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*UPDATE Please use this post as open thread for election results.

Tea Party Supporter Rand Paul Defeats Republican Favorite Trey Grayson in Kentucky

**UPDATE Sestak defeats Specter. What party will he turn to next?

***UPDATE Disappointing. CNN breaking news. Tim Burns loses to Mark Critz in PA-12.

Arlen Specter warns of tea party ‘take over’

As voters considered his fate throughout Pennsylvania, Sen. Arlen Specter warned on Tuesday that without him Democrats may not be able to fend off a tea party “takeover.”

“If we’re not careful, if you don’t field the strongest candidate — frankly, like Arlen Specter — they’re going to take over,” Specter said of the tea parties. “Beating the tea party gang is more important than who does the beating.”

They want to go back to the gold standard,” he added.“It’d be an 18th-century America.”

Yup. The 18th century as in The Spirit of ’76 and the Constitution.

Reports of low voter turnout in Philadelphia could sink Specter. That would be sweet justice.

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  1. theroys88 says:

    You damn straight Arlen….now pack your bags and get on home.

  2. IslandLibertarian says:

    Taken over by Tea Parties (as absurd as that sounds) as opposed to being taken over by “ACORN”, or “Organizing for America”, or “La Raza”, or Radical Islam………hmmmmm…..decisions, decisions……….Earl Grey, hot!

  3. franknitti says:

    So long, Arlen. You smelly dog turd. You’ve been on the job too long.

  4. MaryVal says:

    I won’t be able to go to bed tonight, I have to stay up and see this moron put out to pasture. Judas priest, I’m tired of these clowns.

  5. BastiatFan says:

    Looks like ‘ol Arlen just stepped in a big steaming pile of reality!

    Oh, and by the way Arlen: Fuck You. 18th Century America… at least then they HONORED,

  6. IloiloKano says:

    Reports of low voter turnout in Philadelphia could sink Specter. That would be sweet justice.

    Actually, the best scenario would be for him to barely win the primary, since Pat Toomey would easily whoop him in a land slide. The other liberal idiot polls better, though he should get his butt waxed as well, just not by as large a margin.

  7. RuBegonia says:

    Polls closing in Pennsylvania as I write this. How about a round of “Happy Days Are Here Again” — a Democrat theme song. Maybe the Tea Party ought to co-opt this too 🙂 …

  8. makeshifty says:

    I hear these taunts in my neck of the woods from progressives, because the Libertarian Party was started here in CO., that, “Libertarianism has never been tried anywhere in the world,” which just goes to show how historically illiterate they are. Of course it’s been tried. What I keep telling them is it’s what 18th and 19th century America was like, except without the institutionalized discrimination against minorities, women, gays, etc.

    I don’t agree with libertarians on everything, particularly foreign policy, though I have an open mind. I think it would be best for America if we moved back in that direction, though I don’t want it to go “cold turkey”. We didn’t get here overnight, and I don’t think it would be healthy for us to get out of it overnight. We as Americans have become dependent on government for some fundamental things, and we would need some time to wean ourselves off of it. I think some deadlines and/or cut-off points would be constructive, for ending some government entitlements. I’d like to see welfare programs moved down to the states, where they can be constitutionally implemented. Either that, or else start a “national conversation” about amending the constitution to allow the federal government to fund some entitlements, and we could talk about what type and how much they could spend, that is if a constitutional super-majority liked the idea at all. I’d like to see us move back to the concept that the constitution is a document of negative rights for government. It’s a good design decision that takes into account what government actually is.

  9. Gordon says:

    I’m sure that the American-British Tories (aka, Loyalists) and King George III would have referred to the Patriots as a “Gang” also…I believe that puts all of we Tea Party supporters in Good company!

    Kick ALL of the BUMS out in November..and continue until they are just a bad memory never to return!

  10. Maynard says:

    We should heed Sen. Specter’s warning. If present trends continue, America is at risk of being taken over by Americans.

  11. mrcannon says:

    I think Specter has a high opinion of himself. Isn’t it possible he was voted out simply because he suffers dementia?

  12. Laura says:

    Yes Maynard, and to the point where liberal progressivism/communism no longer exists in America, I think not only should they be removed from power but tried for treason and the ultimate consequence for committing treason should still entail, an 18th century America sounds damn good to me and I cannot wait to experience it

  13. IloiloKano says:

    If your enemy is quick to anger, seek to irritate him.–Sun Tzu

    Time to tweak Arlen Specter! http://is.gd/cfojh

  14. franknitti says:

    Update: Sestak leads the Senile Old Clown by 18,000 votes and 52-48% with 45% of the precincts in Pennsylvania reporting. Get them bags packed, Arlen.

  15. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    Here’s my Judge of Election view of Specter: of my ward’s 67 Democrats Specter got 34 votes, Sestak got 32. Our ward had 14 Republican voters, a total turnout of 81 (of about 1350 possible). We’re as dopey blue as they come, and have voted into our Mayor’s office (Allentown PA) an actual real-life bleeding heart f’ing idiot from Chicago not merely once, but twice. He runs 4M deficits, borrows 30-year money to pay current year expenses and said last week that he expects the auditors to figure out what accounts he should be transfering money in order to cover his annual $1.5M police and $800K fire deficits. So we’re that stupid and Specter gets a two vote majority? So I think he’s toast…. but I haven’t turned on the tube yet.

  16. LJZumpano says:

    Every election we hear the pundits tell us that what we are seeing is not really what we think it is. A candidate appears to be ahead, but wait we are told, a section of the district or state which will favor the opponent has not come in yet and the numbers will change. We also know the political machines control the votes, especially in urban areas. Folks vote the party line, giving little thought to who the candidate is or what he/she stands for. A good boss knows before election day who is voting and how many votes he has.
    In the special NY 23 election Hoffman needed a certain vote count in one particular area, and when the votes didn’t turn up, it was over, even though Hoffman still appeared to be fine in the raw vote. When Hilary was asked to run for the Senate in New York, she knew that if she did the machine would be totally behind her. They could show her exactly where the votes would be, and what she needed to do to secure them. It was over before the first vote was cast.

    This year I notice that the machines may be breaking down. The night before the Brown MA win, Pelosi seemed confident. She said in effect that regardless of what the polls said, the Democrat machine was going bring out the vote for a win. She assumed that the machine was in good working order, that the phone calls had been made, the lists of voters prepared and that the efforts needed to actually get those voters to the polls would be handled. She was wrong. Not even a last minute visit from the President was enough to stop Brown from winning.
    In Kentucky tonight it appears the Republican machine was unable to get a win for their candidate Grayson.
    In PA, the results will tell whether Rendell, the “boss” still has a well oiled machine. He knows where his votes are and he knows what has to be done to get them. The fact that he is complaining that it’s rainy in Philly, and so folks won’t vote is really an indictment of his machine. His job, his power, is his ability to get those votes, regardless the cost. He can never admit defeat, but the fact that he is blaming the weather indicates that the machine might not be as good as it once was.
    Maybe folks who have been voting, at Rendell’s bidding against Specter all these years, are confused as to why they are supposed to be suddenly voting for him. Maybe they see Specter as the elderly driver in the family who won’t stop driving, though he can barely see, no matter how you try to reason with him. Maybe folks are not as trusting as they once were, allowing their political party to vet candidates for them. Maybe the folks who are the foot soldiers of the machine are not as fired up as they once might have been. Maybe the teaparty movement is reaching Americans with the message that something is not right, and folks are beginning to question the powers that be and trusting their gut when they see the spin and the outright lies we’re being fed by the political class.

    I don’t really know, but what puzzles me is that the political pros don’t seem to understand it either. I think Bennett was actually surprised when he lost in Utah. Afterall the machine was in place and should having been working. The old rules don’t always apply anymore. The old machines are not functioning “correctly”.

    Hmm where is John Galt these days, with all this broken machinery? Oh, maybe he’s working with the teaparty to build a new machine, one that consists of Americans who care about their country. Who inform themselves and rely on no one else to tell them what is “best”. Americans who see the Constitution as the result centuries of blood and tears and knowledge going back to 1215 and the Magna Carta. Americans who are not willing to see all that thrown away because some folks want to follow a malignant narcissist into slavery. All these different folks, from different backgrounds, with different ways of life, but united just the same as Americans. We are the cogs and gizmos that make up this new machine and it is quite a sight watching it grow and develop. That red, white and blue never looked better. While each victory gives us hope, each defeat gives us new information and strengthens us.

    One of the things I admire about my NY Yankees is that they begin each season with one goal – to win the World Series. They will not win every game they play, but they take the wins and losses in stride. Never losing sight of the goal. We must avoid getting over confident when we win one, or falling into despair when we lose.. We are Americans and we will be victorious. There just isn’t any other option.

  17. Artist4Palin says:

    Wahoo…So long Arlen Hello Rand….
    Reading about Tim Burns in PA 16th. He was against great odds with the large Democrat Socialist registration. Dead and Gone Murtha bought jobs for the whole district so of course they registered for him. No more earmarks now that he is dead. This election comes up again in November (doesn’t it).

  18. gone_fishin says:

    So what’s the downside for Arlene Spectator? The only downside is he can’t steal anymore from the taxpayers. “Gee, they fired me”, but they gave me this really great lifetime pension and health insurance for free. I also left town with about 5 million in tax free campaign funds and numerous PAC accounts! See ya suckas! I got some lobbying gigs pre-paid and in my account already. You guys sure told me! (Personally, i think he sold his soul 40+ years ago to the Federal Reserve and the Warren Commision!)


  19. Red Barr says:

    Arlen it’s tea time….Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

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