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With Special Guest Appearance by Piper Palin!

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Gay Patriot: Tammy (Bruce) Interviews Sarah (Palin)

The Conservative Pup: Tammy Bruceโ€™s Interview With Sarah Palin

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  1. BastiatFan says:

    Best. Interview. Ever.

  2. RuBegonia says:

    This is the creamy portion of that tall non-fat latte – Happy to spread this wealth – WOOF!

  3. BarbaraM says:

    Now that you have a personal invitation to Alaska, remember to bring the Tam Cam with you!
    Loved the interview. You were both brilliant.

  4. lord-ruler says:

    I say Sarah should make you earn the trip to Alaska by taking you on a Caribou hunt Tammy.

  5. sodakhic says:

    Tammy you’re great. And Sarah has inspired a whole host of people to stand up and be counted. Don’t put off until 2016 what you can do in 2012, Mrs. Palin.

  6. Red Barr says:

    A great interview with our next president who has common sense answers to your questions. It was asked what drives Sarah Palin the answer is hard work and compassion plus the American people.

  7. DianeRoberts says:

    Thank you Tammy, you’re wonderful!
    Palin 2012******

  8. SmallgGay says:


    Tammy, you brought out new sides to Sarah that we’ve never heard before. How fantastic to actually be able to hear this amazing woman in a relaxed context for a change, where she feels comfortable to talk on her own terms about her ideas and life. Thank you for posting this so the non-Tams out there could hear it too- but I think anyone who hears this should really consider becoming a TAM and supporting your work.

    Finally an intelligent Palin interview!

    Both you and Sarah have helped so many Americans stand tall and proud. Sarah is right Tammy- what you do is just as important as what Sarah does!


  9. Sam Joe says:

    She kept her promise, she found the time. After the results of Super Tuesday, no less.

    Also, wonderful work, Tammy!!!

  10. franknitti says:

    Final proof that going commando was the best decision Tammy ever made.

  11. Kelly says:

    Congratulations on a fun and informative interview, Tammy. As others have said, Sarah was very relaxed and it’s clear how much she likes and respects you.

  12. Philorida says:

    Enjoyed the interview. No wonder the Left and the Media are scared–she is passionate, and, on a roll. Thanks for bringing out the best in Sarah…a real American icon (not con like the Pres.)

  13. The Ugly American says:

    You got a shout-out from Piper Palin?

    I’m GREEN with envy.

    • Tammy says:

      Thanks TUA ๐Ÿ˜‰ And thanks for posting at SondraK. We need to think of a kid segment so I can have Piper for an exclusive interview ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. youngimmig says:

    Oh tammy thank you so much! that was the best interview evahhhh!!

  15. GoofusKAC says:

    Thanks Tammy for an AMAZING interview, and for allowing everyone access – I posted TWO links on my Facebook and MySpace!

    Don’t be shocked to have about a thousand new TAMs in the coming days!

  16. larrygeary says:

    Sarah invited Tammy to come up to Alaska for a yoga class. How cool is that? I wonder if Sarah is a TAM or just reads Tammy’s tweets and the blog.

  17. Teri says:

    Awesome interview ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Artist4Palin says:


  19. naga5 says:

    well done, tammy!
    great interview and i agree with goofusKAC,
    welcome to all you new TAMs!
    and HT to franknitti, this is why commando is cool.

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  21. nightowl1111 says:

    Excellent suprise. Tammy and Sarah were very comfortable with each other which made it a great interview.

  22. Conservatarian says:

    Conservative women rock!

  23. jmucciola says:

    Truly inspiring and invigorating to hear you and Sarah interact during your wonderful interview, Tammy!! It doesn’t get much better than that!! Thanks!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. wastubbs says:

    I only heard about the interview and sounds good to me!!

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  26. SarahsCousin says:

    I apologize for the whimsical name. Actually, I do have a First Cousin Once Removed named Sarah, so that is my excuse.

    First of all, I think Sarah Palin realizes that running for President is not what she should do. She is not focused on self-aggrandizement. (Contrast her with, for example, Barbara Boxer, who is all about narcissism and ideological buffoonery). When Sarah Palin calls herself a Constitutional conservative, I hear her saying that it is in this commitment that she places her focus. She will support those, men and women, who will show themselves both committed to restoring our republic and who have a fighting chance of advancing to political positions that will allow them to maximize these efforts.

    Secondly–and I’ll say this only once–I do believe that Tammy reads the poetry of Sappho. All critics acknowledge that in the Western tradition Sappho was the first whose lines emphasized the depths of personal passions. Yes, Homer would mention Akhilleos and Patrolikos, but only as a background to the dynamics that waxed and waned in the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. When Christianity came upon the scene, the Grecian loves of Sappho came under the same ethical censure they had previously suffered in the Hebrew lands.

    In the upheavals of the last forty or fifty years, ladies who share Tammy’s affections often threw off tradition, regarding it as unfriendly to the passions they deeply felt. I do not quite understand why Tammy seems to remain more friendly to some of the older traditions. Perhaps she can perceive that those other, radical factions who pretend to be the champions of her choices are actually worse enemies than the putative “reactionaries.” Be this as it may, what mild admonishments she may hear from the lips of traditional Christians will never intrude upon her as much as the harsh sword-swipes of the jihadi.

    This brings me to my own ambiguities. I am both a libertarian and a conservative. I am willing to say to adults who fully understand what they are doing, ‘Go your own way, as long as you do no harm’ On the other hand, once you make a strenuous and legally intrusive public advocacy of behavior that our tradition has never in the millenia accepted, I am no longer sympathetic. I become especially indignant when you want to pervert the original intent of the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment.

    For better or worse, I share the sentiments of the lady who, upon learning of Oscar Wilde’s proclivities, remarked, Just as long as they don’t do it in public and scare the horses. (Or words to that effect.)

    But the real truth is this: Tammy, if you insist upon lavishing all your love on other women, we men don’t stand a chance. This makes us very sad, because we adore you.

    Well, enough of that. Tammy is a free citizen of the United States of America, not the abject subject of some sheik or ayatollah. Tammy and Sarah want to exhort the citizens of this republic to restate the virtues of self-reliance and constitutionally limited government that the Founders inscribed in the Constitution. There is the focus for patriots.

  27. wvhart says:

    A majority of Tea Party members (according to the NY Times Poll) do not think that Sarah Palin is qualified to be President. While I don’t always agree with the Tea Party, on this point, I agree whole-heartedly. With all of the qualified Republican candidates out there (Pawlenty, Spence, etc.), why the right is latching on to this particular individual is extremely baffling to me.

    • Laura says:

      Who is qualified to make a determination whether Sarah Palin is qualified to be president to begin with? Frankly I am not looking at qualifications based on whatever it is everyone seems to think is prerequisite to be a president. I am concerned about their ideology! The upholding of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights the Declaration of Independence, our freedoms and liberties must be the main pre-requisite for a president to be. Obama is clearly not qualified to be an American president because his ideology is contrary to our Constitution, he does not uphold any of the traditions in the making of this country, how can one who has been influenced under a communist/marxist ideology be qualified to be an American president?? That is extremely baffling to me. Did it ever occur to anyone that Obama is a communist? Didn’t anybody get the connections that were right out in the open, my God people wake the hell up!!!! Sarah Palin is standing up to Obama more than anyone else I have seen, other than Jan Brewer when she B**** slapped the man-child regarding her visit to the white house over immigration.
      This so called qualification scenario: define it, I have heard no one anywhere define the specific qualifications required to be a president, what in the hell (can I say that???) are they?? I would state the obvious what is America and what does it stand for? Whoever supports America in how it came to be and how to continue onward with it existing as such is one who would be a president of America, if one cannot truly define what America truly is about and what the Constitution is for then heed this; get out of our country.
      We have an attractive conservative WOMAN standing up against what I refer to as an occupying force, the Obama administration is a foreign regime (I take full responsibility for this statement) It is an unprecedented scenario whereby a conservative woman takes on a regime such as this head on. The attacks on her from the left empower her, that makes it clear why she is going to get a lot of back up, same with Tammy we are going to back her up because she too is standing up against Obama. Anyone with the courage to stand against this administration is backed up beyond comprehension, I have got my own thing going on in reference to this and I am not simply just blogging on this site. Women are going to be backed up period. I have said this previously and it is that conservative women are going to be the one’s to take back this country. We have a huge threat against women in particular; Sharia Law, I do not think people are taking the Islamic threat against this country seriously enough. So if you are still baffled, just hang along for the ride it is going to get real bumpy

    • Chuck says:

      The liberal trolls are in full force. The mere mention of Palin and they react like Superman to kryptonite. Pretty amusing.

    • thierry says:

      by qualified do you mean ‘ has a penis’?

    • ConservativePup says:

      Very little, if anything, that the NY Times says has any credibility for me. Especially a poll of any sort.

      Here are the qualifications that I’m looking for. Honesty; strength of convictions; character; moral courage; an understanding of frugality, personal accountability, making hard choices; someone who will defend the defenseless; someone who makes her/his views/beliefs/positions on various issues crystal clear; a love of and for America and her citizens; someone with both wisdom and common sense; a practicing Christian who is unapologetic about it.

      Sarah Palin meets all these qualifications .

      Tammy, that was one of the best interviews I’ve heard of Sarah Palin. You both were so comfortable with one another and you asked great questions. She gave great answers. Can’t top that!

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  29. acmartin7 says:

    I must say I’m not a 100% Palin supporter for president in 2010, but I was certainly one of the ones crashing the servers in Alaska the morning McCain was rumored to announce her as his VP candidate. In fact, I’d heard her name mentioned a few months before (though I can’t remember by whom), and I was so excited I was calling everyone I knew to check her out! I DVRd the speech coverage and must have watched it a dozen times. Later, I DVRd her convention speech and watched it a dozen times….. Now, I’m listening to your interview (okay, not a DOZEN times, but several!), and it’s the first time I’ve “seen” her in that same authentic, initial light I saw her in then. KUDOS, Tammy!

    Loved the feminism topic(s). I’m an Independent (leaning more and more and MORE to the right), and, just as I abhorred certain treatment of Hillary Clinton, I abhor the treatment of Ms. Palin. I’m also ProChoice–not popular in conservative circles…. I’m only 40, but as I recall, feminism was about women’s rights to CHOOSE! I will never understand why women’s rights groups don’t stand up and fight the slander against Palin–they don’t have to endorse her, but they should at least support her rights to choose in various facets of her life. Wasn’t that what the whole movement was about? (Oh, and I didn’t mean people had to be ProChoice with my emphasis on choosing; that’s what I believe, but I meant that people (because it isn’t just women) have the right to choose wherever and however they stand.)

    And, PS, I say all this from a bit of a unique “ERA” perspective. My father fought for custody of me and won at a time just before “Kramer vs. Kramer.” He won–hard fought and emotional blood shed–but it was what was right. UNUSUAL, but right. I embrace the Tea Party Movement because it encourages us to look at candidates at FACE VALUE. Case by case. Vote by vote. That’s how it should be.

    Sorry. I digressed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great interview–love your tweets!

  30. velmabell01 says:

    Today is a new start for me. I have decided to take the 40 day challenge of Faith, Hope & Charity. I will have faith that with God all things are possible, I will hope for the truth about what the current government is doing to our country will be realized in all the people so that they will find enough charity in themselves to do something to stop what is happening . I will challenge myself to pray for our country for Christian leaders to rise up and take control and to stop the corruption! But, we the people have to make it happen. Now, I believe we can. I will remember we want to restore America back to the great nation it was not to change the roots or the very foundation that makes us great.

  31. As they beat a retweet……

    Via Ann Althouse, I learned that CNN is all atwitter over Sarah Palin’s retweet of Tammy Bruce’s pro-gay twitter:  Normally, it’s what Sarah Palin tweets that makes news. This time it’s what she has re-tweeted. The former Alaska governor Monda…

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  33. youngpolitician says:

    Thanks to Sarah Palin and several others, Nikki Haley is now Governor Nikki Haley! South Carolina has never been happier and in better hands; and for that, we thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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