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If the ABC News report on the latest “Investigator” from the Alaska Personnel Board’s “Cirque de Obsess on Palin” is any indication, even the press has had enough.

With every other so-called ethics investigation exonerating Governor Palin, one last guy in one last effort squeezed out a “finding” that Palin’s legal defense fund set up oh-so-long ago, was illegal. Why? Well, let’s see, they used the word “Official” on a website and a woman who had previously been appointed to the Dairy Board (or something else regarding cows) was also involved with the defense fund.

I suppose when lots of money has been spent with a goal of finding something, anything, on Governor Palin, anything will literally do. Interestingly, it does seem the investigator himself understands the final absurdity of the entire Get Palin exercise. While finding the shocking of the use of the word “Official” for the fund, the report notes the governor acted in “good faith” and relied upon the advice of attorneys when setting up the fund.

So, in other words, while Alaska state personnel investigator contortionists found something of slight issue with the fund itself, the governor’s actions are not at issue. Again.

Ethics Probe: Palin Legal Defense Fund Was Illegal

An investigator for the Alaska Personnel Board says a legal defense fund set up for Sarah Palin when she was governor was illegal.

Investigator Timothy Petumenos said Thursday the Alaska Fund Trust inappropriately used the word “official” on its website, wrongly implying Palin’s endorsement as governor.

Palin’s attorney says she will return the funds.

Petumenos, however, found the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee acted in good faith and relied on the advice of lawyers when setting up the fund.

A preliminary, confidential report also implicating Palin was issued last July, less than two weeks after she announced she was resigning. In announcing her resignation, Palin cited the toll of the ethics probes as one of the reasons she was stepping down.

For a woman who who resigned her position in Alaska to save the people of that great state the constant distraction and cost of repeated and frivolous ethics complaints, her reaction to this latest absurdity should be no surprise: Palin will return all the donations received by the account to close the matter.

Now, once again, Sarah Palin can get back to the business of driving the news cycle simply by waking up in the morning, something which I’m sure her detractors also consider a violation of one sort or another 😉

I’ll have more on this as it develops.


Bwahahahaha! After the settlement today, a *new* Legal Defense Fund for Palin is established. Love. It. The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund.

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USA Today: Sarah Palin to return $386K from defense fund ruled illegal

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  1. rjc115 says:

    Tammy, I am so glad that Governor Palin has you on her side!!! I donated 25 dollars and when I get my check back from the original defense fund I’ll send right to the new one.

  2. PhilipJames says:

    When I read all the material on the conservatives4palin.com web site, I am came away shaking my head. There seem to be so many rats (Democratic and liberal) in Alaska, even on the Republican side since they have not exactly come to her defense and still have not changed the ethics law to get rid of the no expense filings and no support from the Attorney General for the Governor.
    Just a quick question… are you going to be at Stanislaus tomorrow with Sarah?

  3. larrygeary says:

    If they return my contribution to the old fund, it goes into the new fund.

    I read that the fund didn’t have enough to fully cover her legal expenses. Fortunately, she now makes enough from speeches to cover the rest. Unfortunately, the Left will now turn to protesting any organization that agrees to pay her speaking fee. She’s going to have to give the press and the protesters a hearty Felix Unger and demand to be paid according to contract.

  4. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    OH the joy in mudflats! Here’s what they accomplished: Governor Palin earned less as a governor than her legal costs. Forget the distraction, forget the time involved, even forget that she left before the end of her term. She worked for nothing. If not for her book tour, her entire Alaskan political career may have been a net negative on her family’s balance sheet. Every dime she earned, probably going back to when she was mayor, was spent on lawyers.

    Good thing that there’s a new book by that best-selling Alaskan author coming out.

  5. IloiloKano says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if the man-child Obama and his cohorts will ever mature.

    • youngimmig says:

      are you from iloilo?

    • Neox99 says:

      Please stop wondering. They will not!

      • thierry says:

        how old is urkel? near 50? how about nazi pelosi( sorry having trouble calculating mad botox cow years into a human age)? and he has kids- which sometimes causes people particularly men to finally grow up. if it hasn’t happened by your mid 30s- the post return of saturn years- it ain’t gonna.

        urkel was raised by the generation that clearly never grew up emotionally- or politically- living within the confines of a naive ideological utopian fantasy they like infants place themselves in the center of- and their children like me show it. i dug myself out from under it. it’s for someone else to judge how well i did. leftists see nothing wrong with their beliefs no matter the failure, the disaster they’re sitting atop. lack of responsibility- that is what defines immaturity. urkel is the kid who broke every lamp while alone in the living room- and his only explanation is that he “didn’t do it.” now he’s smashing everything else right in front of our faces, still claiming he didn’t do it, while his fellow leftist adults who are responsible for checking and balancing his executive powers go, “awww, isn’t he so cute!”

  6. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    ps. From Conservatives4Palin, Meghan Stapleton:

    However, I know and you know that no public official should ever have to bear the financial brunt of these attacks. And Governor Palin can lawfully raise money now through a brand new – not official but let’s call it “real” – legal defense fund without any risk of offending an investigator or state law. And such a fund now exists at http://www.sarahpalinlegaldefensefund.org/donate.php.

  7. BastiatFan says:

    Dear God… they just won’t leave her alone will they? Karma’s gonna bite them in the ass. And I’m gonna laugh.

  8. thierry says:

    if they had spent a smidgeon of the time on investigating- exposing- urkel ,who was up for and became president, as they still spend on basically harassing this woman, the gov. of only one state, we would not be in the tragic mess we are in now.

  9. […] II: My friend Tammy Bruce was also on the call and notes the apparent exhaustion of the media on this topic: If the ABC News […]

  10. DaveVA says:

    I agree with thierry

  11. StewartIII says:

    NewsBusters: No Palin Setback Too Small for Couric Who Skips How Palin ‘Acted in Good Faith’

  12. Mariachi says:

    Loves it! These are true Orwellian times, with the way that media plays with language and manipulation. It’s true, a nation’s language is 100000x more powerful than its military…something to keep in mind as MSM becomes more & more mindless and desperate.
    Anyway….I’ll be donating to the new legal fund. (And thank you, lil’ Katie Couric, you make me want to donate DOUBLE for Sarah!!!!)

  13. trevy says:

    Uh, er, uh, well, ummm. What about Sarah Palin stealing that piece of bubble gum when she was 4 years old!!!

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