An April 1 post by Maynard

In the remote regions of the Amazon, there are weird little goodies to be found. And there’s a coterie of weird little people that glom onto the weird little goodies for the purpose of writing weird little reviews. Those of you that are connoisseurs of the outré may find a moment’s respite from your private hells in perusing a few salient selections.

You might be surprised to see how popular Tuscan Whole Milk is, with a whopping list of 1192 reviews and counting, plus plenty of customer images.

In anticipation of Easter, the Fresh Whole Rabbit is not to be missed. (See reviews and customer images.) (On the subject of the holiday, if you ever wanted to etch the image of Jesus onto toast, here you go.)

Then there’s stuff like this, which can’t be serious…or can it?

Anybody need a wedding chapel?

You wanna be a doctor? You’ll need one of these!

Look at what you can get for under $40,000! (And don’t miss the reviews.)

And you thought Amazon was just for books.

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  1. Pat_S says:

    Tuscan milk comes from cows in New Jersey. The dairy also produces a higher calcium product called Over the Moon.

    Wood toilet seats have more exotic competition in China. There’s a 4-story 1,000 stall public toilet on Foreigners Street in Chongqing. Part of the facility is open-air. Many of the urinals are uniquely shaped including open crocodiles’ mouths and women’s derrieres. Some resemble the likeness of the Virgin Mary.

    April Fool????

  2. tamcat says:

    Male Testicular Exam Model Anatomy $161.76. And does that price include the new 2%-4% tax on medical equipment?

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