You’ll all remember Tabitha Hale as a guest on Tammy Radio this week. Just after the show she went to New Orleans to attend the Southern Republican Leadership Council and has been blogging with updates over at Red State.

In her blog about Day One at SRLC Tabitha updates on all events, but I especially appreciate her comments about Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, and his rant about Teh Gays. Tabitha is a reflection of an Authentic Conservative and Christian who reflects far more of Jesus’ plea for tolerance and understanding than someone like Tony Perkins ever will. I must say, I find it interesting that certain people on the religious right seem obsessed with homosexuality. I find it rather ironic that certain religious conservatives (like Perkins) obsess about Teh Gays when discussion about ‘family values’ and decency would more appropriately involve discussions about men like Mark Sanford, David Vitter and John Ensign.

While we do disagree on certain social issues, Tabitha and other Christian Conservatives like her (many of you are TAMs) is what makes me proud (and safe) to identify as a Conservative. Thank you.

SRLC Blogging: Day One

First of all, I don’t hate New Orleans. For as much trashtalk as I heard about this city (Melissa Clouthier referred to it as a “pit of despair”), it’s beautiful. I love the architecture and the colors and the music… and the FOOD.

Tony Perkins makes me want to kick things. He starts out on a slight roll, ripping the Democrats on health care, etc. Then BAM – he starts going off on gays. All I could think was seriously, Tony? Way to focus on the stuff that a) makes Republicans look like jerks b) is a huge political loser and c) alienates a whole lot more people more people than it will ever impress. It was disheartening to hear what I hoped would be a rejuvenated sounding party kick off the conference with anti-gay rhetoric. Just shut up.

Of course read the whole update and stay connected with Tabitha’s work at Red State and she Tweets as @pinkelephantpun.

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  1. Conservatarian says:

    I wish the Repubs that are obsessed with the gay issue would just get over it. I does turn off alot of people, gay or not, especially independents. There is a reason that almost every time a Repub is being interviewed by the lamestream media they are asked about abortion and gay marriage….it reinforces the old school judgemental white male image of the party with it’s misplaced morality and hypocracy. The San Francisco gay activists are not representative of gay Americans and the Repub party doesn’t exactly make gay conservatives feel welcome. Many gay voters have bought into the pile of lies the Dems spew just as black voters have done the same. I dont’ know what the answer is but there is more that unites us than divides us and we are going to need all hands on deck to defeat this sham of a government.

  2. Carol says:

    I’m sure I would feel the same way as Tabitha if I heard that. I remember Jerry Falwell used to rail against the gays as he seemed to find something gay about almost anything, and had his Moral Majority org. I remember one of my favorite Bible teachers saying, “They are neither moral nor a majority.”.
    The religious man tends to focus on the sensuous and on controlling human nature, instead of seeing Christ and His nature. Yes they do seem to have the obsession with homosexuality. I would not be surprised if they are battling their own struggle with it, or secretly struggling with something , sexual or otherwise. It’s a shame they do not see themselves the way God sees them through Christ. If they did, they would not see it as their duty to change themselves and condemn others, and would not have the arrogance to think they could or should.

  3. franknitti says:

    If you scroll down a little further on Tabitha’s blog you’ll discover that she doesn’t have much favorable to say about Sarah Palin. Not sure what that means but I thought I would point it out. She sounds like your typical liberal commentator from MSNBC in regards to Alaska’s former governor. So sorry, Tabitha. I don’t believe I will bookmark your blog. You might be a wolf in well…….you know.

    • Carol says:

      I see what you mean. Overall, she comes across as a critic rather than a reporter, but maybe that’s what she’s expected to do for RS.

    • MIKE says:


      • franknitti says:

        Junior, you don’t have to shout and as an authentic conservative you should at least be able to spell non-sequitur correctly. Tahnk you.

        • longviewcyclist says:

          Dang, Frank.

        • MIKE says:

          Another non-sequitir, son? Will you ever stick to the content?
          We do more before 9 AM than most people do in their day, indeed. Borrow from the playbook of academic elite and I
          am reminded of the typical liberal commentator from MSNBC or at least a Katie Couric who never set the world on fire and is now relegated to a life of blogospheric rants. You might well be a diva in, well….

  4. lawmom90 says:

    Sexual preference is not a precursor to joining any group, so far as I know. I think it falls in the category of “it’s none of my business.” I don’t think it is wise to define people by those kinds of labels, when everyone is an individual, divinely inspired and created. The point about the smarmy men involved in shenanigans in the Republican party is one well-taken. Sometimes women mess up too. As many of us have said before, when you go cherry-picking a few key issues and making them your focus, you lose the opportunity to grow and know.

  5. naga5 says:

    i am not ashamed of being a christian. i am ashamed when “the leadership” makes my savior look bad.
    so my comment to and about tony perkins is in the form of a story my old pastor once told me.
    you ever look at a piano? 88 keys. tones and combination of tones for days. put them together in some sort of sequence and in some sort of order and you get musical combinations for eternity. some work well together, some not. for all you musicians out there, you have key signatures, but we all know about “accidentals” that are outside of the signature, but are just right, depending on the song.
    but what of the one note player? pounding on the one note. incessantly. no variation. no other notes for context or harmony. just the one friggin note.
    that ain’t music.
    so god’s word speaks of homosexuality. BDF-thanks joe biden for stealing my line! what else does it speaks of?
    1. have a god
    2. don’t pretend there are other ones
    3. don’t blame him when you screw up
    4. rest because you need it (thanks tammy for the podcast reminder)
    5. remember where you came from
    6. don’t kill needlessly
    7. keep your promises
    8. don’t steal
    9. don’t lie
    10. don’t envy what isn’t yours
    and the edict, among other edicts and commandments, to do unto others as they would do unto you.
    that’s a crapload of laws that we can’t ever fulfill.
    so stop playing the one note, tony. you point one finger, you get three pointing back. that is not how we christians should roll! we have god’s grace and extra helpings of our own humble pie to share.
    there is a larger symphony that needs to be played. (and check out the etymology of symphony)
    we are not created to be slaves to sin or slaves to government. we are a people who needs to be free.
    i believe that god wants us to be free, to be able to choose. this current administration does not. god allows us to choose. this current administration does not-be it health care, cap and tax, bail outs, nuclear strikes or sovereignty.
    i/we did not choose the way to subservience.
    sorry that was so preachy, TAMs.
    uhh, so did i tell you of the couple of times i got to preach at my church?


  6. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Just the title moral majority is suspect, I think they protest too much don’t you. I got hammered on a site for just saying we should have open arms as conservatives to everyone especially gays and minorities. As a Christian it doesn’t make sense to me to be any other way, who am I to judge and I don’t want anyone to get hurt or used. I take the word of God as guidance, but a lot of people see that as an opportunity to manipulate people and we have to be very aware of that in this day in age. For me politics is about money, and following the law. Not all the social issues that people throw in there that would be worked out if the government were run how the founders intended it to be. That’s why I support Sarah Palin she gets that. We have a tough road ahead of us but who’s big idea was it that thought bashing anyone was ok? Why was this guy doing it at this rally and no one spoke out or did they??? We need to stop this crap for good, enough is enough. Christians should be the first to speak out against any bashing, gay, straight, black, brown, I can’t believe I have to say these things, geez. Why isn’t that happening now in our own party?

  7. Young American says:

    Judging is an awesome responsibility. The consequences can be deadly for both body and soul. I just assume leave it up to the Almighty. These holier than thou people need to heed Matt :7, 1-5 : If you want to avoid judgement, stop passing judgement. Your verdict on others will be the verdict passed on you. . The measure with which you measure will be used to measure you. Why look at the speck in your brother’s eye when you miss the plank in your own ? How can you say to your brother, ‘ Let me take that speck out of your eye,’ while all the time the plank remains in your own ? You hypocrite ! The word of the Lord. ~ teri

  8. FreedomsWings says:

    I commended Tabitha for her post as well for the same reasons as Tammy. Tony Perkins and I go back to Colorado in the 90s when he headed up Amendment 2 that was struck down as unconstitutional eventually. This kind of vitriol only hampers conservatives and I cannot understand why people like Perkins are given a pulpit to “preach” from. The organizers had to know he would devolve this way. Of course, in my twisted little brain, I often find myself wondering about men who rail on and on about gay people. What are they hiding? Ted Haggard comes to mind…

  9. 1elder1 says:

    In my late thirty’s and forty’s I was an activist and I worked with many groups.
    I worked locally and state wide to end gay disrimination in Housing ,Employment and Parental Rights to keep their own natural born children. I wrote letters to the APA to remove Homosexuality from their lists of “diseases.”
    I and my friends were quite successful in obtaining rights locally and in New York State as a whole.
    I was an early member of the National Gay Task Force.

    I was not,however, very successful at gay relationships and no longer feel being a lesbian( I always hated that word) is for me.
    I hate being uncomfortable at being something I am not.
    I went back to the Catholic Church after 45 years and I do feel comfortable with that relaionsip with Jesus.

    Today I maintain that gay marriages in my church are not something I would work for. Some people (clergy included) in my parish think that gays should be included as married couples in my church.
    I am not going to spend a lot of time helping gays to marry there or anywhere.

    I do not spend lot of time doing anything but getting Sarah Palin elected in 2012. Tammy Bruce is a fighter for Sarah Palin, ergo I support Tammy. I do not have to agree with Tammy on any other issue but Sarah. It so happens that I detest Obama and Tammy delights me when she TAKES ERKLE DOWN!

    Again, I do what makes me feel comfortable and is in my limited ability to do.

    Talk show hosts like Michael Savage,GlennBeck, Jimmy Z and a few others are not gun- ho Sarah Palin.
    I listen to them and throw out their attacks on Sarah and their support of Mitt Romney.
    Romney is another person I dislike and the SRCL 2012 and CPAC did not turn out well for Sarah so I will be supporting other condfrences where Sarah does not lose by 600 votes. SRCL was not a trap for Sarah but it is over now and so be it.

    I remain for….
    Palin in 2012

    • 1elder1 says:

      I no longer follow the lead of Erick Erickson or Red State.
      Erickson thought that Hotair’s Ed Morrisey was a good blogger and a cadre of Red State and Hotair folks put down the FIRST NATIONAL TEA PARTY where Sarah was such a huge success. They TWITTERED anti First National Tea Party meeting that it was full of irregularities. Very childish IMO.
      Erickson now works for CNN and I doubt if I will even see his commentary any more as it has lost its value. Erickson suggests that dark horse Mitch Daniels is a fine choice for the Republican Standard Bearer. He is not. Sarah is.
      Tabitha and Melissa Coultier and a few other women have an agenda and it is not mine. So of course she would not be supportive of SARAH.
      Nor will I be listening to Charels Krauthammer because he said Sarah is not a serious entry for 2012.Everyone wants to be a “king maker” for 2012. When they back our Queen Palin then I will put them back on my list of people to read and listen to.
      I would not expect other TAM’S to share my views as theyare not privy to my research or past input news.

      I do not need a “middle man” to tell me who I should back in 2012.

      • sandyl says:

        Well said!

        When I hear these slams against Sarah, I take them with a grain of salt, because things like this were said about Reagan. Also remember that some of these same commentators (Krauthammer, O’Reilly, and others) were all wrong about Obama. We knew he wanted to be USA’s first fascist dictator, but they all said he would moderate. It made me want to scream then and now! Even today these same people say things like his “policies are bad, but he is a nice guy,” or “the people still like him personally.” AAAHHH No I do not like any person who is an ego-maniacal, fascist, marxist, spread-the-wealth around, dictator thug that wants to transform America into a third-world country!! So, as you said, I don’t need a middle man either.

        I am perfectly capable of making up my own mind, and I too will be for Palin 2012. She is the only one I hear that says exactly what needs to be said about what is going on, and she says it in the manner in which it needs to be said. She takes it directly to Obama. That is why so many speak poorly of her, because they still want that air of “civility” and bipartisanship that has brought us to this disaster. They still don’t get it, and they may never get it, but for me, I must move on with who I think can bring this country back–Sarah Palin.

        And just a side note for Mike above–a conservative??? really??? because you sound ALOT LIKE ALL THE LIBERAL BLOGGERS!! (I’m just saying). Conservatives are open and tolerant, and aren’t threatened by opposing viewpoints, and don’t need to capitalize everything. Frank has a right to his opinion, and you have a right to be wrong. But have a nice day. 🙂

  10. morecowbell says:

    Am I the only one who cares that the glasses make “Tee-Hale” look smart AND hot at the same time. SE Cupp has the same look working for her too. Seriously, I long for the days when the Gay vs Moral Majority issues were at the forefront of the national discussion. That and congressional hearings on MLB steroid use. Let’s not get too distracted by the luxury issues while our country is being irretrievably mutated by the incompetent political class. There will be plenty of time to get wee’ed up after we reclaim our government in November. If we’re not focused for the next 7 months, blogs like this will likely be regulated into oblivion and your outrage will fall only on the ears of your TAM Companion.

  11. thierry says:

    as someone who has experienced the violent physical side of the hating of the gays (it’s a wonder i got through the 80s. i lost count after the 10th time i was either chased through the streets and/or had the crap beat out of me by’ normal’ men , some from boston college so we know they were nice christian boys, screaming “fag” ), when some republican christian leader starts opening that blow hole about the gays the impact is visceral.

    it has always seemed to me that those people who commit outrageous crimes (that are of course also sins) should evince the same wrath, sometimes outright hatred , that is poured by some on homosexuals. when do any of these oh so holy mouth pieces of god ever go off on ted bundy, the btk killer, on child murders ( all crimes that are usually sexually motivated and largely committed by heterosexual men)- real threats to the community and society, people who really are evil ? oh, i forgot theocrats love granting those chaps clemency- because a christian can’t judge child rapers and murderers only the gheys. gay couples minding their own business and never accused of any crime are more heinous than someone who rapes a 9 month old baby. i’m sure that’s just how jesus would see it.

    it’s scapegoating- just like all fascists, personal and political, do to work on the perceived fears of their followers and inspire a sense of the divine right to power. accessing these fears and manipulating them has to do with gaining power over people and nothing more. hitler chose the jews as his primary target but also went at the gays- in fact his personal gays were murdered right off once he came to power. it’s no wonder you often find the ones with the gay problem also seem to have the joooooo problem too.

    for all the special attention one would assume particularly vocal, gay panic-y christians would have paid to the scriptures, the new testament, how is it that the “thou shall not judge” part is the first to be transgressed or ignored ? when an adulterer is brought before him to be stoned, jesus opts to school the stone throwers and won’t judge the woman himself, the only one with the authority to actually do so. a major portion of christ’s teachings are spent denouncing the hypocrisy of the so called holy men and masters making laws as if they were Moses, imposing them on people but not themselves. he even snaps back at the rock his church is built on- peter. when jesus says” get behind me satan ! you are a stumbling block to me…” he is speaking directly to peter.

    recently i did the netflix thing with the movie “fall from grace” about the god hates fags church. what really disturbed me and what really angered me was what they have done to their children- filled them with virulent hatred for other human beings predicated only on sexual orientation . it was sickening. when someone goes off about the gays at political events they seem a few ballerina twirls away from this mess.

    hale is right- shut up about the gays. stick to sweeping in front of your own door and concentrate on the secular issues of proper governance according to our constitution.

  12. Laura says:

    That and congressional hearings on MLB steroid use.

    NO WAY! The government has zero business involving themselves with steroid use in athletes. Frankly steroids do not help someone hit a baseball with a bat, that is physics. What steroids due is heal up injuries constantly sustained during repetitive use, allowing them to continue training. Get over it, steroids are used in every sport, even the horses. I just love my equipoise.

    Why is it legal to change your gender, but illegal to simply enhance your gender…STUPID

    Its ok if a women takes large doses of testosterone (an androgen) to get a sex change but illegal if she wants to use an anabolic (low androgenic) to reduce her body fat and increase her lean muscle mass…Political correctness and control

  13. Leon says:

    If God makes you ambidextrous he does. If he makes you blue eyed he does. If he makes you like the opposite sex he does, if he makes your orientation toward the same sex that’s his will. I don’t remember being given a choice, it was just a kind of madness for the gals that smacked me, like a tsunami, somewhere between 11 and 14 years of age. I’m not going to condemn someone for playing the cards God dealt them, because of anyones version of a bible, scroll, weird dream, hallucinated voices, political exploitation, or fear of the unknown. Times change and knowledge expands if we’re lucky. In biblical times, without great food preservation such as we have, people died from eating bad pork, so pork was proscribed in at least one bible. Dairy products were not to be placed together with meat. I’m NOT giving up my barbecue bacon cheese burgers, so stone me. If I were single and a couple of gals invited me… never mind.. Yes Dear? Rice cakes and nonfat milk? Drat.

    • jonboy says:

      Not sure about the version of the pork…if it was due to food preservation problems, that would have ruled out all meat. If I am on the same page as to what you referred to, I think it was not to eat meat from animals with divided hooves…considered unclean. Anyway, it was an interesting and fun post. I can see what you’re trying to put across by your comparisions. Only thing I would disagree with is regarding “God making” ones orientation towards the same sex. Thats not true. Any same-sex attraction developes in early childhood. Yes, we have to rely on something (the Holy Bible) as our communication and moral compass from God. It is the absolute. And, along with alot of other behaviors, both the old and new Testament condem being involved in those (gay) relationships. And many have turned away from them. I really dont want to sound preachy here, honestly, and get into any kind of arguments; but I need to stick-up for God’s word as I try to with every issue…since He is our creator. I think as conservatives we can respect one anothers viewpoints. thanks for reading.

      • longviewcyclist says:

        jonboy, I’m pretty sure I was born gay. Don’t think same-sex or opposite -sex sexual attraction develops, but rather manifests, as our bodies mature. As for non-sexual same-sex attraction, well, I’m a female, and have always preferred to play with boys. Even as a rather feminine adult woman, fishing and bowling with dudes. Like interest, and less B.S. .

        Much controversy over mistranslations in scripture:


  14. longviewcyclist says:

    Good for Hale on the gay thing. Too bad about the Palin thing, though. I don’t agree with Palin about everything, but she is the most capable and worthy person on the national stage right now (that I see) to be considered for the office of president. And it’s not exactly like there are going to be oodles of sane, decent people wading through the wreckage to compete for the office after Obama and friends get through with us. She has integrity, honesty, principles, good morals. A woman of faith, and I’ve every confidence that she would roll up her sleeves and jump in if enough of us call on her to do it.

    I’m a gay Christian, and after much study and prayer, I don’t see any conflict between my sexual orientation and my faith. Won’t dwell on it here, but there is much information here for anyone who is curious about the issue:

    • jonboy says:

      sorry, i didnt clarify…we are born for opposite attraction. I guess when I hear the term “gay”, I think of being involved in that type of sex or promoting the lifestyle. Perhaps you are not doing either, for which I commend you. Before God, it is the same as unmarried guy and girl sexualy living together, or a husband/wife cheating on their spouse. All are open sin which seperates us from God. The Holy Spirit would not allow one to live in these lifestyles. You seem like a good person, thanks for your input, …would be fun to continue this dialog, (only if you like to) but not to bore the other TAMs, there a private response area? i dont think I will post anymore on this topic, as to not aggitate others.

      • Thanks jonboy, but I’ll pass. I’m not out to agitate anyone either. But there’s no point in wasting my energy debating this with you.

        Political issues concerning homosexual relationships/homosexuality among adults are civil ones, so the religious beliefs of others regarding it probably shouldn’t be influencing their decisions on these issues, anyway.

  15. Carol says:

    I love the Bible study stuff. You all make great points. To summarize, if it’s possible for me to be brief: Being a Christian is not about who we are from our natural or first birth (whether we’re born a certain way with certain tendencies or not), it’s about the second birth, the spiritual birth that places believers in Christ. Simple as it may sound, many Christian leaders fail to see or teach that Christianity is about Christ and not about them!
    2 Corinthians 5:14-17 (NIV)
    For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again. So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

  16. Pat_S says:

    Uh, what exactly did Tony Perkins say? I don’t see any quotes from anyone.

    Let me help out. He quoted George Washington about morality. Was that some kind of code? He spoke about his family and about his wife’s pregnancy. He spoke about abortion and single parents. Insinuations? He spoke a lot about families, that’s kind of his line of work.

    He spoke about the health care bill as a socialistic time bomb. Beyond me what kind of anti-gay symbolism that is. He mentioned the Ten Commandments in the context of a Thomas Jefferson quote about each of us governing ourselves. Maybe he just meant gays but it didn’t come across that way. Ah, found it! It is when he talked about Obama’s national security policies. It’s about one minute out of a 15 minute speech.

    We are right to focus on the threats to our national security, whether abroad or at our borders. This administration is undermining our national security with a foreign policy of apology and appeasement, and it must stopped.

    …This administration is seeking to advance a radical social agenda that not only threatens our domestic well- being but our national security as well.

    [I’m not sure if the previous stands by itself or goes with the next. The difference is significant if you’re looking for evidence of an anti-gay rant.–p]

    The President’s efforts to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” forcing the military to embrace sexuality must be stopped.

    A few weeks ago I spoke to a buddy I served with in the Marine Corps and he told me he was going to retire. I asked him why. He said, well, when I first joined the marine corps, homosexuality was illegal. When I reenlisted, it was optional. I am going to get out before it is mandatory. [laughter]

    America has the best equipped, the best trained, and the most experienced military in the history of the world and we owe it to these men and women — [applause] we owe it to these men and women who, it’s been shown, cannot speak for themselves in this environment, to not let this administration turn them into camouflaged guinea pigs for radical social experimentation.

    I have little patience for ostentatious smarmy religiosity. I don’t know much about Tony Perkins. My guess is he does in fact think homosexuality is a sin, but really, the “don’t ask, don’t tell” remark is all he said that could possibly be construed as pointedly anti-gay. A rant? That’s a controversial issue going on for many years. It’s controversial even among the military from what I’ve read. You can listen for yourself here . (speech begins at 1:47)

    Maybe that’s sufficient for condemnation for some. So then what’s to be done about the likes of Mr. Perkins who is most likely opposed to gay marriage as well? Should there be a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for a person’s religious orientation in the Republican Party?

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