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Okay everyone, here’s the plan for tonight. For everyone, below is your Obama Bingo card for tonight’s “I can’t suck it up with a straw” Oval Office Blame Whine. Everyone can play along, just check off your bingo square whenever the Dumb Bastard makes mention of his favorite cliches. Many thanks to TAM Patricia Smiley for making tonight’s Bingo Card! (For easy printing, click on the bingo card and it will appear by itself in a new window).

If you are not a Tammy Army member, now is the time to join! Tonight is a very special subscriber night–in addition to Obama Bingo, the 3rd hour will indeed be live starting at about 4:50pm PT on a special player for TAMs during the Obama lecture from the Oval Office (at 5pm PT) and we will have the TAM Chat Room up and live as well. For the show I offer, of course, my special rendition of Mystery Science Theatre 3000–Obama in Oil edition. TAMs, please go to the special Member page for instructions and your code for the private live show (no pole dancing allowed!). You need to be signed in to view this post.

Sarah Palin has announced she will be on Fox right after The Obama Show, so we will stay live with the Special Tammy Show and the Chat Room during the governor’s comments.

Should be fun! Regulars, susbcribe now and join other Independent Conservatives as we get through this disaster (Obama) on the disaster (Oil Spill).

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  1. IloiloKano says:

    I just printed mine out in order to avoid the rush. Tammy, you realize that demand could actually crash the server. Be prepared.

  2. trevy says:

    Could you just tell me about it tomorrow? I’ll be busy feeding my plants, watering my goldfish, trimming my finger nails, . . . .

  3. Honey says:

    Hi Tammy…I finally got in to the TAMS club. The registration process was a bit tricky, I guess after putting in the email verification code, I was to go BACK and not CONTINUE, well previously I kept pushing the continue button thinking that would take me to the next step and not the back key…I kept going in circles and eventually gave up…Now I am here and will tune in the the show tonight after I go knock on a few of my neighbors doors

  4. dogtown1 says:

    I wonder if he will stand in front of that yellow drape? Is it just me or is that thing creepy?

  5. mrcannon says:

    Thanks, but I’m sitting this one out. Barry Sortero is so utterly worthless he couldn’t handle a paper route. Instead of landing their flying saucer in DC saying “take us to your leader”, the aliens will just fly right by rather than waste their time.

    I also find it stunning that this is his first address to the nation from the Oval Office. Let it be the last.

  6. Laura says:

    I cannot look at him, I cannot listen to him, I cannot stand him. I HATE him.
    I’d rather set my hair on fire and step on glass.

    • Slimfemme says:

      I concur! Fortunately, I had class during his shpiel!!

    • Maynard says:

      Ah, I recently encountered the king of the “I’d rather”s. Can anyone top this?

      “I’d rather spend the hour counting the wrinkles on my dog’s testicles.”

      (For proper effect, replace “testicles” with the common colloquialism.)

      • thierry says:

        i was wondering why during urkel’s speechifying i was filled with intense longing over the thought of shaving the sharp clawed ill-natured himalayan cat’s snarly, nasty ass fur…

        • Carol says:

          Maybe it’s this:
          You talked to the experts, experts, so you know whose ass to shave, so you know whose ass to sha-a-a-a-ave. Shave some butt…
          Or maybe not. 😉

  7. ConservativePup says:

    I watched Dear Reader do his speech on TV. Wanted to join in with all you TAM’s but didn’t figure it out in time. Anyway, the best part of all of it was Sarah Palin’s response on O’Reilly. She mopped the floor, the walls, the front porch and cleaned the windows with both of them. She was on fire tonight. She is amazing, and I would trust her with mine and my family’s safety. Was a pure delight to watch her, Bill couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

  8. Laura says:

    Sarah always B**** slaps him.

  9. Shifra says:

    Re: playing B.S. Bingo — Wasn’t “Bingo” the code word Tammy used after Sydney’s surgery, to get Sydney to, um, relieve herself? Because isn’t that exactly what Urkel is doing to us? (or rather, on us) Great Chatroom, and thanks to Tammy and Chris for setting this up!

  10. Pathman says:

    Great special show and chat. Too bad Obama is bad for the country- need to keep this up after he is voted out.

  11. tamcat says:

    Someone must have told the Obama crew there should be an American flag in the picture this time. Surely his goons know what is going around on the web. Or do they?

  12. DianeRoberts says:

    It’s difficult for me to listen to Obama. When I look at him I become nausious and feel like vomiting! I see a treasonous, Anti-American fraud whose agenda is taking down America as we know her. And, I believe America could become a 58th Muslim State if we don’t win the House and Senate in November.

    Why would an American President embrace enemies and slaps allies in their face? The only answer that makes sense to me is…treasonous enemy from within. He’s a disgrace!

    April 15th, 2010 was one of my most memorable moments in my lifetime. While attending the rally in Washington, D.C. I was able to maneuver my hands through her security to shake hands with Michelle Bachmann. I love Michelle! Great leader with fire in her belly.

    Sarah Palin and Michelle are great leaders. And, I’m hoping they’ll become more aggressive and roothless in the coming months! We’re up against roothless morons who have no conscience.

    And.. “We The People” will prevail. 🙂

    Thoughts and prayers for a Blessed Day to All American Troops and Patriots! Hugs for Tammy who takes no shi*. 🙂

    • Laura says:

      I get queasy at the mere thought of his existence. I try real hard not to look at him, he has the most evil looking set of eyes I think I have ever seen in a person, he creeps me out, he is a muslim all about converting America into an Islamic sharia law country, and I am all about preventing it.

  13. franknitti says:

    Last night’s speech might just turn out to be the beginning of the end for Urkel. It was the worst speech I’ve heard delivered by an American President since Jimmy Carter’s “National Malaise” speech back in 1979. Even the liberal scum at MSNBC were shaking their heads and saying “Huh?” The guy knows nothing. His only solutions to every problem seem to be appoint a commission and appoint a new czar in hopes that the problem will magically go away. The only ones benefitting from this sham of a Presidency are George Soros and General Electric.

    • Shifra says:

      So, since WE have a problem — an incompetent, Leftist narcissist in the WH — let’s appoint a commission, and appoint an Impeachment Czar !!!

  14. Maynard says:

    Obama’s speech had less to do with the oil spill and more to do with advancing his energy agenda. He apparently views this crisis as another opportunity, just as the financial crisis allowed him to advance his financial and health agendas. Is it possible there was an intent behind Obama’s foot-dragging in the clean-up effort? Or is this the stuff of paranoia?

  15. MsUnderestimated says:

    You forgot one very significant square, Tammy – “Those Days Are Over!” That’s a get-drunk-for-sure bet for Obama bingo. Especially if you do a double including “Some people say” and “those days are over.”

    Thanks for the great blog!


  16. DianeRoberts says:

    Maynard..You’re right! I feel it in my bones.

    Cap and Trade will be passed now. And, Obama and his entire administration of senile morons and blatant enemies from within should be arrested and tried for treasonous crimes against America!

    I’d like to see Facelift Pelosi and Stonefaced Reid court oredered to a mental institution for the criminally insane! Any person who would deliberately sell their country out must be treasonous or insane!

    One of my biggest fears is waking up one morning to see Obama in full Muslim garb. And, informing us that we are now a 58th Muslim State. Nightmarish I know, however, this could become a reality!

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