Okay, more like the Boss of Hippies. I’m just sayin’. Oh, and it’s Arizona researchers who may be saving hippies from themselves 😉

Bags for life could have E.coli

Bags for life could be a threat to shoppers’ health because they harbor potentially deadly food poisoning bugs, according to research.

Tests on shoppers’ bags revealed half contained traces of E.coli, a lethal toxin which killed 26 people in Scotland in 1996 in one of the worlds worst food poisoning outbreaks.

Scientists also found many were contaminated with salmonella.

Reusable plastic shopping bags have become increasingly popular in Britain thanks to supermarkets and other retailers giving out millions of free ones to shoppers in the last three years…The tests were undertaken by the University of Arizona, whose researchers stopped a total of 84 shoppers to check the state of their bags.

The researchers warned the levels of bacteria they found were high enough to cause a wide range of serious health problems and even death…A poll revealed 97 per cent of shoppers who used eco-friendly bags never washed or bleached them.

That’s because they’re…hippies.

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  1. tamcat says:

    Sounds like paper bags are the best after all. You can throw them away and they are biodegradable. Plastic is toxic to the earth and in turn, us. Or of course you can use cloth bags that can go in the washer and dryer. My natural food store in Colorado, Vitamin Cottage, supplies small boxes, no plastic bags.

    • thierry says:

      when we had food co-ops around here in the 80s they always used boxes. and they all had a ‘free store’. i miss the free store.

      people are just lazy. most cities may not recycle plastic bags but most big stores have bins for recycling them.

  2. thierry says:

    i don’t even want to think about what’s floating around in the hippie bong water….

  3. morecowbell says:

    The real danger is reusing the plastic water bottles. Please folks, do not reuse the plastic water bottles or the little plastic sandwich bags after they have been used.

  4. Laura says:

    Yesterdays flower children, today’s blooming idiots. Well that’s a great way to get rid of all of them. I really HATE that kum ba yah-yah crap song! GAWD.

  5. otlset says:

    “No man, you just haven’t adjusted your chakras right. Too many bad vibes in the wrong chakras dude. I once knew a guy who ate e-coli and salmonella sandwiches for lunch man, and that dude was healthy as Keith Richards. Know why man? Because the dude had his chakras adjusted and aligned right man, aligned with the cosmic flow. Worst thing you can do man, is go against the cosmic flow. Only dead fish go with the cosmic flow man. No wait, only live fish go with the cosmic flow. Anyway, don’t bleach the bags man, bleach your chakras instead. The organic way.”

  6. trevy says:

    “A poll revealed 97 per cent of shoppers who used eco-friendly bags never washed or bleached them.”

    Well DUH! They’re HIPPIES! That means they only wash THEMSELVES once a month or so! And BLEACH!? Well that just ain’t GREEN, man!

  7. Cernunnos81 says:

    Dirty Filthy Hippies… I have my own private family reasons for disliking/hating hippies and the ideas they espouse, embrace and otherwise believe. Gimme disposable plastic bags and a lighter, I’ll use them once and burn them!
    I think we should use reasonable methods to conserve moderately unspoiled regions, but when you start putting smelt before people, you have issues man. And the minute you start telling me how many miles I can travel, how much electricity I can use and charging me ludicrous amounts of money for what I Am allowed to use, we have issues.
    I can’t wait to see the look on Gore and Greenpeace and all those other frakkheads faces when the world falls apart and infrastructures fail because of a rapid onset of glaciation. Or whatever else goes on to finally thin the herd. Ah well, enough rant.

    Stupid dirty hippies!

  8. IloiloKano says:

    “That’s because they’re…hippies.” Perhaps the greatest one-liner… EVER! 😀

  9. MaryVal says:

    Does anybody else remember the change over to the plastic bags? It was to SAVE THE EARTH! because the paper bags were DESTROYING THE RAIN FOREST! Because if we didn’t start using plastic bags, THE SKY WOULD FALL! Think of all the undiscovered medical cures we’d lose because of DEFORSTATION! Plus no oxygen. yada yada yada. Whatever the hippie dippie crowd is promoting, it’s guaranteed to be DEATH TO ALL OF YOU! if you don’t comply. Yawn. So tired of all the hysteria. So all you dirty hippies out there, buy some laundry soap. And get some bath soap and deoderant while you’re at it. And comb your hair. Then get a life.

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