Live Tammy Special Report Coming Up at 2:30 PM PT

Just a heads up, a live for everyone Tammy Show will begin at 2:30pm PT from the RightOnline Conference in Las Vegas. Joining me will be Tabitha Hale with FreedomWorks, Nansen Malin with Smart Girl Politics, Teri Christophe with SGP, and Melissa Clouthier of Liberty Pundits as well as a candidate or two who have been here in Vegas with us.

UPDATE: The Tammy/Smart Girls podcast was great! We had a terrific time, and I am pleased to present a podcast for everyone of the Special Report. Also joining us on the show were Christine O’Donnell running for U.S. Senate from Delaware, and Pamela Gorman, the congressional candidate from Arizona. I know it was short notice, but we decided at the last minute to do this. I saw Kim’s comment that we should have an email list for surprise events like this. That’s a great idea and we’ll get that implemented. In the meantime, here’s the podcast! Thanks again everyone, and big special thanks to Chris our Tammy Radio producer, for pulling this off with virtually no notice, and to everyone at FTR Radio for being so generous and allowing us to use their on-site gear.

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  1. ShArKy666 says:

    i’m sure this will be great!!…can’t wait tammy..thanks for doing this

  2. Chuck says:

    I’m listening live, but no chat, :-(.

    • Carol says:

      I looked for a chat too. 🙁
      I wish I was there! Love Vegas and the Venetian; someday I want to stay there, but I still enjoyed wondering around there and seeing Blue Man Group.

  3. tamcat says:

    Listening to the show in Vegas. Sounds great! 🙂

  4. ffigtree says:

    Dinner time here back east but listened for a few minutes. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Will we be able to listen to this later as a podcast?

  5. tamcat says:

    Fabulous! It was great to hear other perspectives on all the issues. The more candidates we learn about the more support we can give them. Reading about the conference was reassuring that the www will still play a big part in our fight to win back the country.

  6. Kimj7157 says:

    Awww nuts. Missed it. Later podcast, please?

  7. KatieSilverSpring says:

    What an absolute treat!!!

  8. Kimj7157 says:

    What a great group of women! Sisters are doing it for themselves like never before, and they are getting it SO right. Very encouraging stuff. Thanks for this, Tammy.

  9. larrygeary says:

    Caught the podcast. Super!

  10. Bash1955 says:

    awesome podcast!!! conservative are so hot!

  11. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    “So firm and fully packed” *

    More than most, this podcast is worth listening to twice.

    Well hosted and managed Tammy.

    *only the id knows for sure,

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  13. LJZumpano says:

    The best part, the very best, was hearing such intellegent and well-expressed points completely “ad-lib”. It is not easy to go on air like that and provide an hour non-stop. It requires knowing who you are and what you stand for – being able to do that is a talent, but also requires deep-seated beliefs you are willing and prepared to defend. Brava to all. And of course, where would we all be without Chris==> hugs and kisses.

  14. KatieSilverSpring says:

    Attacks on local tea party people and the Tea Party as a whole have begun! My sister was screwered in this morning’s Maui News for being a conservative but the attack was on the Tea Party and its Constitution-originalisms (!), by MJ Duberstein the Dem Chair for South Maui

  15. ffigtree says:

    Tammy, I hope you had a chance to see Mike Pence’s speech. A must see!
    “What happens in Vegas must NOT stay in Vegas.” Mike Pence 🙂

  16. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Tammy have you met Herman Caine? Watched his interview today on hot air from Vegas, might run in 2012. Thank you for the podcast, very nice, like being there.

  17. hatter83 says:

    loved this – would like to hear more podcasts like it

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  21. […] with the AZ-3. I’m going to tell my favorite Pamela Gorman story, as she told it to us on the Tammy Bruce Show while we were broadcasting from Vegas: “Most recently I served in leadership in the [AZ state] Senate, I was the Senate Majority […]

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