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Now that Barry has decided to address the growing chaos by gracing us with his presence, Tammy must anguish over how much Obama audio TAMs need. Presidential words are, after all, news. My suggestion: Prior to carrying a speech, doubtful TAMs will be issued a handy Bullsh** Bingo card. Then hang out in the chat room and play along. There will be a prize of some sort (I don’t know what; maybe a pair of earplugs?) for the first person to shout “BINGO!

Obviously the cards will have to be officially certified and randomized. But here’s a prototype, which seems to have originated from IOWNTHEWORLD or BigFurHat. As you can see, someone’s bound to reach the Bingo! point in short order.

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  1. IloiloKano says:

    Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner! 🙂

  2. RobertJCosta says:

    THE OBAMA PRESS CONFERENCE: “Everything that has ever happened to me has been Bush’s fault. I got elected President, Bush’s fault. The reason America sucks is Bush’s fault. No jobs? That’s right Bush’s fault. The reason I can’t lead and don’t know what I am doing is Bush’s fault. Well that sums up all of my excuses. Any more questions?”

  3. dogtown1 says:

    That press conference was as usual very disturbing, everytime he opens his mouth a lie falls out. How can his aproval ratings be above 10?

  4. Mrs. Malcontent says:

    Can you turn this into a drinking game?

  5. CO2aintpoison says:

    Glad to see our tax dollars via SEIU is running around threatening a 14 year old boy by gathering 700 on the lawn of his house. Where was this story last week? Answer: no where. This, from the county next to mine. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/linkset/2009/02/25/LI2009022502075.html

    Wonder how the once would feel if the same was done with his kid. Anyone think the Once is making end runs at thrusting citizens into real civil unrest? I know what the results would have been if they did this to my kid.

    • Mrs. Malcontent says:

      words fail me

    • Laura says:

      I would be up on my roof spraying bullets…I’ve got the higher ground

      Seriously how much closer to a civil war can we get

      Opposing organization entering someone’s personal domain in an uncivil offense

    • BeforeGoreKneel says:

      Anyone seen a “I am the Once You have been waiting for” poster? Maybe next to those styrofoam greek columns.

      Greek columns. Fits doesn’t it?

      Hope Teh Once doesn’t find out about caryatids.

  6. Dave J. says:

    I might add “57 states” and “how do you say that in Austrian?” However, those were one-offs: this is quite a brilliant diagram of Captain Wonderful’s verbal tics.

    • CO2aintpoison says:

      57 states with two more to go (Hawaii and Alaska cuz it was too much money to go there…) I believe was the comment by the freak in chief – but who’s counting.

  7. wvhart says:

    Each side is shamelessly and moronically blaming the other. The left is blaming the right for its propensity to deregulate. The right is blaming the left for its ties to the environmental movement. In the now famous words of Sonny and Cher, “and the beat goes on”….and on….and on…..Seriously, though, we all know what we have to do. 1) We have to continue to drill (this, in that we’ll still need oil, not just for energy but for products, too). But 2) we have to take measures to prevent this from ever happening again. And, yes, that may preclude us from further drilling in waters this deep (and, yes, this indeed will call for the environmentalists to compromise). There, now if we can only get the politicians to take a little bit of a powder on this finger-pointing.

  8. LJZumpano says:

    It is not something he says, but when ever he disappoints the left, and they need to offer some admission that he might be wrong, they ALWAYS begin with, he’s so smart. It makes me cringe. I have not seen any evidence that he is smart, or intelligent, or even well-read. I don’t recall him ever quoting from any classical work. I remember being impressed by both John and Robert Kennedy when they were able to draw from history a phrase or thought that fit a situation and gave the sense of a bond among all humanity. What would BHO had said if it were he, and not Reagan, who offered the nation solace when the Challenger crashed on take- off? I see no understanding of history, appreciation of humanity or interest in the world as it exists. I do see a soulless empty suit, and he would be pitiful if he were not reponsible for the tragic events we see unfolding.

    • Maynard says:

      You’ve touched on one of my pet peeves. So many modern people seem to think “smart” is the be-all and end-all. It’s not. “Smart” is a squishy word. Someone may be smart but not wise or good. Without wisdom and morality, “smart” will merely lead you astray. “Smart” fools are the nemesis of civilization. Hitler was certainly smart, and Neville Chamberlain probably was too. Heaven protect us from “smart” people.

      • naga5 says:

        in our bible study, we say that wisdom is knowledge applied.
        we try to teach everyone all the right skills and tools, and leaders will arise. but wise leaders are rare.
        it is becoming my contention that urkel isn’t even all that smart. he is like those mad-lib games that kids play when growing up. he inserts a adjective here, a connective phrase there, remember to never say anything bad about muslims and blame bush for something and, voila, we have a speech ready for TOTUS or a card for the bingo game. he is as bad as the bit damon wayans used to do on ‘In Living Color’-the “intellectual” prisoner who sounded articulate till you realized he didn’t know the meanings of the words he was using.
        i agree with you, LJZ. he would provide no leadership or solace in anything so nationally tragic as the shuttle disaster. or oil spill. or terrorist attack. crap, he called daniel pearl’s beheading something that “captured the world’s imagination”, in front of his freakin parents!
        he has no sense of history because his framework is to look at it from his history of an absent alcoholic father, detached drifting mother, growing up outside the US, then mentored by communists and now adult friends with terrorists, anti-Semites and criminals.
        the only saving grace is that as we point out how poor and unwise his leadership is, we are able to become local leaders ourselves, and hence the tea party movement. it may be in local elections and townhalls or just within our circle of friends or in our families, but the times call for all of us to be silent no more.

    • Shifra says:

      I recently got a voice-activated software package to help me write reports for work (broke my wrist, surgery, long story short. OMG, I really missed the TAMS and Chatroom! ) When setting up the program, it asked that I read JFK’s Inaugural Address, so that the program would “get” my speech pattern. I started reading his speech, and it was shocking to see how low we have sunk in only fifty years. Regardless of one’s politics, JFK was AN AMERICAN! He spoke to us, and he spoke for our country. And now, we get Urkel???? G-d help us! He, and all the Leftists, must be defeated!

  9. kipnemco says:

    For over 230 years, good men and women…no, great men and women…have protected this Nation and preserved its freedoms and liberties. These great men and women have also liberated millions of people from the brutal onslaught of nation-states and regimes that sought to dominate the world. These great men and women are the true patriots of this wonderful country.

    Today though, a bad man…no, a very bad man, with very bad friends, and very bad intentions is undermining our Constitution, threatening to destroy our democratic system of government, and jeopardizing the future of our society and culture. Even more egregious is this very bad man’s open contempt and disdain toward the great military men and women who, with uncommon valor, bravery, and selflessness, have guarded this Republic and protected our “certain unalienable Rights,” including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

    B. Hussein Obama is attempting to change the fabric of our democracy, with its capitalist, market-driven economy, to a country that politically, economically, and culturally resembles the nation-states and regimes that we defeated on the battlefield – in Europe, in the Pacific, in the Middle East, and elsewhere. Obama and his communist, socialist, criminal friends are very bad men and women. They must not be allowed to endure. We must protect our Constitution. We must stop this unprecedented attack on capitalism and eviscerate Obama’s campaign to destroy our Republic and our democratic way of life. We owe that to ourselves, to our children, and to our grandchildren. Equally important though, we owe it to those great men and women…those brave men and women, who have demonstrated courage and guts in combat and have preserved our freedoms and protected our individual liberties.

    The current struggle in this country is really a simple case of Good vs. Bad. For our Republic to survive, the solution is clear: good men and women WIN the struggle…selfish, narcissistic, very bad men and women LOSE. My money is on the good guys and gals.

    Semper Fidelis and best wishes on this glorious Memorial Day.

    – A Disabled Combat Veteran

  10. oldwolves says:

    That’s not fair!!!!! Every speech he gives fills the card! This game is rigged! LMAO

  11. Carol says:

    Just caught a little of Meet the rePressed with Axelrod (as much as I could stand). Playing bingo with a member of the Urkel regime is also fun, but not quite a winner. Words and phrases used:
    let me be clear (used several times), held accountable (lost count of how many times used), inherited, historic, unprecedented, crisis, and “day one” which should be on a BS bingo card.

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