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It is so sad when our beloved fictions are revealed to us as untrue. For most Americans that all happens in our childhood over childish things. Cherished fictions for members of the media stubbornly persist, usually all their lives. The greatest media fiction of all is that the American people are politically centrist. Watch as Chris Wallace learns the facts of life.

Rubio: A year ago when I was in the Republican primary I was down by 30 some-odd points and we spent a year travelling the state telling people what we believe in and the numbers changed. The same will happen now. Now we have a chance to talk to a broader audience of Floridians about our mainstream positions, not the positions the other candidates have, which frankly put our country on a path most Floridians don’t want us on. […]

Wallace: But, but, wait a minute. You said mainstream positions. I thought you were a conservative?

Rubio: Conservative thought is the mainstream position in America.

Someday Chris will find out there won’t be any government goodies under his pillow. But, but, wait a minute….. Poor boy.

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  1. RuBegonia says:

    This apple fell down the hill and then some before landing. I think he plays the game craftily. Maybe that’s just my cherished fiction.

  2. thierry says:

    since viet nam they’ve been trying to insist we were all at the center to better drag it all to the far left- to make it look like they weren’t completely insane, misguided, and totally out of step with our constitution and founding principles- the very principles that created the wealth, security and privilege that allowed them to wallow in their socialistic utopian delusions (which was all just a front for their lust for power anyway).

    when urkel was elected it was beyond their wildest dreams- at last they had found an honest to goodness unicorn, which even they themselves knew didn’t exist ,really, and it just got all the power in the world! imagine the shock! this greatly contributes to their inability to give up what’s in plain sight for all- liberalism is a fascist construct and a failure. the majority of americans never wanted any part of it and don’t like what’s happening. their glorious unicorn is a disconnected ideologue, a lying rather shallow snot, much like themselves, only he doesn’t give a toss about them ( it’s one thing not to care about the plebs but the liberal elite who conspired to put you on the throne… tsk tsk) and is acting like a debased late roman empire emperor/god- running over the constitution and systematically stripping the congress of all it’s power with their tacit consent . attacking the court when not stacking it with lackeys. and there’s plenty of room under urkel’s chariot for you chrissy…

    they must know if they give urkel up it only points to their own complicity in the fraud of hope and change. the people who think they covered themselves in glory during watergate have committed a crime against our country far greater than anything nixon did. they’ll stand by their delusions to the bitter end because they have no integrity. they are not a free press- they’re a network of PR firms for democrats.

  3. morecowbell says:

    LOL ..Chris Wallace…acting all surprised and such…of course mainstream thought is conservative. What a softball Q and A. Ask Rubio what he dislikes in the DC agenda, how he would stop the agenda, what specific alternatives doe he support and how would he get them through..

  4. dogtown1 says:

    Rubio is good at answering dumb questions, I have yet to see him with the deer in the headlights look. I know this will seem bad, but I would rather see the liberal dem win than Charlie Crist (what a double d). Most Americans are conservative, they just don’t know it.

  5. Ayeboots says:

    Wallace is like so many Progressives in sheeps clothing with his superiority complex because he has the
    mike in his hand. I don’t want to call him a dumb bastard I think he is just a media Milk Sop. By
    the way the ScottsIrish are the rebellious Lowland Scotts who move to Northern Ireland to become tennant
    farmers for the Crown about the 1600 and early 1700’s and migrated to Continental America during the
    early and middle part of the 18th century. They were the backbone of the Continental Army during the Revolution. You are Irish by location. It’s like a New Yorker moving to California they are New Yorkers.
    They are not Irish although the bear the name Scotch/Irish they are Lowland Scotts, the rebellious Lowlanders who gave the English hell until they were offered cattle farms in the PATE. They never integrated
    with the Irish, at least that is my understanding. I admire you and your blood is pioneer blood and that
    is what makes you great, we need more of that. Sincerely, John C.

  6. jmucciola says:

    Marco Rubio is a Bush-type republican. Whoop-tee-doo he’s cuban! Who cares?? Rubio recently condemned the Arizona immigration law as well as offshore oil drilling. This RINO gets no support from me. The slimey Bush/Rove tentacles have this guy wrapped up.

    • franknitti says:

      Then you should cast your vote for (or send money to) Tanning Bed Charlie Crist. It’s as simple as that.

      • jmucciola says:

        No, Frank, I wouldn’t vote for either if I lived in that state. Are you a “party” drone easily fooled by anyone with an “R” after his/her name? I’m not impressed with some clown with a hispanic surname hoisted up there by the Bush-wing of the republican party. Here’s a rule of thumb for ya Frankie–ANYONE promoted by a Bush (George, Jeb or any of those assholes) and/or Karl Rove is a neocon scumbag who wants the border wide open and the wages low for their corporate buddies on Wall Street. On top of it, the Bush/McCain type republican falsely believes that if they PANDER long and hard enough to illegals and their supporters, they will all vote republican. Never gonna happen.

        • franknitti says:

          I’m no drone but it does appear that you’re a Ron Paul nut. You done tipped your hand with the phrases “necon scumbag” and “corporate buddies on Wall Street.” Rubio and the like may have flaws but I would vote for them any day of the week before I’d vote for that scumbag you call a hero. So go get on that Ron Paul bus and be sure to pocket the $10.00 he’ll hand you for voting for him in the next straw poll. It’s a helluva way to make a living.

  7. BastiatFan says:

    Marco Rubio is a Bush-type republican. Whoop-tee-doo he’s cuban! Who cares?? Rubio recently condemned the Arizona immigration law as well as offshore oil drilling. This RINO gets no support from me. The slimey Bush/Rove tentacles have this guy wrapped up.

    Folks we need to get OVER this idea of a perfect candidate. Sarah Palin and Allen West are the closest I’ve EVER seen (not counting Reagan) as my PERFECT candidates. But let’s not let the PERFECT be the enemy of the GOOD. Rubio is clearly preferable to Crist, Charlie’s lovely orange pigmentation notwithstanding.

    • bachmann2012 says:

      I agree that we have to vote for the most conservative candidate, not just the perfect ones. They do not exist.

      I don’t think Palin (although more conservative than 99% of politicians) counts as close to perfect, though, because she supported TARP.

      People like Bachmann and Pence (while not perfect) are closer to it, though, because they did not support a big government solution to a huge issue: the financial crisis. They both voted against TARP twice.

  8. Steven2100 says:

    Rubio Is A Hypocrite.

    After hearing the “great conservative” (“con” is more like it) in which he compares Arizona’s law to a “police state”, I no longer care if Rubio, Fiorina and all the other “cons” lose in November. I am tired of “Republicans” pandering to the Hispanic vote. Let’s remember. We were founded as an Anglo-American/Judeo-Christian nation. For Rubio, whose family fled Cuba, to compare Arizona’s law (which mirrors Federal law) is unconscionable. If we are going to bend over backwards to placate the “conservative, family oriented Hispanics”, then it is time to turn the lights out on this Republic. No more Rhinos, and no more “Cons.” If we keep voting in these hypocrites, we will still wind up behind the eight ball. These Rhinos and cons have to be taught a lesson. To me, they are worse that the democrats. I expect nothing but treachery from them. I expect more from the “right.”

  9. KatieSilverSpring says:

    Thanks, BastiatFan, my thoughts almost exactly. I was disappointed, maybe even crestfallen when Rubio said that (and I watched it live). My respect for Chris Wallace is still intact, though; he knows how to elicit the answer from a reluctant politician/candidate. Watch the May 22nd special elections in Hawai’i (go Djou!!) and Pennsylvania where two Reps are running strong. That’s the kicker and what to think about, not whether Rubio is this and Chris Wallace is that.

    Then you guys can help me watch Maryland’s 4th Congressional as we try to get rid of the Democrat placeholder; a Republican for the first time will be a shock but I am hoping for Robert Broadus there (libertyandjustice.us). Some of you live in places where real elections have a chance but not those of us in MD4.

  10. sandyl says:

    I think some are misconstruing what Rubio is saying. He has said that he doesn’t blame AZ for passing the law. He said they have every right to pass it, because they were tired of what was happening in their state, and the federal gov’t not doing anything about it. He only said that he didn’t think it was the best solution to the problem. He believes it would be best for the federal gov’t to enforce their laws against illegal aliens. That makes perfect sense to me. We all know that AZ doesn’t want to waste money on the lawsuits that are coming, but the federal gov’t left them no choice. Rubio is absolutely correct when he says the feds should be enforcing the federal laws already on the books. He has also said he is NOT for amnesty.

    So I guess I am a little confused about some of the mean spiritedness directed at Rubio. I adhere to Ann Coulter’s belief that there are a few bad republicans, but there are no good democrats. And BastiatFan is absolutely correct—we can’t vilify every good candidate because they aren’t perfect. If we do, we may soon be living under tyranny in the USSA. Then it will make little difference who was good and who was perfect.

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