But not the ghetto out of the boy.

Jesse James

Married to Sandra Bullock

On whom he cheats with this “tattoo and biker groupee fetish model”

Next time Sandra, marry someone who actually deserves you.

Sandra Bullock moves out on Jesse James after he allegedly stepped out with Michelle McGee: report

Ten days after her tearful, triumphant Best Actress Oscar win, Sandra Bullock was blindsided by news that her bad boy husband, Jesse James, cheated on her with a tattoo model.

Michelle (Bombshell) McGee admitted to steamy romps with Bullock’s motorcycle man husband, but insists James told her his marriage to America’s sweetheart is over.

“I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man,” McGee told In Touch Weekly. “He gave me the impression they were separated.”

Yeah, right honey.

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  1. franknitti says:

    Damn, this chick is nasty. I wonder how many STD’s she’s had over the course of her life.

  2. MetalGirl1 says:

    Why would Sandra Bullock have lowered herself to such legendary proportions to marry this guy anyway? Could her self-esteem really be THAT low? Not trying to be mean, but I mean, come on! And is anyone surprised that he cheated with such a skank? This just shows the type of chick he’s used to, and obviously misses! He KNOWS he married out of his league! What a dumbass…

  3. MRFIXIT says:

    James is an impulsive jerk. He is somewhat talented in metalwork, but I have always found his designs lacking. He does have significant ability in drawing. I could never figure Bullock and him together. Opposites attract?, Perhaps she is somewhat immature and has that “tame the wild beast” syndrome, which is why many young girls go for bad boys. He is needy like most bad boys and seeks constant attention, obviously.

    Bullock on the other hand has had some big screw-ups of her own. Google her house debacle in Texas. She hired some screwball to help her design a house, hired an unlicenced contrator to build the house, to which she made numerous non-permitted additions, revisions and changes, creating a complete monstrosity with a leaky roof and numerous other disfunctions. They had to tear all or a substantial amount of the house down. Maybe she too is a might impulsive.

    As for the “Printed Pixie” well– damn! What happens to a tattoo model when they run out of ad space?

  4. rtthorne says:

    Why is SHE moving out? Kick that bum out of the house! But then again if that skank slept around my house, I’d move out…or worse. And how about the skank’s nickname for Jesse? Guess that’s cool in the prono, tattoo, white trash, world.
    You lay down with the dogs, you get up with the fleas, Sandy.

  5. thierry says:

    white trash with cash.

  6. ChrisL says:

    An unsubstantiated thought crossed my mind when Jesse was on The Apprentice last season. He was open about the fact that he’d been through addiction/alcohol rehab. I wondered if Sandra’s film 28 Days (about alcohol rehab) provided a clue as to how they met? I don’t want to draw unfair conclusions. Does anyone know how they met? Does anyone know if she’s been through it herself?… and if that may be how they got together? It might explain a lot.

  7. lawmom90 says:

    Good girls like bad boys.

  8. Nemesister says:

    Well now that I’ve seen her pix, I think she’s definitely the dominatrix type. Maybe that’s what Jesse wanted all along.

  9. LeJaeger says:

    She gives me the impression she is as dumb as all those tatoos make her look

  10. Pangborn says:

    He is more Illustrated Boy than Illustrated Man but she no doubt is Something Wicked This Way Comes.

  11. kaps1 says:

    this guy has always been and will always be a self loathing piece of shiz.
    bottom line: you marry filth and you will get burned.

    these two gnats with tats were made for eachother…

  12. lanzita says:

    I’m vomiting!!!

  13. jimbower says:

    Hey guys! Sandra Bullock is back on the market! Woo-hoo!

  14. Tinker says:

    I never understood them as a match. I just couldn’t see what it was about him, but of course didn’t want to judge a book by the cover. I thought maybe she was drawn to his low key way because she’s a little high energy, maybe a little high strung.
    I do think that the pressure of the environment we choose to live in can become really hard to handle, but the mature person of character can withstand it, and if not they are self-aware enough to remove themselves from the areas of temptation.
    He reverted type … the tatoos, the garage, his friends probably talking it up, etc. You know, hanging with the boys.
    Bullock took a chance (no doubt she knew this at the time–hello! before her he was with that porn star) and he let her down.

    I bet when he woke up the other morning he never thought he’d be going to bed that night as the most hated man in America.

  15. Leon says:

    The guy was damned lucky and knew it, and blew it.
    I hope the very best for Sandra Bullock. She gave us some great moments in her movies.
    Anyone who makes me laugh has my gratitude, you know?
    As for types, thank God some beautiful ladies like ugly pets.
    I find the thought comforting for some reason. Hmmm.

  16. Red Barr says:

    H e should craw off with the rest of the pigs!

  17. gothicreader says:

    Ok, tell me what man would even consider sleeping with someone like that?

  18. angelaisms says:

    Andy Levy said that the best revenge against someone who slept with a chick who dressed for a photo shoot as a Nazi, would be for her, Sandra, to then sleep with a Jew. And then he looked hopeful.

    I love Andy Levy.

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