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Watching Obama spew lie after outrageous lie in support of his agenda, I throw up my hands in frustration.

It’s a complex world and I make no claim to having sole possession of the truth. I may even be wrong. So I’m willing, even anxious, to hear the best arguments of those who differ with me.

But today’s political discourse is pure garbage. It makes no connection to reality whatsoever. Obama says he’s cutting the deficit while he’s raising it. Obama says he’s transparent while he’s making backroom deals. Obama says he’s bringing consensus while he’s ramming his extreme agenda down our throats.

I could go on, but is it even necessary for me to say these obvious things? So let’s ignore politics for a moment and contemplate human psychology.

All politicians and salesmen and anyone else who practices professional or recreational seduction understands the principle of the Big Lie. It’s worth reading the Wiki entry.

Here’s what Adolf Hitler had to say on the subject in “Mein Kampf”. This is interesting, not for its Nazi origin or what it says about Hitler, but for what it says about us:

…in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation.

We are betrayed by our own intellectual integrity. Because we would never lie so blatantly, we just can’t believe the guy in the spotlight would do so. There must be some misunderstanding. Let’s give the speaker the benefit of the doubt. And so, as Adolf observes, we waver. And then it’s too late and we are lost.

Life has taught me to believe my own eyes and ears. But I understand the appeal of the Big Lie, and the natural temptation to hesitate, if for no other reason than to avoid awkwardness.

Whether we live or die as a nation depends upon how many of our fellows accept the words of the politicians in contradiction to their own senses.

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  1. morecowbell says:

    I completely disagree.

    Obama is not lying…. technically. He is suffering from delusion.. He obviously cannot distinguish the difference between the True and the False, but he is not lying.. He is being completely honest, much in the same way my friend believed the Catholic Church sent out a hit squad to spy on him and were talking to him through the walls while he slept. To him it was the truth. And there was no convincing him otherwise. After we finally got him medicated, it still took 6 months to convince him he was ill and imagined the whole thing…. thought I was working for the Catholic Church for a while there as I was helping him get help..

    I digress.

    The point is we are dealing with someone who is far more dangerous than a lying politician… we are dealing with something far more subtle than a ‘Big Lie’…. we are dealing with a delusional True Believer who has known no limits and is extremely talented at infecting others with his delusion. The good news is there are more of us than there are of them, and as always, the real truth wins the day.

    I just feel sorry for the children.

    • Maynard says:

      It’s intriguing to contemplate whether Obama is delusional and believes his words, or whether he’s a bald-faced liar. I’ll weigh in, but I’ve got to first note it’s a recreational question. We’ll never really know the answer, nor does it really matter. We can’t know the man’s heart; all we know for sure is his deeds, which will have catastrophic impact on our country. But I’m curious nevertheless. So I say this: I think he knows he’s lying. I think all politicians know they’re lying, just as all magicians know how the tricks work. This is just a thing these creatures do to manipulate the masses, just like a lumberjack knows how to cut down a tree and make it fall where he wants. It’s nothing personal; it’s simply what these guys do, and the ones that are best at it rise highest in the hierarchy. It’s possible they believe they are doing good; that they’re actually doing us a favor by herding us like sheep to where they think we ought to be. Maybe they figure if they didn’t herd us here, then some other politician would herd us to another place; a place that was somehow worse. But in any case, they know what they’re doing. And of course they don’t really regard us as human, or at least not in the sense that they are human. Sure, they know we feel love and pain and have opinions, but they can’t respect us because they see how easy it is to herd us. You can’t respect the sheep you herd; it’s not possible. At best you may feel fond of your sheep. But at the end of the day, they’re sheep and you’re a master. This is fundamental. Whatever moral obligations you may have to your sheep, speaking openly and truthfully to them is not on the list.

      That’s my theory, and it’s nothing more than theory. Take it or leave it.

      • morecowbell says:

        Ok, I’ll play…… if Obama is lying and he knows it, and he knows he is actually destroying the country, it begs the question why? What could possibly be the payoff to destroying the country for Obama.. If it goes down, he goes down with it. Any plausible rationale I could come up with ends with a idealized delusion. Cognizant of his lying or not, he still is delusional.

        • MRFIXIT says:

          Morecowbell, The reason for destroying the country is right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook, and Obama (and largely the left) are Alinsky deciples. Chris Mathews referred to Alinsky as one of the liberals most revered standard bearers. In his book, “Rules for Radicals” Alinsky desribes how to destroy America by making it collapse under its own weight. Find any social program you can and sign as many up for it as possible. Lobby for more social programs, and load those up. Then demonstrate for rights for this, equality for that, and demand more programs, easier access to programs, and eventually the entire system will fall. That’s exactly what ACORN was designed to do. Milk programs, sign up new entitlement oriented voters from those who you got some entitlement for and above all, expand the system to bring it down. Now who worked for ACORN as a community activists attorney? OBAMA, that’s who. Why? for a complete trashing of indiviual rights, and private property rights. To establish full on communism, which in the far left’s mind, is the highest order of governance. The intellegencia runs every aspect of your life, and you have no personal property. You are nothing but a feudal serf. Once communism is established, well things change. Don’t want to work, disabled, pissed off at the government and say so, want to have 9 kids without a job? Off to the gulag with you. The retarded are “euthanised”, the lazy are put in labor camps with the political dissidents. Most systems fall into one of two categories. Fear of loss, or desire for gain. Under an individualist’s government, desire for gain is the prime motivator, and fear of loss keeps you from harming others, or stealing their property. In a collectivist government, fear of loss motivates every aspect of your life, and the only gain that is to be had is to join with the prolitariate to be the punisher, or the persuer, rather than the punished. All of this concern for rights, equality, and justice is a smokescreen to get people on board. Once America falls, it will be out the window, replaced by strife, brutality, and injustice.

          • sandyl says:

            You have stated this well. I added a similar comment below before I read your comment. Part of the problem is that people don’t think it can happen in America. It can and IS happening.

            Just one thing to add to that “strife, brutality, and injustice” is to say– this is true, but the communists believe that all of that will be for the greater good, therefore it is not barbaric, it is compassionate. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, especially the few who are “inferior” and add nothing to “society.” How ironic that some of these “inferior” are the Obama zombies of today.

          • MRFIXIT says:

            The “useful idots” as Lenin put it campaign relentlessly for their own extermination.

          • sandyl says:

            So true!!

        • Maynard says:

          cowbell, the answer to your question is obvious enough. There’s a school of thinking the America is a fundamentally evil nation. We’re racist, we’re oppressive, we ravage the planet, we subjugate foreign lands and most of our own people. For example, the much-admired (in some circles) and much-taught historian Howard Zinn pretty much expressed this attitude; he summarized that America had done, on the balance, more harm than good in the world.

          I’m sure you’re completely aware of what I’m talking about. And this is the school from which Obama has emerged. Remember he spent his entire adult life playing handmaid to Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright. Remember when Michelle said she’d never been proud of America until her husband got the nomination? Do you doubt that these people despise America, and will continue to despise America until Barack “transforms” us?

          Working from within this mindset, a person sees a need to bring down America with respect to the world, and to bring down the successful Americans and render them less potent. They view an America (both as a whole and the individual citizens) with less money and fewer arms as the path to a better world.

          Obviously this is a huge topic, so my summary is pretty simplistic. But I think that describes the essence of it.

          • morecowbell says:

            I believe the Worldview that ‘America is Evil’ and is in need of an ‘overhaul’ is a delusion..This conclusion is based on facts: in aggregate, America has done more good than evil and ( to the later) all alternate forms of Governance have turned out to be busts. The belief by those who intend to ‘fundamentally’ change the country either originates in misguided ignorance, due to a lifetime of brainwashing, or as an expression of mental illness (or a combo-pack of both). To my point, these guys are not ignorant, they know exactly what they are doing . They are simply mentally ill. Because they are mentally ill – delusional – their intentions are at the root, warped, and as a result they act out to the extreme re: Demonseed.

            Think of the The Stalker Guy who harasses the ex-girlfriend because he loves her so much. His premise, love, is a delusion ( i.e. ex-girlfriend).. His intention, to express his love, warped, and his action, stalking, is an extreme expression of illness rooted in the delusion.

            The answer to the Washington may be to dump a few million Zyprexa tablets in the water system of the Capitol…(-;

  2. Pangborn says:

    I remarked upon this very subject to my wife just the other day. I am endlessly amused, actually, by the way our current President can stare lovingly into his teleprompter, the camera and all of our adoring eyes as he smilingly spins the biggest whoppers. I understand that this world has had more than its share of deceitful self-serving leaders but it always amazes me that so many in the public and in the media will blindly follow them as they swallow whatever crap sandwich they’re fed. If one remains cynical and never looses sight of what’s right and true then such obvious lies are comical rather than dangerous.

  3. Shifra says:

    Today Urkel promised that when the Healthcare Bill passes, health insurance rates paid by employers will drop by 3000%. Yes, folks, three thousand percent. And then he added that now we will all be able to get pay raises. The crowd roared. Is he delusional? Or, does he think we are all idiots?

  4. ladykrystyna says:

    Maynard, you are a kindred spirit. This post has given me the chills. I think you are exactly right – so many people are still believing the Big Lies because, well many of them are too polite to believe otherwise. No one wants to believe the worst of a person. Heck, I’m like that for the most part myself.

    But at some point, you have to be cynical enough to question what you are being told. There is a smell test, and if you need to fix your nostrils, then get them fixed. Because what this Admin and Democratic-controlled congress are doing does NOT pass the smell test.

    If nothing else, if I were an apolitical moderate/Independent, I would listen to what is going on with how the Admin has treated the Tea Parties and the Republicans, and I would think to myself: well, I have some of the same questions about Obamacare. Does that make me a “racist” or a “fascist”? Just watching the treatment of the opposition by a moderate/ Independent might probably be enough to make me side with the Tea Party Movement, even if I didn’t agree with them on every issue.

    Hopefully more and more moderates/Independents, and even Democrats are watching this spectacle and realizing what a train wreck it is and we can have a re-do in November 2010 and November 2012.

  5. walts.office says:

    I agree with morecowbell. Right on. I see BO as passing the lie detector because his passion and delusion tell him he is innocent and beyond reproach. A half truth is more dangerous than a deliberate lie. That is what makes him so dangerous. He is not deliberately lying, but rather sort of senses he may be telling some half truths but he justifies that and is in complete delusion about how much really of what he is doing is not grounded whatsoever in truth but rather in wishful thinking. I believe, if I am not mistaken, that when, during the State of the Union speech, he stated that he was not an idealogue, the audience kind of erupted in a low chuckle/giggle thing. And then he restated what he thought was factual, but with some embarrassment , “I’m not.” as if just stating it twice is as powerful as Samantha’s nose on Bewitched.

    Honestly this would be funny if I weren’t a citizen of this lamewards nation.

    Thanks Tammy and Tamms for all you all do. Keeping me sane when its really gettin’ hard to stay that way…


  6. 1elder1 says:

    When the libs,commies et al start to lie and act anti-social do this suggestion: ADD TO THE ENTROPHY
    aka act as crazy and anti social as they do.

    I am on TWITTER throwing crap back.

    Tammy Bruce is so great on Offense and Defense.
    I luvs her for it.
    She gives me strength to carry on. Other “stuff” I get from the POPE and my Church.

    Palin 2012

  7. VinceP1974 says:

    2 Timothy 3:1 But understand this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, savage, opposed to what is good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, loving pleasure rather than loving God. They will maintain the outward appearance of religion but will have repudiated its power. So avoid people like these. For some of these insinuate themselves into households and captivate weak women who are overwhelmed with sins and led along by various passions. Such women are always seeking instruction, yet never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.

    Bible: The Antichrist is an unparalleled political, military and religious leader that will that emerge in the last-days.
    Islam: The Mahdi is an unparalleled political, military and religious leader that will emerge in the last-days.

    Bible: the False Prophet is a secondary prominent figure that will emerge in the last-days who will support the Antichrist.
    Islam: the Muslim Jesus is a secondary prominent figure that will emerge in the last-days to support the Mahdi.

    Bible: The Antichrist and the False Prophet together will have a powerful army that will do great damage to the earth in an effort to subdue every nation and dominate the World.
    Islam: The Mahdi and the Muslim Jesus will have a powerful army that will attempt to control every nation of the earth and dominate the World.

    Bible: The False Prophet is described essentially as a dragon in lamb’s clothing.
    Islam: The Muslim Jesus literally comes bearing the name of the one that the world knows as “The Lamb of God: Jesus Christ.” Yet the Muslim Jesus comes to murder all those who do not submit to Islam.

    Bible: The Antichrist and the False Prophet establish a New World Order.
    Islam: The Mahdi and the Muslim Jesus establish a New World Order.

    Bible: The Antichrist and the False Prophet institute new laws for the whole earth.
    Islam: The Mahdi and the Muslim Jesus institute Islamic law all over the earth.

    Bible: The Antichrist is said to “change the times.”
    Islam: It is quite certain that if the Mahdi established Islam all over the earth, he would discontinue the use of Saturday and Sunday as the weekend or days of rest but rather Friday, the holy day of Islam. Also, he would most certainly eliminate the Gregorian calendar (A.D.), and replace it with the Islamic calendar (A. H.) as is used in every Islamic country.

    Bible: The Antichrist and the False Prophet will attack to conquer and seize Jerusalem.
    Islam: The Mahdi and the Muslim Jesus will attack to re-conquer and seize Jerusalem for Islam.

    Bible: The Antichrist will set himself up in the Jewish temple as his seat of authority.
    Islam: The Mahdi will establish the Islamic Caliphate from Jerusalem.

    Bible: The Antichrist is described as riding on a white horse in the Book of Revelation
    Islam: The Mahdi is described as riding on a white horse (ironically from the same verse).

    Bible: The Antichrist is said to make a peace treaty with Israel for seven years.
    Islam: The Mahdi is said to make a peace treaty through a Jew (specifically a Levite) for exactly seven years.

  8. jmucciola says:

    When Michelle Obama starts flappin’ her lips, it’s also known as “The Big Thigh.”

  9. sandyl says:

    Maynard, I agree with you completely. Obama knows he is lying. I believe him to be a Communist, or as they like to be called now–progressives. They believe they can lie and get away with any lie, because they have for many decades. Their followers are the ones that are delusional, and I fear for this country and its people if you think this man is delusional. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything he is doing has been planned for decades, and it is purposeful. Write off Obama as delusional at your own peril.

    Hitler told everyone of his intentions, but some thought him delusional, or couldn’t possibly mean what he wrote. I guess because of the “Big Lie” people make excuses for tyrants and dictators, until it is too late. That was one of my main frustrations during the 2008 campaign. Obama was clearly telling us who he was, and what his intentions were, but time and again, I would hear everyday people saying “No that’s not what he meant, he meant this…..” I kept screaming “Listen to his own words, look at his past actions, and look at his friends!!!” But instead they wanted to believe in the “Big Lie” and not really listen to what he was saying.

    It has been asked why would he bring down the country and him with it? Cloward-Piven strategy. If you want to rebuild this country as a Communist country, you must destroy it from within, peacefully (Cloward/Piven) or radically (Ayers, Van Jones, Wright, etc.). You must overload the system so that it will collapse, and they will rebuild it the way they want it. They have the system and organizations waiting in the wings, to step up and take over, if or when, that time comes. Andy Stern said “we will use the power of persuasion, and if that doesn’t work we will use the persuasion of power.”

    These communists believe in “social justice.” But evil capitalists do not want to spread the wealth in order to bring about social justice. Therefore we are too stupid to be told the truth. “You can’t handle the truth” comes to mind, and “the end justifies the means.” So they deem us to be sheep that need to be lead, and need to have a master. Obama is more than willing to fill the master’s shoes. He will do and say ANYTHING to achieve his radical goals. Obama is a narcissist. He has been educated/indoctrinated/trained by Marxists, and I think he believes it is his destiny to be the American Mao. Then one day when he has established social justice, the sheep will all be happily grazing, never noticing the electric fence surrounding us.

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