Palin, as usual. As usual, I reserved judgment until I could learn the truth.

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  6. Bastiat Fan says:

    I smell desperation in the allegedly “mainstream” media. Anyone else?

  7. […] it‚Äôs a false story, engineered to make it sound like, uh, Palin has lost her mind. Read more here. All I can say is: Nice try media, keep carrying the progressive‚Äôs water. You are making […]

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