Now we know why Obama sometimes gives the longest answers in the world, not because TOTUS isn’t around, but because he has no clue what the answer is. First it was this 17 minute debacle about why he’s raising taxes in a bad economy. Now, the Greatest Chicago White Sox Fan Evah! can’t come up with the name of one player. Is there not one issue on which this fool has an honest, genuine, original thought, feeling, opinion, position? Ah…no.


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  1. Pat_S says:

    I bet he wore the White Sox cap to have an excuse for the booing from the Nationals fans.

  2. LJZumpano says:

    I still haven’t gotten up the will power to actually listen to his whole answer. Bet that poor woman was sorry she asked mid-way thru his answer. Unfortunately, she had to stay there for the whole thing. Would have been great if she had said, “Ok. Mr. President, but now can you answer my question.”
    I refuse to torture myself. It would be interesting to hear what a headshrinker would make of his recent behavior. On the ball field and off. Since he obviously doesn’t know how to throw a ball, he could have turned the ball over to one of his daughters. Bet they (and the fans in the stadium) would have been thrilled, and he would have seen how real girls throw balls.
    And do we know for sure he really is left-handed? Or is that a forced action on his part.
    I have never seen a lefty write so awkwardly, and throw a ball like he does. Hmmm.

  3. naga5 says:

    urkel, come on!
    that pitch came down with snow on it. it had hang time like a punt.
    and he isn’t a south side kid. he was a friggin adult when he was in chicago not paying attention to jeremiah wright minister to his wife and baptize his kids.
    and i will play the jock card. really? you know the owner of the sox but can’t name any players? not the big hurt frank thomas? and you say nice things about cubs fans? my peeps from chicago say you pick one team or the other. transparent all right- i see right through that “i’m a regular sports fan” BS.
    rant over, resume previously scheduled program already in progress.
    ps i did see the youtube video of dubya throwing the world series pitch split screened against last year’s urkel throw-kle.

    • Mrs. Malcontent says:

      Ask Obama if he realizes the White Sox manager was a former Sox player. Give him bonus points if he can name the position he had as a player.

  4. Chuck says:

    The funny part about the video to me is that, if you notice carefully, the catcher is signaling him with his mitt where to throw the ball, and he anyways throws it off to the side! I wonder if he ever threw anything in his life.

    You know, not wanting to excuse or condone him, but it may be that his behavior reflects some anger at perhaps not growing up with a father figure around, so he missed on the things that are typical for a boy (like throwing a baseball), and that’s why he’s “acting up” so to speak. I don’t believe he has ever experienced things that are quintessentially American, and that’s why he shows so much contempt and disdain for regular folks.

    • RuBegonia says:

      Chuck, your last line rang the “oh yeah” bell in my head. An astute observation/theory – somewhat sad, if I can garner any sympathy at all for this misdirected piece of humanity that is my president.

    • thierry says:

      growing up without a dad- sadly he shares that with a major portion of black children born in this country.

      he did however have a grandfather who seemed to help raise him and they don’t seemed to have wanted for anything material. i am not sure what would have become of me- and that was largely up in the air for most of my 20’s- if after my loser father disappeared i did not have my maternal grandfather. i never did a lot of the ” quintessentially american” things but i wasn’t raised in an atmosphere of contempt for people who were different or had more or had less. i wasn’t raised thinking i was owed anything from anyone. i wasn’t raised to hate this country due to the accident of the conditions of my birth.

      i would not wish my childhood on anyone however if by the time you’re 40 and you haven’t worked your childhood traumas out and you’re still taking your angst out on others i have no sympathy for you. urkel really hasn’t grown up emotionally and if he hasn’t done it by now it probably is not going to happen.

  5. franknitti says:

    I bet Michelle Antoinette could throw a perfect strike. She’d probably be the ace in the Nationals’ rotation too.

  6. CO2aintpoison says:

    I say…he lived in Chicago, talking about sipping whine wine & stuff & he can’t even get the name of the field right? It’s COMISKEY PARK, not Kominsky Park dumb ass. Interviewer – “what players did you like?” the once: “yes”.

  7. Mrs. Malcontent says:

    As a lifelong White Sox fan, I wish Urkel would root for the Cubs!

  8. k.nelson5047 says:

    Come on, give the president a break. Kominsky rhymes with Alinsky. He must use Alinsky to remember the name of the park.

  9. PeteRFNY says:

    Kominksy Park? Seriously?

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