The Compulsion to Confess.

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  1. kwilder says:

    I’ll stick with the borders, thank you… pass on the ‘bonds’.

  2. MACVEL says:

    In Israel, some ISRAELIS are working for a Middle East where Israel will have no borders. Treason is going on there as it is here.

  3. Laura says:

    Beautiful response.

    ‘We are not defined by our borders’ excuse me?? Did I really hear that right. One more idiot statement from the delusional tyrannical dictator. What’s this ‘we’ crap, oh yea the obama collective…resistance is futile.

  4. thierry says:

    senor barry probably really would have rather been president of mexico- but they don’t allow non- citizens to run for that office or own property- because they are defined by their borders and ethnicity- ask anyone crossing mexico’s southern border. america is the only one, the most accepting of all nations, that’s suppose to be an amorphous non defined blob that refuses to defend herself or her borders.

    this belies the truth of the matter- people flock here risking their lives because of what we do define ourselves as- fair democratic and for equal opportunity under a rule of law not chaos and repression under a dictatorships. if we don’t represent anything and we don’t define ourselves we’ll just be another hell hole ruled by criminals like mexico.

  5. FreedomsWings says:

    President Calderon said we were going to work on a “unified border” – WTH!? I have a real translation for what that woman at the end of the video was saying, “The takeover of the United States of America is almost complete thanks to this blithering idiot.”

  6. tamcat says:

    ‘We are not defined by our borders’ UNFORTUNATELY not, dumb bastard!

  7. Red Barr says:

    ..And we are not defined by a street organizer from one of the most corrupted cities this country has ever experienced.. Chicago.

    Barack Obama wants a one party country like his Chicago base where he hails from. What way can this be done by inviting additional entitlements and other welfare handout goodies to a bunch of vagabonds.

    Barack Obama knows damn well this will destroy all opposition to his corrupted regime. The only thing I have to admit and I am sorry this ever happen; would be the first amnesty of the 1980s. Although a firm Ronald Reagan supporter; I am afraid he fell asleep on his watch on this one.

    The Reagan administration along with subsequent administrations afterwards allowed all this open border nonsense to happen. This subsequent amnesty and other amnesty programs were bad policy decisions during the 1980s; 1990s and well into the 21st century!

    The international border should have remained solidly shut and tightly secured and manned. The former president Dwight David Eisenhower along with the Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and somewhat the Carter administrations would NEVER allow what we see; this travesty to happen as it did later on.

    Mexico; traditionally and historically was NEVER a friend to this country. Mexico refused to send any armies, troops and such to the war in Europe to fight the Nazi machine. Why heck; Mexico did NOT even send a contingent of medics and nurses to Europe during World War 2. You will find Mexico along with Central and South America very SYMPATHETIC to Hitler’s Nazi-Germany at the time!

    This is why, historically, Mexico would either be classified as “non-beligerant” or termed as politically a “neutral” during World War 2. In truth, Mexico’s sympathies were allied to Nazi Germany or very sympathetic to fascism at the time. I would submit, Mexico is still oriented for the most part this way!

    Just give a looksie at the Mexican culture and you will see a mark distinction of a culture affixed to fascism and that almost of abject Nazism. Not all those who have made their way into this country from Mexico, Central America and South America are oriented this way.

    I am afraid the ‘chickens have come home to roost’ when the amnesty programs of the 1980s; 1990s and the 21st century were implimented. We ended up selling on own nation down the drain.

    I wish there would be a way to rid the scourge what has entered this country.

  8. eMVeeH says:

    Tammy made the point the best point on the USA/Mexico immigration problem today on the show: The US is the steam valve for the ever-building pressure that is Mexico.

    Calderon’s a pathetic bumbler who can’t control the narco-chaos of his country. He knows that if the US ever secures it’s borders, the fantasy of his “peaceful” Mexico will explode right in his face. He needs open borders and US un enforcement of immigration laws so that Mexico will not explode into full civil war.

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