Normally I place this alert in the regular podcast announcement, but I wanted to get you extra links for today’s show, on which I deal a great deal with the NAACP-Shirley Sherrod-Racism issue.

Original Breitbart post on which he has added a second video.

Breitbart on CNN from today.

NAACP: The full Shirley Sherrod speech. The farmer story starts at about 16:30, but listen if you can from the beginning. Also, they say this is the complete speech. It’s not. There’s an obvious edit within the farmer part of the speech at about 18:39. While supposedly providing the entire speech at 45+ minutes what did they feel the need to cut out?

After first condemning her, NAACP reverses itself on Sherrod. NAACP “snookered” by Breitbart

SF Examiner story raising questions about Sherrod’s hiring at USDA so closely linked to a “settlement” regarding black farmers claims against the government. Shirley Sherrod’s Disappearing Act: Not So Fast

A few of my many Tweets regarding the core of the issue:

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  1. noflyzone says:

    this has been one hell of a busy news week and it’s not even wednesday yet! the daily caller and the length amerian spectator piece yesterday on the ruling class in america onfirmed what we already knew or suspected.

    i am so sik of the r word i ould vomit, but i won’t here.

  2. Tammy says:

    Yep, thank you 🙂

  3. radargeek says:

    What is particularly shameful is the NAACP is invited to give their awards on every military and federal installation. The federal government allows them without question. Imagine if other racist groups had that privilege. And then we wonder why there is this sort of racism in the Justice, Agriculture, or other part of the government? Race groups should never be promoted by government! But the NAACP will still be allowed because bureaucrats and anyone in the military are afraid to be called racist…Its the same game plan O’bummer plays if you disagree with him.

  4. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    jeez. Suzy Parker looks like a potato in drag. And you know that’s the best photo that they could run.

    Btw, am I using an ad hominem attack there or is that line just merely the flip side of an attack on Palin?

  5. noflyzone says:

    i think we’re on the cusp of a race war in this country–just what barry has been aiming for. batons and machetes will be the weapons. why is gun ownership rising?

  6. Pat_S says:

    The full video belies the assumption the NAACP audience was exhibiting racism in the short clip Breitbart published. Sherrod had spent the several minutes before relating the racist treatment blacks undeniably experienced in the past. By the time she got to what she had done, the mood of the audience was receptive to the thought of getting even. When she expounded on her experience and her realization that it wasn’t all about race, the audience certainly did not react like a pack of blood thirsty racists.

    Breitbart wasn’t trying to falsify anything. He was working with what someone sent to him. Who knows, maybe he was the one snookered. We can’t always hold off until every possible bit of information is gathered. Sometimes you have to make a judgment call and then deal with the aftermath.

    Interesting how quickly the NAACP and the White House dumped this woman. Sure looked like they were convinced she was a racist. I think we can deduce the prejudicial practices she described do happen and people in high places know it.

    It was the media, particularly CNN, that made Sherrod’s firing a cause celebre. John King totally dismissed Breitbart’s points about unfounded accusations of racism against the Tea Party movement. No time to talk about anything else. It was all about this one woman being treated unfairly.

    Breitbart delivered more than he imagined. The media will be feeling their oats about vindicating Sherrod but in so doing they leave themselves exposed for the biased organizations they are. I know, it’s for the umpteenth time and nothing ever changes them. We have to land a punch whenever we can. John King should be pressured to have Breitbart on again, this time to discuss the unfounded accusations against the tea parties. Let John King show evidence to back up that. Decent people are being maligned there if that’s what really makes the media so passionate.

    If John King, CNN and the media really care about unjust accusations and not just one-sided arguments, it’s time for them to confront the false accusers slandering the tea parties. Trouble is, they will have to look in the mirror to do that.

    • thierry says:

      we distort instead of report but not for thee.

      he didn’t even distort. this is nothing( and i am not convinced this woman wasn’t still pitching the racist cant bull with the to be expected bush and tea party demotool party line), compared to the willful hijacking of the election of barky obama in 2008 by a media that can only be described as pravda on crack. to some of us this was apparent from the beginning but it’s taken 2 years and journolist to have it dawn on people that what’s going on is the antithesis of a free press in a democracy. we’ve been had and punked and it was so obvious as to be shameful.

      this is not the free press the founders envisioned keeping government honest and the people safe from tyranny. the american press has delivered us into the maw of fascism because they decided that they alone were charged with via any mean necessary delivering us from the perceived ( really rather projected)nazi racist fascism of bush. that’s their excuse. this is what happens when you have no principles and contempt for the people and democracy . they will never care about maligning and destroying the’ decent people’ who disagree with the party line they are fighting like mad dogs to maintain because as you say it exposes them. politicians like palin or tea partiers or black conservatives who are principled will always be attacked because they actually represent the qualities the press and other liberals lack- principles, belief in the rights and obligations of freedom in a democracy. these tactics got liberals into power- they know no other way of obtaining power. they will not give it up. like vampires they will never see themselves in the mirror.

    • noflyzone says:

      that’s why it’s so important to read angelo codevilla’s recent piece on the ruling cclass in the american spectator. lengthy to be sure and depressing, but it shows, tea party or not, that we will never change the dismal culture we now live in.

      rush thought it so important he devoted his entire monday show to it.

  7. morecowbell says:

    While we are being distracted by all the race/sexism stuff, very little is being reported on the impact the Financial Regulation bill that passed last week will have on us OR on the Cap and Trade bill that is going to be voted on August 6th.

    In effect, the FINREG bill just gave the Federal Reserve complete control over our Financial Industry and monetary policy unfettered by congress and unseen by the public. It is the ultimate example of cronyism.

    The Cap and Trade bill coming up will give Government control over the Energy Industry. In an effort to save the planet from a well financed manufactured threat, the bill will increase the cost of everything we consume and drive job creation into the ground. The energy market will be artificially manipulated by a star chamber of the political elite who will make tons of cash off of the profits.

    We already know the impact of the Health Care bill. Death Panels and waiting lines for prescriptive treatment driven by economic factors and social justice from a bloated bureaucracy. Housing and Education, both now managed by the government.

    The aggregate effect: The Government will now control our Health Care, Money, Energy, Housing and Education. By the election in November, we will be a Socialist country.

    When the first wave of taxes hit in January, the process of wealth distribution begins.. from the people to the Government (and the elite class) who will now manage our lives to profit themselves.

    It’s over, welcome to serfdom….. but at least as Tea Party Patriots we can tell our grandchildren we fought back on false accusations of racism and sexism !

    Really, how embarrassing… our generation is getting exactly what we deserve.

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