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It gets crazier with each passing day. Today we learned that Obama has proclaimed NASA’s new foremost task is to reach out to the Muslim world and make the Muslim people feel good about their historic contribution to science. As far as actual space flight goes, it seems NASA won’t go into space anymore beyond low Earth orbit, although it may form partnerships with other nations for this purpose.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Obama allies himself with foreign invaders and declares war on Arizona. Reading from his teleprompter, he declared the marauders who murdered Arizona rancher Robert Krentz to be the kind of immigrants that made America great, very much like (Obama’s examples) Albert Einstein and Andrew Carnegie. It goes without saying that anyone questioning Obama on this point must be a racist.

I’m not weighing in on the “birther” thing, but the plain fact is the President is not acting like an American. If there were any integrity at all in Washington, this would upset the Democrats even more than it angers the Republicans. My challenge to Democrats (and Republicans too) is this: It’s high time you started putting your nation ahead of your party. Because if we lose the nation, it hardly matters which party prevails.

When it hurts too much to cry, maybe it’s time to laugh. Lord knows we’re saturated by cheap shots, and I wouldn’t want to be accused of adding to the cacophony. But sometimes something strikes me as worthy of mention. I stumbled across this:

This came from the “Right Change” website. Has anyone ever heard of these people? Someone pointed me to their political parody of “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits, which is also most excellent. (By the way, here is the true “Money for Nothing” video, and there’s also this Weird Al parody.)

I guess I’m just a sucker for this style of parody. And it helps that I’m familiar with the selected tunes. (Are they still in vogue with mainstream America, or am I showing my age here?) I’ll leave it to you guys to figure out whether this website is worthy of further promotion.

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  1. Kimj7157 says:

    “It’s high time you started putting your nation ahead of your party. Because if we lose the nation, it hardly matters which party prevails.”

    Amen to that, Maynard.

  2. Laura says:

    I DON’T GIVE A RATS A** HOW THE MUSLIMS FEEL!! And when it comes to so-called travel the only thing I am aware of is them traveling kamikazi into our trade centers!!
    Muslims and space travel my a**
    I can just see it now muslim terrorists from space using space laser weapons on us.

    I swear Obama thinks he is the president of the Universe, we will not only now have mosques built on the Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers he will have one built up in space so the muslims will ‘feel better’ AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

    This is blatant misuse of the NASA Administration! This is preposterous! THE ONE AND ONLY MISSION OF NASA IS FOR THE AMERICANS AND THE AMERICAN SPACE PROGRAM!! Not a coddling mission for cave dwelling beasts who abuse their women and chop everyone’s head off if they are not into this bending over praying for allah crap!!

    How about some lead!! Feel that muslims!!

    • Carol says:

      Laura, I agree with ancientwrrior’s assessment.
      I remember back in 2004 and being amused at the dems having Urkel as their keynote speaker (not that he was called Urkel back then) and how they were so deranged to have a muslim [whose name sounded a heck of a lot like OBL] elevated to such prestige. I feared then that he would eventually be their candidate for president. Now look where we are…

  3. ancientwrrior says:

    Amen to that Laura, you said it better than i ever could.

  4. tamcat says:

    Awesome video. Right on point. Just when you think Obama might be taking time off from ruining us (US) he goes and pulls something asinine again. I have noticed just on Twitter a lot of people who voted for Obama, are now regretting it. Our fake president can’t hide his true self for much longer. All hell is breaking loose now. Starting with Jay Christian Adams.

  5. RuBegonia says:

    We await an encore Maynard.

  6. Cernunnos81 says:

    ok… sorry this is gonna be a little bit of a rant.

    Love the music Maynard, you’re showing your age, but we’re right there with you. They Should be mainstream.

    The last time the Muslims contributed to mathematics and science was coming up with the Zero. That’s it. Up to that point they were the height of science and mathematics. Oh, Wait, That was Pre muslim… that was back when they were merely arabs and “pagans” at that. Although they will deny that past.

    NASA could have done So much more… and I pray that they will once again, after we get rid of this president. That starts with winning back the Senate and House in November. Because honestly it is a small step from ignoring the People’s mandate and voting for a law that the American people are dead against to ignoring the people’s wishes when it comes to a presidential election.

    As to what is being done with AZ and the law and now the lawsuit, it is as some have said, this administration is picking and choosing what laws to enforce and how to enforce them. They will not do their duty and secure the border because they want that hispanic vote. Just as they did not and will not prosecute the Black Panthers for their voter intimidation. I heard someone say it and I have to agree. This administration is the most racist in history.

  7. GoofusKAC says:

    Love the parody!

    Here’s a fun little Obama quiz from CBS,

    And some new NASA logos via Michelle Malkin,


  8. DaveVA says:

    Just cancel the dam program if that is the new “mission”.

  9. morecowbell says:

    NASA has always been a political tool, it’s just how that tool being used today that is so disconcerting. Kennedy used our Space program to intimidate the Russians and rally Americans around our unique brand of ingenuity. That we are the best and will kick the ass of anyone in any area we chose. Obama is using the program to inspire the enemy and denigrate our ingenuity through social equivocation. Obama is saying we are no different than any other nation, that our exceptionalism is not exceptional. It’s embarrassing to us and patronizing to our enemies.

  10. eMVeeH says:

    “Same As It Ever Was…”

    How ironic. Even the Iraqi shoe chucker, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, seems to agree that there is little difference as to sits in the Oval Office. Only al-Zeidi’s assessment is not quite PC:
    “Away goes a white dog, and along comes a black dog.”

    h/t to Jim Hoft @ Gateway Pundit/MEMRI TV

  11. IloiloKano says:

    Too bad the parody didn’t include these actual Talking Heads lyrics, “You may ask yourself, ‘My God! What have I done?'” Perhaps that’s because we will never hear such words uttered by the man-child Obama.

    If you’re showing your age, what does that say about me? I was 26 when the “Stop Making Sense” album was first released and the Talking Heads were still a hot new group. That album (along with Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party”) was one of the best albums evah!

    Finally, here’s where you can view all 11 of RightChange.com’s YouTube videos, complete and unedited, as they uploaded them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCOz-ShZwTs

  12. thierry says:

    it’s beyond absurd to think any publicly funded scientific endeavor should be the basis for propping up any religion especial one that emotionally , philosophically and theologically parties like its 1500. ask galileo. if a zombie didn’t think we had entered the theater of the absurd with this presidency before this…

    they totally should have put urkel in the david byrne Big Suit- the big empty suit. for the record the talking heads weren’t new when ‘stop making sense’ came out-at that point some of their best music was behind them, lost in the 70s. they were formed in 1975. someone needs to tell urkel that “this ain’t no party/ this ain’t no disco/ this ain’t no fooling around”( life during wartime/ fear of music).i never could stand david byrne. like urkel he always seemed a bit too precious and in awe of himself.

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  14. TAM2010 says:

    The scene in the video where David Byrne repeats “same as it ever was” includes him sort of chopping at his arm from his elbow to his wrist. This is American Sign Language for “deteriorate”.
    In Urkel’s case he should be saying “worse than it ever was”.

  15. makeshifty says:

    It’s disconcerting and disappointing that NASA lacks direction, and its influence has been waning. I predicted back when Bush announced the mission to return people to the Moon, and a manned mission to Mars that those missions were going to be scrapped, but I thought that was going to happen because of the ballooning costs of Medicare and Social Security. I didn’t even anticipate ObamaCare in addition. I remember hearing back during the Clinton Administration that a contractor had been commissioned to develop the next generation space shuttle. I learned this year that no new space shuttle is forthcoming, at least no vehicle that NASA will fund.

    I was alarmed to hear what the NASA Administrator said on Al Jazeera, but the analysis on Fox News’s Special Report made me think of the possibility that he was just sucking up for good PR. I thought it was perceptive of the Al Jazeera interviewer to ask, “Are you on a diplomatic mission?” The Administrator denied it. Well what is it if not diplomatic? It could’ve been somewhat empty rhetoric, but still, I thought later, “That’s pretty patronizing.” Then again, when have progressives not been patronizing? It’s part of who they are.

    No amount of PR videos showing American Muslim engineers at NASA saying, “My ancestors more than 1,000 years ago developed the mathematics that have helped me launch sophisticated scientific robots and satellites into space,” is going to help radicals not hate America, no matter how romantic the message is. It’s also somewhat disingenuous. The Arabs of the Middle East developed algebra (the word “algebra” comes from the arabic), but they did not develop Calculus. I saw a comment earlier saying the Arabs developed the number zero. If I remember correctly, zero was invented in India.

    What’s also phony about such dreams of delivering that message is it leaves out the contributions of jewish scientists to those same goals. I still remember Dr. Wafa Sultan telling off the Muslim world on Al Jazeera some years back with this message. It brought tears to my eyes. It was great to see her stand up for the light of civilization when few of her fellow academics would.

    From what I understand, the Middle East, after the fall of the Roman Empire, was the height of culture and civilization in the world. It had the best universities in the world and sophisticated knowledge of aesthetics and engineering. It seems that with the rise of Islam that faded. As once happened in the West, particularly with the rise of Christianity, the development of new ideas stopped for a time. Established wisdom, both religious and academic, could not be challenged. As a result advanced knowledge died a slow death. It was not until ancient Roman knowledge, along with knowledge from the Middle East, was brought back to the West through the Crusades that we had the Renaissance, and the renewal of knowledge and discovery.

    I worry for NASA’s future. I wouldn’t be surprised now if it disappears within the next 10 years. The entitlements are going to eat it and all other discretionary spending alive unless we change course. Even if we got rid of ObamaCare I don’t know if it could be saved. The situations with Medicare and Soc. Sec. are pretty bad for the rest of the budget by themselves. Repealing ObamaCare might give NASA another 5 years of life. That’s it, unless we cut back on the existing entitlements as well.

    I think sadly NASA has finally succumbed to the old saw, “Why are we spending precious resources in space when we have so many problems down here?” People were saying that during the Apollo program, but thankfully they had limited influence. It’s part of what killed off Apollo. People lost interest after we successfully made it to the Moon the first time. By the later missions people were asking, “Why do we keep sending people to the Moon? What’s the point?”

    From what I understand NASA won’t have the capacity to launch missions into low-earth orbit after the Space Shuttle program ends next year. The idea is we’ll launch American astronauts into low-earth orbit from Russia, as we’ve already done a few times in the past. Let’s see how well that holds up going forward. I’m not optimistic.

    The only consolation is the current plan has NASA continuing to develop space-faring robots and heavy-lift rockets. So we’ll continue to launch our own satellites and explore planets remotely as we’ve been doing for 35 years. We just won’t be launching people for anything. The question is how long will we be launching anything?

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