Faisal Shahzad, the man arrested in connection with the New York car bomb plot, became a naturalized US citizen in April, 2009. Almost immediately after gaining citizenship, Shahzad left for Pakistan and returned this February. Thank goodness Obama’s gang was focused on the dangers of Tea Party Patriots while this guy put his car bomb together. No reason at all to follow him around. None at all.

Like any other enemy combatant, he should be in CIA custody for interrogation. Instead, according to a report on CNN, he’ll be in criminal court tomorrow in Manhattan. As each day goes on the mindless chaos of this government gets worse.

U.S. citizen from Pakistan arrested in Times Square bomb case

A man was arrested late Monday night in connection with the failed Times Square bombing, administration officials said. The suspect, Faisal Shahzad, a 30-year-old U.S. citizen from Pakistan, allegedly purchased the sport utility vehicle that authorities found packed with explosives in New York on Saturday night.

Authorities became aware of his identity Monday afternoon. He was arrested just after 11 p.m. by Customs and Border Protection agents at JFK International Airport. Shahzad’s flight to Dubai had left the gate and was headed toward the runway when authorities discovered that he was on board and wanted. He was removed from the plane and taken into custody, an official said.

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  1. Sam Joe says:

    What a knucklehead. They still have the firing squad in Utah. I think if Faisal Shahzad is found guilty, he should be restrained inside a motor vehicle, only this time with the grade of fertilizer that would produce the result he was hoping for this past weekend.

    This is treason.

  2. Maynard says:

    That explains it. The man came to America on his mission in April. It wasn’t until June when Obama gave his speech in Cairo, which gave us peace for our time. Now that Obama has explained everything and apologized, there won’t be any new terrorists, just a few old terrorists who are finishing up their jobs as a point of honor.

  3. glwinch says:

    You can thank the US State Department for this…

  4. Red Barr says:

    This is a prime example why the voters must put away our differences in who we are and come together as conservatives and independents and vote Obama out in November 2012 or this country that we know of will be under a socialist/ communist government.

  5. […] Madrak. Also via Renner, Dan Riehl has more on Faisal Shahzad’s Internet activity. Dan links Tammy Bruce for this detail:Shahzad’s flight to Dubai had left the gate and was headed toward the runway when […]

  6. JLThorpe says:

    So I guess the balding white guy they showed on the news had nothing to do with this. From the footage they showed he merely glanced back at the car. Now, if this guy was the suspect, there would have been more footage of him doing something in association with the car. But if there wasn’t, why point him out as a suspect? To make the real suspect think he was free of suspicion? Or, as Tammy said regarding Richard Jewell, was it merely an attempt to tie up the case and bring things back to normal at the expense of someone’s freedom and innocence. For all the talk on the Left about how many innocent black people end up in prison by our “racist” justice system, do you think this will provoke a similar outcry in the coming days?

  7. thierry says:

    why don’t we just end all this sickness at once- march right into the white house and arrest urkel and paaaaaaaaaaaaat. this tool they picked up is obviously going to get wanked around the judicial system to no good effect. might as well go to the source of the problem and really save some lives.

  8. franknitti says:

    How can this be? The Urkel Administration assures us that Islam is a religion of peace. I thought the biggest threat to our security was all these right-wing crackpots in the Tea Party movement. Again, how can this be? Who am I to believe–the truth or the One?

  9. varmint says:

    Maynard you are hysterically funny.
    Democrats deliberately turning a blind eye to the breath taking incompetence, of this Administration, at this point, pushing any hope for a return to prosperity further and further away, hurting us all from a hatred of capitalism, refusing to defend border integrity when an attack with a weapon of mass destruction is a matter of time, playing a “tax the CO2” game while ignoring the amassing scientific warnings that an ice age is actually starting, because it was and is about solar cycles, not CO2, just acting out a mania for taxing and spending and intrusive, controlling, leftist social engineering to the detriment of future generations, it’s a testament to amazing stupidity.

  10. varmint says:

    If I were Harry Potter we would have Sarah Palin in the Whitehouse in one shake of the magic wand.

    The word incompetence doesn’t cover it for this Administration. Maybe a phrase, “intransigent and evil incompetence?”

    Maynard is hysterically funny!

  11. Laura says:

    Obama sends the SWAT team on Grandma and Grandpa Tea Party instead

  12. FreedomsWings says:

    Unfortunately, our insane government allowed this guy to become a citizen so we have to honor his constitutional rights. This proves what conservatives have maintained for a longtime, this is not a religion of peace we are dealing with. Also quick question, how did this guy get through airport security to the point he almost boarded a plane?

  13. morecowbell says:

    Very clever for an amateur… hmmm… I wonder what the pros are up to ??

    • Shifra says:

      After the first World Trade Center bombing, in ’93, people were yukking it up about how amateurish the
      A-rabs were (even though six people died). I guess they perfected their “skills.”

  14. Steven2100 says:

    Bloomberg is One Dumb Bastard. I live here in NYC, and I am boiling at his imbecilic remark. This jerk doesn’t want to believe that Islamism is at war with US. And before we start patting the NYPD on the back, let’s remember that it was *TWO STREET VENDORS* who alerted the Police. The fact that this Pak could park the car and ignite the bomb shows to me that it was successful enough for the next Muslim terrorist to perfect the time and place and professionally ignite it. We just got lucky this time. By God’s grace. Certainly not by the “smarts” of the FBI or “Homeless Security.”

  15. JHSII says:

    Apology from Bloomberg in 5…4…3…2…1…

  16. Teri says:

    In a nutshell. Obama was selected by the Marxist machine. He is truly the dumb bastard. We are not fighting a conventional war. The enemy is within.* & outside, of course* .. Common sense must prevail or we will perish as a country. I am not hopeless but right now things are not looking too good.

    • Laura says:

      Our government seems like a hostile foreign occupying force, MPO.

      • Teri says:

        Right. When the commander in chief of our country is fighting against us and wants us to fail, we really are in different times. We need to do all we can as individuals but there may come a day that we need to band together with a new strategy to fight this enemy who would love to see millions of Americans dead to fulfill their agenda for the ‘ fundamental change of America ‘. We have our work cut out for us.

        • Laura says:

          Yes we most certainly will band together in what will be the most unprecedented reaction against this regime this country will ever witness, as I will not go quietly into the night.

  17. […] Of course, that’s not even counting Americans themselves who our president ticks off with a manner that’s far more condescending than cool. He’s out to irritate pals both foreign and domestic, all so the Auric Goldfingers of the world will befriend us.  Worst of all, it won’t work, as our mortal enemies will still be out to get us.  The Times Square bomber didn’t seem too convinced by Obama’s conciliatory gestures. […]

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