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There she goes again. Candy Crowley admits there’s something about Sarah. Despite how others try to explain that certain something, for Crowley it always comes back to money.

Later in the segment, Crowley had this to say:

Love her or hate her, a couple of numbers only add to her mystique, “12” and “2.2 million”. That’s the number of weeks Going Rogue was on the New York Times Best Selller list and the number of copies sold.

Not many people would bet that Sarah Palin would fade away after the election, and she didn’t. She’s a politician who crossed into the celebrity zone making gobs of money in the public space with maximum exposure and minimum risk . She has a lucrative and safe role as a Fox News commentater. […] She also plans to host eight specials on Sarah Palin’s Alaska for Discovery TLC, scripted and safe.

Does Palin need the [Republican] party as much as the party needs Palin? Is she out to make money or out to make change? Does she want to live as a private citizen or run for President? What next for Sarah?

Poor Candy, there is something about Sarah she just can’t shake off.

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  1. sandyl says:

    She is out to make money so she can make change!!! That’s far better than that “Hope for Change” bullcrap. As Tammy always says–you need money to make your voice heard, and your changes realized.

  2. VinceP1974 says:

    If only people wanted to hear Candy speak.. oh they dont

  3. franknitti says:

    Poor Candy Crowley. She’s still making freight trains take dirt roads.

  4. jupaczyn says:

    LOL at myself! When I got the Tweet link to this article I thought it said “Candy Stuck on Palin’s Butt” and I couldn’t figure out why you would post an embarrassing photo of Sarah… duh. But I digress…
    I think Mary Matalin hit the nail on the head when she said that Sarah Palin is a road map — she is an inspiration to me because she is a wife, a mom and a political force.. and most importantly, an authentic person, not a packaged “brand,” Candy. (And as for Candy, she’s more of a Nerd than a gummi bear.)

  5. larrygeary says:

    Reporters always bring up money when they don’t like something. They don’t like space exploration, or science in general, so every story about a space probe or NASA includes the price of the program in the first sentence, if not the title itself. Same with military programs. But how much is spent on “education” or welfare? Silence.

  6. lawmom90 says:

    The inexplicable thing about Mary Matalin that strikes me the most is her choice of husband. But I think that proves that she is one of the most generous people on the planet 🙂 I admire her a lot and I value her opinion. Therefore, I am glad that she says nice things about Palin (assuming her meaning from reading above, since I missed the clip).

  7. dogtown1 says:

    It ‘s funny they always are surprised that she is still being talked about so much when they are the ones who always talk about her. Obama & NBC must be really worried to trot out Tina Fey. Sarah really got Obama when she pointed out that he is not an expert on anything except community organizing, and we’ll see how well that goes in 2010 & 2012. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TAMMY IT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

  8. 1elder1 says:

    Candy needs a breast reduction.
    That is too much weight to carry in one place.

  9. Bastiat Fan says:

    Give me someone with an “evil” profit motive ANYTIME over an alleged “public servant” working
    for the common good.

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