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The issue of illegal immigration and the essence of SB1070 are summed up in under 4 minutes by a lovely lady in Tucson.

It isn’t about race, it’s about law. We proudly welcome Gabriella and all immigrants who honor the law and desire to be an integrated part of the American fabric.

I love it that Gabriella passed out copies of SB1070* for members of the City Council to read. A brilliant coup de grace.

(H/T ArtGal)
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  1. ffigtree says:


  2. PeteRFNY says:

    Awesome. Can’t think of any other way to describe that.

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  4. Artgal says:

    When Gabriella made her statement to the Tucson City Council, she was called ‘hateful’ by someone else who was there. Do you see anything ‘hateful’ about what Gabriella said? Does she appear to be a threat to anyone?

    It is someone like Gabriella who is being targeted by the left because she defies their characterizations of people and throws a successful punch into the rhetoric that the bill is ‘racist’. She loves this country and has a daughter serving in Afghanistan right now.

    Gabriella is an impressive woman with a remarkable life story. It’s an honor to know her.

    • sandyl says:

      Nothing hateful about Gabby!! That is an appalling, idiotic thing to call her. She was great, and spoke the truth! Why is the left not being hateful when they “slap” legal immigrants in the face like they are with Gabby. I guess only the minority immigrants who break the law to get here are worthy of their support. Loved her statement about robbing the bank to feed her family. She wouldn’t get a break.

      Leftist zombies truly are the stupidest and/or the sickest people. They don’t have any sense of reason or common sense. All this is so ridiculous, because the left cares nothing for minorities unless they can use them for their own gain. They can’t admit that, so they must shut down any opposition by using terms like “racist” or “hateful.” But those words bounce right off of us now. We have had enough of this garbage. In the words of Tammy–I Love us!

  5. […] Tammy Bruce just picked up the story and the video […]

  6. radargeek says:

    Wow, she gets it, why does our pres and reps act stupidly?

    • sandyl says:

      They act stupidly because it is not about people or the law, it is about votes, and sustaining the social security scam! They are desperate, so they must change the argument in order to win, and lie to do it.

  7. fendia says:

    As a Tucson Smart Girl, I am so pleased to have Gabby in our group and as my friend! Thank you Gabby for standing up for the 70% of Arizonans that support SB 1070!

  8. navajosierra says:

    Wow – another poster girl for our side! Eloquent! The acting out on the other side is so bad it is almost like a cartoon! Utterly pathetic. I saw that “Shakira” the pop singer had to come up and quiz the mayor and Chief of Police! Un be lieve ab le! And the comments? Sheer idiocy. Gabriella was amazing. While every leftwing dingbat is rising up with some kind of irrational rhetoric – Gabriella reads the bill outloud and suggests that those who would project and waste everyone’s precious time should do the same! Good job, Gabriella! You go girl!

  9. thierry says:

    she totally rules- she is just the sort of informed, involved person we need as a citizen and a voter. she’s more informed than most of the loony knee jerk liberal americans- at least she actually read the thing. she needs the tammy ‘ HOT!’ played for her.

    because of my job and my family i know mostly people who were not born in america or at best are 1st generation. my uncle is married to someone with a work visa from guatemala and is trying desperately to get citizenship- and has been trying for nearly 7 years to no avail. isn’t this one of ‘ god’s children’? he legally married a man mind you but the federal government won’t recognize it. heterosexuals who are also really married, not in a sham relationship, also wait such long periods for the right to stay here legally. ignoring the immigration laws would make more sense for them and be far easier with few if any repercussions.

    and since when are immigrants only of a certain hue? that’s sort of racist isn’t it?

    i think those who demand the amnesty are deluded into thinking the people it’s targeted at really want it . it’s nothing but a PR game for the dumbocrats and la raza race hustlers. technically you do better and have an easier time here remaining illegal or ‘undocumented’. the immigration laws aren’t enforced, you can get a job easily using someone elses ssn or under the table and you can claim 100 dependents at home no one can prove or disprove. if you commit a serious crime you flee over the boarder where it’s easy to get lost.

    many come here , in my experience, to basically make money. they support their familes at home, buy nice houses for themselves in their native countries and then go back. they’re not interested in staying here as citizens. why buy the cow when you can get the leche anyway without the attendant obligations of citizenship? many do not want citizenship- they want to make money and go home to enjoy and use it.

    amnesty would only be ignored largely. they know the hoops those who do follow the law are forced through and they aren’t interested in the bother or the spotlight on themselves. they don’t want to pay the taxes under the correct name. they don’t want to pay the lawyers. why should they when they can just ignore the laws and nothing is ever done about it?

    during the last amnesty we had to beg and plead with people to take it- no one wanted to until we told them they could no longer work in the state without the proper papers. so we helped fill out the papers and helped speak to the lawyers- the process was sick and convoluted and nonsensical. we don’t need amnesty. we need boarder enforcement, deportation of alien criminals and a sane immigration policy and process geared toward people like this woman- those who will contribute to our country positively not just take from it.

  10. Bash1955 says:

    Gabby rocks!!

  11. Tinker says:

    Gabriella for Congress! Has anyone started a petition yet?
    When I see and hear from average citizens like us it makes me realize how truly disgusting it is that we have allowed a ruling political elite to develop in this great nation. We must have term limits. Must!

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  13. SoCalGal says:

    I remember seeing this at the time this happened. Fantastic! She’s got guts and style. She has her facts straight too. I like her a lot. Let’s hope this other Gabby can defeat the socialist Raul Grejalva.(sp) That guy stinks.

    Go Gabby!!

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