*Which is simply a hell of a lot funnier than saying A Village in Hawaii Is Missing Its Idiot. Which it is. Or something.

Our problem manifest in one moment, one picture from today in Louisiana. Yes, Leader of the Free World and a Dumb Bastard. (HT to the lovely @RoseDanna on Twitter who wryly notes “The leader of the free world can’t figure out how to get the umbrella on the other side”).


I expect to see the unrelenting genius of you all in Comments! Woo hoo!

I do have a question, why is Michelle Antoinette ducking? And lastly, what the hell is wrong with these people?!

More news from the wandering Dumb Bastard, indicating the Great Communicator is actually a Whining, Incompetent, Misanthropic Cry-Baby:

Politico: Obama blasts lies, disinformation

Restoring Honor Rally? What Restoring Honor Rally?

He seemed intent on casting himself as above the political fray, saying he had more important work to do than to engage in the back and forth of the political “silly season.” For example, Obama said he did not watch any of Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally Saturday on the National Mall.

And finally, Nate Beeler from the Examiner on the state of the State, and the state of the Dumb Bastard.

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  1. larrygeary says:

    And I thought the GHW Bush supermarket scanner story was embarrassing…

    • bdunbar says:

      I wish people wouldn’t be embarrassed by that. Because it didn’t happen like that, at all.

      It wasn’t in a store, it was at a convention. The demo was rigged up to look like a store. Then President Bush was making nice polite noises to the vendor. The vendor was demoing not a scanner gun system (big whup) but a precursor to the automated scanners we all know and love at Wal-Mart.

      2010 – these kind of things are old-hat. 199x – a big deal and worth saying nice polite things about.

  2. lord-ruler says:

    That was the opposite of a Kristina Hendricks picture.

  3. RuBegonia says:

    Must’ve been that rain dance in the PowerShack the other day….

  4. IloiloKano says:

    Those Damned Teabaggers! I bet they put that gate there just to annoy him.

    Michelle is probably expecting a can of paint to fall on them. After all, having gone to so much trouble to block them with that gate, whose to say there aren’t other booby traps set?

  5. ffigtree says:

    ROFL!!! I’m glad I checked in tonight. Saved the computer from coffee coming out the nose 1st thing in the morning! The picture with your commentary is priceless 🙂

  6. Crueladev says:

    Help me out here….What the HELL is she wearing?……
    Yup Obama….those umbrella’s are tough little buggers to figure out…..
    It is even tougher when you try to do it with your head up your backside!

  7. casino67 says:

    Michelle: If this dress gets wet, Sears won’t take it back.

  8. JLThorpe says:

    Was it even raining when that picture was taken?

  9. Crueladev says:

    Michelle”..”It’s ironic that UMbrella starts with your favorite word…UM!!!”

  10. Crueladev says:

    Square Peg…Round Hole!

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  12. metaphorsbwithu says:

    I have two:


    The Big Un-Easy!

  13. Crueladev says:

    Urkel: “Michelle..remind me on Monday to appoint an Umbrella Czar.”

  14. Kaisersoze says:

    With Christina Romer leaving the Council of Economic Advisers, Obama’s last hope for a Recovery Summer is…. Mary Poppins.

  15. Winegirly says:


  16. naga5 says:

    1. “Michelle, I can move umbrellas through wrought iron, but we also know that this umbrella is not moving as fast as we want.”
    2. “Come on, we’re teleporting umbrella handles, guys.”
    3. “Ah, Recovery Umbrella strikes again.”
    4. “Effin Bush, I inherited this umbrella.”

    actually, this caption is hard because the picture of urkel being unable to negotiate a gate and an umbrella is pretty dang hard to top!

    • Kaisersoze says:

      I was just thinking of one of those too –

      “Let me be clear. Bush drove the umbrella into a ditch and I’m not giving him the keys back!!”.

  17. Chuck says:

    “Every limbo boy and girl
    All around the limbo world
    Gonna do the limbo rock
    All around the limbo clock
    Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
    Jack go unda limbo stick
    All around the limbo clock
    Hey, let’s do the limbo rock”

  18. MJN1957 says:

    It isn’t just that President Moron can’t figure it out, it isn’t even that Mrs. President Moron can’t figure it out, it is that both on those “genius” Morons working TOGETHER can’t fugure it out!

  19. LJZumpano says:

    I’m telling you Barack, if that bird poops on my dress it will cost you a trip to Paris.

  20. Kelly says:

    1. “I didn’t get Soros’ memo on what to do in this situation.”
    2. “Let me be clear. I did feel a raindrop.”
    3. “Barack, just because we’re in New Orleans it doesn’t mean you need to find a Second Line somewhere.”

    I don’t even know where to begin with Michelle, the ducking and that hideous dress.

  21. Mutnodjmet says:

    “Your dress actually looks better wet, dear.”

  22. Crueladev says:

    “Call the “Fence Doctor” and have that top bar moved ASAP…We will wait”…

  23. larrygeary says:

    “Uh, honey, did you bring the instruction manual?”

  24. Mutnodjmet says:

    “I really need to assign an Umbrella Czar!”

  25. JuanitaDugas says:

    If you snap this picture, it WILL be your last!

  26. Crueladev says:

    They redecorated the Oval Office….I hope to GOD…Michelle was banned from picking the fabric and carpet…

    I’m ascared! We will need another Caption Contest when those photo’s are released..I bet!

  27. hatoole says:

    The teleprompter must not be telling him how to handle this. We wonder why he doesn’t care about Iran getting the bomb?

  28. Kaisersoze says:

    Q: Who is the smartest one in this picture?

    A: The Umbrella.

  29. angelaisms says:

    “I’m so much cooler than Moses; why isn’t this working? Part, damn you, PART!”

    “Maybe if I’m shorter, I can dodge the drops.”

    “Quick, Michelle, what’s the dance your mom does to ward off evil spirits and inconvenient wrought-iron lintels?”

  30. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    I’ve figured them out. These people are disco. MO is channeling Donna Summer. (Sans big hair; must have had some new blast of fashionista advice). And if Barry does a moonwalk, we’ll know for sure.

    Shelly proof: http://blip.fm/profile/BeforeGoreKneel/blip/52307934/State+Of+Independence–Donna+Summer+(Live+HQ)

    Just think: A disco president. Who could have predicted that?

  31. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    ps. is anyone else rooting for that downspout?

  32. Artgal says:

    Caption 1: ‘After another late night of sucking the lifeblood out of the economy, the vampires become frantic with the onset of a new day’s dawn and go to great lengths to avoid sunlight.”

    Caption 2: ‘The Obama’s travel to the Arizona/Mexico border to unveil the new wrought iron border fence that successfully keeps illegals with no depth perception from crossing over and becoming president. The fence also carries sensoring devices that detect fabric explosions, bad hair days and cheap Grace Jones imitations.’

  33. bluegrassarizona2 says:

    Do you always have to be such a dumbass?

  34. TAM2010 says:

    “I’m pretty good at collapsing things—maybe I should try it with this umbrella.”

  35. ffigtree says:

    O: “Boy, this is a lot harder that it looks.”
    M: “Is the sky falling?”

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  37. radargeek says:

    It’s supposed to rain in obama, not on obama!?!

  38. Rob_W says:

    Coming this fall, the hilarious new sitcom, “The Obamas”. A clueless president and his uppity wife run the country into the toilet. In spite of spending all of our money, she still cannot find anything decent to wear. Don’t wait. The series will be canceled in 2012.

  39. franknitti says:

    Michelle: Barack, you’re too tall to play the Penguin in the next Batman movie.

  40. nightowl1111 says:

    Umbrellas can be unlucky, if you are superstitious. I can see November in my umbrella. :^)

  41. Teri says:

    Dumb Bastard: If I unscrew this bottom piece here the kool-aid will come out of the bottom !

    Michelle: Don’t you go gettin’ kool-aid on my new dress youl-foo !

  42. Palin2012 says:

    Supercalifragilisticexpealidochus! Damn it worked for Mary Poppins!

  43. Pat_S says:

    Michelle: Damn it Barack, just takeover that insurance company and get their big red umbrella.

  44. RedMoonProject says:

    “Where the heck is the manual for this thing?”

  45. Nalora says:

    Witches melt when they get wet. That is fear in Michelle’s face.

  46. CrabbyCon says:

    Chim Chiminy, Chim Chiminy, Chim Chim Chiroo, how can we move this fence so I can get through?


    Obama Poppins, practically preposterous in every way.


    Supermarxilisticexpialidocious, even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious, if you say it loud enough, you’ll always sound seditious, supermarxilisticexpialidocious

  47. Alain41 says:

    The President demonstrates the new made in China 10 trillion dollar federal border protection fence to the first lady.

  48. Carol says:

    Heck of a job Brownie.

  49. SmallgGay says:

    “Special Guest Bat-Villains: Barack Obama as The Penguin and Michelle Obama as Marsha Queen of Diamonds”

  50. otlset says:

    Like healthcare and the stimulus too
    Obama knows just what he must do
    There aint no umbrella
    As smart as this fella
    Let’s watch the genius just ram it through

  51. aardvark says:

    [insert Frank Sinatra voice-over] “Come fly away, come fly away with me” (it was Frank, wasn’t it?)

  52. The Ugly American says:

    “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…”

  53. Caidensmom says:

    $#^% IT! This is ALL Bush’s fault!

  54. CrabbyCon says:

    George Bush! Tear Down This Fence!

  55. MACVEL says:

    Don’t do this at home! Seek a professional.

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