Hope and Change, Oil Catastrophe Style. How’s it workin’ out for ya now?

Leaked! Videos Purported to be Flyover of Gulf Oil Spill Hits Internet

Update from Breitbart, the original poster:

UPDATE: We have learned that this footage is not from the Gulf oil spill. A commenter points out: “This is footage from the film Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands showing the toxic lakes called ‘tailings ponds’ that are created in the process of extracting the crude oil bitumen from the sand and clay buried underground. The film has been released on DVD in Canada and is coming to audiences in the USA and UK soon.”

But, this does beg the question: Why DON’T we have aerial footage showing the extent of the oil spill?

And that’s my point–there has been a news blackout that the press has allowed. Where is the footage? What the hell is happening there? Why do we not know what it looks like? As far as we know it looks worse than this. We had daily, minute-by-minute coverage of Katrina, here the press is banned and they do nothing.

We should see a press group trying to get onto the scene and be arrested if need be to show the fascists closure of the site to what is supposed to be our free press. But there’s nothing.

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  1. kcnut says:

    Well you won’t see that anywhere but fox news. Obama will learn that America hate inaction and will vote out his crew and him real soon.

  2. Mariachi says:

    Holy shiz.

  3. larrygeary says:

    Without narration it’s hard to tell what we’re seeing. Some of it looks like it may be oil on shore or in marshes, I don’t know. It’s a disaster in any event. Obama’s Chernobyl.

  4. DaveVA says:

    I thought it was Michelle’s dress at first ?!

  5. gothicreader says:

    Let’s try again –
    Doomsday: How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a ‘world-killing’ event


    • Carol says:

      It was delayed due to having the “k” word in there, even though in context there was nothing disturbing about the comment. Once Tammy or one of her contributors read it, it gets posted.

  6. RADAR says:

    I was watching this video a couple days ago and scratching my head. Some of those brown spots look like small hills. Thumbs up to Breitbart for correcting the mistake. MSM could learn a thing or two thousand from ‘the new media’. Thank God the gusher is finally capped.

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